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And you won t want your mind anywhere else Promise InsightInsightto me was not as good as could of been but it all makes sense still and can understand why storyline was needed A great emotional conuering read immediately starting where the last story left Landen and Willow This book concentrated in overcoming self doubt past mistakes and accepting ones love fate and destiny to fight the ever growing threat to souls fighting for change and a better future to conuer fear Willow *HAS THE MOST EPIC GROWTH AND DETERMINATION TO OVERCOME * the most epic growth and determination to overcome fears after losing her greatest shield a feat *That Needed To Happen For *needed to happen for to evolve and accept The process was awesome and courageous Landen is so human and relatable his past actions and his self doubt explaining so much about his personality with the added responsibility of his encroaching fate with family and home pressures to accomplish the impossible was intense and admirable Landen never loses sight of what he desires and fights immensely for it not caring to please anyone but the other half of his soul The switching points of views between the main characters is greatly appreciated with their personalities being distinguished and all the interactions they had when not with their counterpart was entertaining The love is swoon worthy sweeping the reader into a forgiving environment when past mistakes are on display The supporting characters are great and always fun to read about when all interacting and connecting together with some old faces with unforeseen roles that are mind blowing but exciting to read about Yet another AMAZING book from Jamie She is by far my favorite Author and thanks to her I now read a few other indie authors Keep it up Jamie YOU ARE AMAZING DisappointedI think this was my least favorite out of the series I felt like it basically was the same things I d already read It was actually boring because it wasn t really anything new ust the same thing over and over that Landon and Willow had went through Very disappointed to say the least When I first picked up this book I forgot all that had happened with Willow and Landen I m reading the whole Web of Hearts series in the order that they intermingle not as separate entities so the confusion was warranted considering it has been a while since we focused entirely on LW This is their story of oining their souls becoming eternal Flames and one step closer to Sovereign status This story threw me for a loop because I don t remember Landen being weirded outconcerned about Willow s eye colour in the beginning But then again the beginning was a lot time ago. He influenced of two planets at once in their weakened state they also have to come head to head with their home dimensions belief system that is dead set on pushing them into an ascension neither of them or ready

review Emanate Insight #10; Web of Hearts and Souls #15

Review from For a second I ust stared in awe at her not knowing how I managed to become the lucky fool that shared a soul with her I have to sayI think this is the best one yet Jamie Magee is a genius and only has given us further proof with this new installmentI am really struggling to write this review right now Most people would have trouble writing a *Review Because They Didn T Like The Book And Didn * because they didn t like the book and didn want to hurt anyone s feeling or they couldn t put into words why they didn t like it This is not the case I am struggling because I am a little overwhelmed with how much I fell in love with this book If you have read anything I have written then you know my love for Jamie Magee and her books Emanate is something completely different I didn t think it could get any better than this book I struggled to find the poetic words the perfect promises and the only words I managed to think were I m yours Forever Willow has had some major troubles in her series She is stubborn angry and doesn t really listen to anyone In this book she has no other choice then to listen and find her bliss To me in this book she becomes *the person she was always meant to be Willow went through such a transformation in this *person she was always meant to be Willow went through such a transformation in this She was stripped of everything she has used to protect herself and she had to learn about who she is as a person She had to find herself and let her soul find its way back to Landen It was an emotional With Krishna's Eyes journey for her and for me as a readerLanden I didn t think he could get any better but this book made it happen We finally got to see into that mind of his In the previous books he has always been the calm one He didn t really have an edge In this book we got to see it He wasn t the confident person that he makes everyone else see We got to see him fight some of his own demons We got to see that Landen has his own doubts that he has to overcome We saw all the different sides to Landen in this book and it was so much funJamie Magee s writing has always been beautiful and this book is no different The way she writes some of these scenes areust amazingly beautiful In her Web of Hearts and Souls books sex is always eluded to but never full described In this book we get of an in between Jamie Magee has found a way to add sex into a young adult series in a way that those scenes are than lust or shock She writes those steamy scenes in a way that shows you the level of intimacy Landen and Willow reach It manages to be than sex and that is impressive The way she writes the scenes show how connected the couple is as well as how in love they really are This scene also manages. Return to the world of Insight with EMANATE the seventh installment of the addictive story that brings you to the forefront of your darkest fears and cradles you in the belief that each of us has our own divine fate. Emanate Insight #10; Web of Hearts and Souls #15To show you how beautiful finding each other *again can be that was my undoing feeling *can be That was my undoing feeling claim me I reached down and picked her up and wrapped her body around mine The innocent moan that left her lips as my hand slid up her thigh drove me mad I lifter her higher so my lips could find her neck her chest She bowed back surrendering to me The taste of her was indescribable I was famished and she was feeding my every desire I felt power pulsing through me through us It was all I could do to keep a gentle caress hand in hand with the aggression she was pulling out of me Let me tell you I did not start out this book with all the love I ended up with The book is in dual POVs Landen and Willow both it was great and I was excited When I first started reading Landen s POV I was angry because of everything that he knew and hid Never mind where I thoughtassumed this book was going I mean everything he said about what soul mates were supposed to feel and he didn t feel them I was likeBut I kept reading and eventually we got explanation for everything Landen was saying And you know what After I set the book down and thought about everything they were saying about fighting back to back instead of focusing on each other I had to agree with them Landen and Willow have always been my favorite Wed couple Once I started reading the other couples Vade and Phoenix started to edge their way above Landen Once I read Emanate I realized why This book really makes you think about Willow and Landen as a couple and how different they were at the start of this book than the other couples It s amazing to me how Jamie managed to get me to see this after 7 freaking books *After reading through the whole book I was stunned for a while Landen and Willow have gone * reading through the whole book I was stunned for a while Landen and Willow have gone a major change but I have no doubt this isn t the end They have become better people a stronger couple and people who are going to be great leaders I can t wait to see them kick some Donalt butt I have a feeling the Insight portion of this great series is only going to get better from here I love you I breathed You are forever mine she said as her arms braced my shoulders I am going to end this review now I know it was long but I am in love LOL Over all I loved this book Everything about it It was a rollercoaster for everyone Landen Willow Me It was so much fun to read and I would recommend this book and series to everyone There is no doubt in my mind how many great books are going to come after this one This series manages to suck you into it s world and keep you there You ll think about it for days to come after finishing the book. Emanate opens days after the final chapter of Enflame Every trial thus far has left both Willow and Landen tested and exhausted Jupiter was no different if anything it was far worse Now they not only have to face

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