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Dark Moon Rising

James M. Thompson ¹ 7 SUMMARY

I wasn t eally satisfied with THISI GET THE CONCEPT OF EVERYTHING get the concept of everything the story but the way it was presented just doesn t linger enough that I could just easily put it down and grab another off the shelf It was OK Review of DARK MOON RISINGby James M ThompsonThere s plenty of meat here for conspiracy theorists to dig into as biological and chemical weapons esearch expands despite the moratorium on such esearch imposed when Nixon was president A violent egotistical narcissist has isen in Before Copernicus rank in the US Army to become a general and in charge of Fort Detrick Maryland home of USAMRIID US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases While the stated aim is to protect and defend against biological weapons under this general undergroundesearch uns ife Especially Into Designing The Perfect Soldier A into designing the perfect soldier A scientist is looped in and a brilliant neurosurgeon who himself develops a brain tumour his surgical specialty becomes a test patient for DNA alteration unleashing inexplicable horrors James Thompson has a way with making ordinary monsters into something much scientific I loved this book just as much as the Blood series It s too bad there s only one of them. Dr James Wilcox is one of the foremost paediatric neurologists in the nation Yet his expertise is useless in the face of his own brain tumour the Health and Wellbeing in Childhood removal of which willesult in James losing his senses of smell and taste and suffering from a mood disorder for the est of his life Then a mirac. I ll start off by the ideas imagination gone into the plot of this book is incredibly creative But the ideas and imagination gone into the plot of this book is incredibly creative But the could plot of this book is incredibly creative But the book could been so much betterThe part I did love about the story was how creative the whole idea was Instead of it being the classic bitten by a werewolf or animal horror James M Thompson has taken on a completely different approach and gone with a mixture psychopathic surgeons and power greedy military generals that s created a gripping storyI found myself being fascinated by the enhanced soldiers particularly the sergeant Jack Stone He had been operated on my Dr Stern making him stronger faster and his senses animal like He was extremely arrogant but that made me like him I also liked the fact he was a mysterious character in the beginning but he becomes confident as the story goes on At the beginning I found the main character Jim Wilcox to be annoying but after the operation it s hard not to like him You also can t deny how cool the guy is after surgery One of the problems I had with book was the amount of sex The first 30% of the book was nonstop sex It got to the point where I honestly thought the story was going nowhere and was starting to soun. Le arrives in the form of Dr Albert Stern lauded in medical journals for his achievements in sensory augmentation in primates Dr Stern is than willing to apply his adical procedures in an attempt to cure James' condition The surgery is a success In fact it has the unprecedented esult of hei. ,

Kissed by the Moon Die Lorbeeren des Cäsar
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had enough can t understand for the life of me why someone would take a perfectly good plot and uin it with sex sex sex I had to skip tons of paragraphs when I finally had enough Shame though because the writing was excellent I found this book to be a great Information Security Governance read I enjoyed it very much I wouldecommend it to others. Ghtening the est of the patient's senses beyond normal human parameters But there are side effects that no one could have predictedBecause something slipped into Stern's chromosome matrix Something with a homicidal disposition and an appetite for fresh killed meat Something that hunts by nig. .