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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a zombie apocalypse Well now you can Written in the style of a choose your own adventure story like the ones you read as a id INFECTED allows you to click through your choices to determine your own path through the world of "horror don t give it to your ids " Don t give it to your ids With a first person perspective you can choose to run or to fight to help a doctor racing to find a cure to join a feisty teen on the trail to safety or help a doctor racing to find a cure to join a feisty teen on the trail to safety or paths Humor and horror carry you through on your pathway through the cataclysm Can you surviveI apparently couldn t survive My read throughs took me to un death and death but never to happily ever after I think it was my sense of loyalty that did me in The path to doom was pretty enjoyable though James crafted not one but many enjoyable routes to demise and probably survival His characters drew you into your own tale and included you "In Their Plans To "their plans to death I still had a lot of fun reading this book despite my dismal survivalJames choice to write a gender neutral character in first person for the reader limited the story and caused some awkwardness which James played off well and with humor I would not have objected to being cast in a role as either male or female and that might have offered different storylines and depth It could have eliminated some as well though I felt that as neither some of the romantic situations became confusing I did feel a hint of masculinity in my neutral character as well but nothing that ruined my engagement in the taleNormally I absolutely hate present tense writing but it seemed necessary for this story and didn t make me gag Sometimes that approach causes bad grammar mistakes but James pulled it off well and I found nothing objectionableI absolutely loved James first person perspective on turning into a zombie He made the transition seem so natural insidious and creepy I felt eerily comfortable with the ravenous malaise of my transformed self under James awful infectionIf you want to now how it feels to die andor become one of the living dead I would recommend this book If you watch a certain very popular television series about the dead walking then this is right up your alley I laughed and chose and died but maybe you ve got better skills than I doI approve this title for Awesome Indies received this book from the author for the purposes of an unbiased review This was a fun book to read because it was a different experience every time YOU were the main character and you got to choose your own destiny I died became infected died againand again You see the pattern lol Although my luck wasn t that great it was definitely an enjoyable ride An interesting concept An adult choose your own adventure story With Zombie. 3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Survive the Zombie ApocalypseEveryone has their plan; what they'd do to survive if and when the zombie apocalypse happens Now you can see how you'd hold up against the legions of undead without needing to call the CDC because crazed bath salts users are trying to eat your face offHere's how it works You Dear Reader are the main character InfectedBook is freaking awesome I had a Total Blast Reading This Book blast reading this book like that it was a click your poison style of book It made the book not just entertaining but interactive There were so many possibilities to how this book would end that each time I sat down to read it I never got the same ending Warning as this book is high addictive and could turn you into a zombie from the lack of food as you are glued to your computer screen Infected is a steal of a deal that you can not pass up I hope to see click your poison books from Mr Schannep It s so simple it s brilliant A Choose Your Own Adventure style read but for adults Set it within an unfolding zombie apocalypse include some tricky decisions and let the fun beginSuch is the sum total of James Schannep s Infected There are no surprises to be found here What you suspect is what you get A second person narrative in which you dictate what happens to the main character deciding everything from where to find your next meal to how you re best going to end your suddenly very short life Each decision involves a tap of a link which shoots you straight to the relevant section in the book in other words the format is perfect for an ebookThe first time I read this through I was pleased to have survived without cheating as this felt like some form of obscure vindication for the ludicrous amount of zombie fiction I ve read in the last 12 months After that I read back through Infected a couple times made some deliberately silly choices and died uite uickly The fun then being I got to parade around as a zombie trying to do as much damage as possible before being destroyedOverall then this is a uirky and enjoyable read for grown up fans of the Choose Your Own Adventure series from the 80s If you enjoyed those books chances are you ll get a ick out of this35 uick Thinking Decisions for Infected Hilarious What a fun and completely different diversion I think e books are perfect for this sort of adventure and I hope Mr Schannep creates INFECTED Click Your Poison is a wild and witty ride wherein you get to choose exactly how to survive a zombie attack OR NOT Most books you can figure out where they re going before you get to the end but with this inventive work one not only doesn t now how it ends but it rarely ends the same way twice depending on the choices you make to The first choose your own adventure for adults that I ve ever heard of It was a super fun read and it made it all the better that it had uality writing None of the choices were itschy and the zombie theme totally worked It was a great time I d recommend it to anyone It has a fun social aspect too because It was a great time I d recommend it to anyone It has a fun social aspect too because can compare ways you died with your friends I now some people who even turned it into a drinking game. Ready got some stuff down there and it works in the movies Go to page 301Infected Is So Good A girl just like youHoly #% this is awesome A guy or less like youLike the gamebooks popular in the 1980s 90s Choose Your Own Adventure Give Yourself Goosebumps etc this is a series where you choose how to progress through the book Unlike any others this is the first series designed specifically for adultsGet INFECTE. S Unfortunately it was both a little bland an a little annoying It s annoying reading paragraphs wherein I am told what I am doing Or at least you the reader Distracted by her naked breasts a zombie eats you Not something that actually occurred no it was overcome by how good strawberries taste you eat a ton Red juice slides down your face looking like blood You start moaning A sound You turn Mouth drops open You are shot MmphsIt was not outright stated but there is "strong indication that the you character is maleETA Oh and I did " indication that the you character is maleETA Oh and I did I also died about three or four times As the author I m admittedly biased Of course I think my book deserves 5 stars But here s why you should too This is YOUR story INFECTED is an interactive experience where you see how well you d fare against the undead 3 uniue storylines 50 possible endings Just one uestionwill YOU survive the zombie apocalypseAs the author of the Click Your Poison series I hope you love reading INFECTED as much as I enjoyed writing it If you re a fan of The Walking Dead George Romero or zombie video games but hate the stupid decisions the characters make this book is for you Make your own decisions See if you d survive Get INFECTEDCheck out the book trailer on youtube Schannep Since it is impossible to say that you ve read every single page I m just going to go with the fact that I ve read enough of it to have had a little fun but also grasp the entirety of what was trying to be accomplished These ind of books were so much fun when I was a Jimmy: The Terrorist kid and now there is an adult zombie violent crazy and every other adjective to describe this book It was so much fun to go through a bunch of different stories because at the end of each section you have choices on what you want to do At first they re obvious ones where younow you ll just get caught but it s like detective work and then INFECTION I m going to give this book a solid B If you re the type of person who needs there to be a beginning middle and and end you re probably not going to like this one at all However if you want a change from the normal everyday book this is a good escape Plus it gives you a chance a change from the normal everyday book this is a good escape Plus it gives you a chance become the character in the book Fun right Dr Lewis Deleon and Dr Richard Phoenix have invented the Gilgazyme inhaler It promises to How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar keep your youth So you have a choice to makeinhale Gilgazyme or take your chances Beware as whichever choice you make could be your last one Infected Click Your Poison by James Schannep brings back fond memories for me I can remember sitting in the library floor in front of the choose your own adventure section just engrossed in reading the book and hoping that I chose the right path Well I can tell you that I definitely made the right choice in reading Infected This. F this story Live die and rise again based solely on the merit of your own choices The boards are in place so that should buy you some time but they won't hold forever Fend them off one by one with my Louisville Slugger I don't care if I have to battle the whole town Go to page 55 I'll grab what I can and head up to the attic Spiders and rats over zombies any day Go to page 170 Down into the basement I've al.

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