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Eople hope and the power to be partners in their treatment Jane McLelland s book is a must read if you have partners in their treatment Jane McLelland s book is a must read if you have I am a pharmacist and have stage 4 uterine cancer There are 2 opposing camps in cancer treatment the traditional surgerychemoradiation approach or the alternative cancer treatment camp Either you are in one or the other and many people stake their lives on either of them Jane s book combines both Herself a stage IV cervical ca survivor basically uses repurposed

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to combat metabolically whereas conventional does not touch that Cancer stem cells are what causes cancer to return sometimes with a vengeance This is what has happened to me Being trained in traditional medicine it has taken me years to overcome the "dogma of traditional medicine When you finally realize that YOU are in " of traditional medicine When you finally realize that YOU are in of your health and that the oncologist does not and cannot determine what your outcome will be IF you decide to take control There is no one size fits all and both camps seem to fall into that thinking Every body is different every cancer is different It takes a lot of hard work to research and study to understand how cancer takes over in your body Jane s book does a lot of that work for you BUT you still have to do your own digging I really liked that I have read and reread it Being a pharmacist it makes sense to me but you have to read it yourself Don t let yourself et stuck in either of the opposing camps There is much The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States good on both sides Kudos to Jane for telling her story and sharing her hard work Read this book I have cancer I have bought several books since being diagnosed that I hoped would help or maybe evenive me THE answer I have found some ood advice that I m trying to incorporate However this book and the author is iving me real hope It makes sense It s all about battling cancer from all fronts and cutting off it s fuel which is not just sugar I m lucky in the sense that I am able to dive into trying to To follow 'Metro Map' She has expanded this route map to show which fuel pipelines you need to block for every type of cancer so you too can create your own cancer starving cocktail Tragically many simple old drugs have been overlooked in the race for the latest patentable 'game changers' Is the answer already out there Jane believes it is Bit by bit she has pieced the puzzle together demystified its complexity and produced a simple protocolThis book will answer all the burning uestions you face when you begin to explore complementary cancer care Whic. ,
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book i shed a few tears of I ve shed a few tears of I felt that someone can relate I am not the cancer patient but the care Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth giver to my best friend and the love of my life I m the rock the researcher the planner the one with the solutions but I was scared and this book pacified my doubts Before Jane s book I was partially winging it and crossing my fingers and praying that all of what I ve lined up for my husband will work I pressed the I believe button regarding metabolic theory but Jane s book tied it all nicely for me It plugged the missing holes how to starve it and most importantly what to use and how to do it I felt so alone and neurotic scouring through scientific studies and spending countless hours researching Jane did the research for you You have to do some legwork but provides a clear roadmapThe despair the anger the hope the plan the future it s all in this book Every cancer patient careiver a loved one should read this Not only will it help you with a plan it helps your soul You will be able to relate with her stories After reading it I said to my husband if Jane as if I know her can beat her cancer with 12 weeks to live we should be able to beat yours I have stage 4 ovarian cancer and bought this book a few weeks ago after several people in one of my 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts groups recommended it Since it arrived I ve plodded through it twice while taking copious notes too I m not much of a science person so it was a challenging read for me and I have to admit that I didn t understand very much of the content Luckily Jane has also created a Facebookroup for dummies like me where there are a lot of members who understand what she s saying and are happy to answer uestions and Moonrise (Snowfall, get youoing on the right track Jane herself is also very helpful in explaining the protocol and answering uestion this is a true labor of love for her and she s eager to help as many people as she can I m very rateful to her for iving so many A modern day 'Cancer Sherlock Holmes' Jane discovered that a cancer starving diet powerful supplements and a handful of old forgotten low toxicity drugs when taken together acted synergistically magnifying each of their anti cancer effects many times Like magic her terminal cancer just melted awayIn this truly Hello, Snow! ground breaking book Jane takes us through her remarkable heart breaking journey and the medical discoveries she made on the way Using herself as a humanuinea pig she worked out the best drugs and supplements to starve her own cancer in an easy. How to Starve Cancer

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Ake my body as healthy as possible while I wait for my leukemia to advance Can I stop that from happening I don t know but I m oing to try This book is not an alternative treatment it does not take the place of actual cancer treatment if you need it The information within this book is meant to work with everything that you do treatment food exercise supplements along with re purposed drugs that will metabolically target the cancer cells and hopefully help starve themto death supplements along with re purposed drugs that will metabolically target the cancer cells and hopefully help starve themto death recommend this book and it s very caring author 100% 80% is story telling As a doctor and caregiver to a family member with stage IV cancer what Jane has put together in this book is urgently NEEDED AND A GIFT TO HUMANITY and a ift to humanity is a Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies great deal of research on the anti cancer effects of select off label drugs but for the layperson and even for the professional the task of sifting through the research and trying to determine which one of these medications is most efficacious how to match the cancer type with the medications and which medications to pair together is herculean if not impossible especially within the short life expectancyiven to stage IV If you can shut off cancer s metabolism you can kill it Jane has provided us with a map of how to shut down cancer metabolism using low toxicity medications and supplements For those who have stage IV this book provides hope Most stage IV cancer diagnoses are iven less than a year to live and face high dose chemotherapy and radiation to even extend life by a few months Why not try this You have nothing to lose as it can be done along with conventional treatment There are and doctors and patients sharing their success stories with this type of approach My husband and I are one of those success stories While we are still in the #ring he is in complete remission and has outlived his diagnosis Thank you Jane and all others who are working #he is in complete remission and has outlived his diagnosis Thank you Jane and all others who are working hard to bring this information to those who need it We are in your deb. H 'off label' drugs and supplements should you take Should you try the ketogenic diet Should you fast Is fat safe How much and when should you exercise Jane explains why each patient needs a personalised approach and importantly how to work this outThis book part Erin Brockovich part Dallas Buyers Club is a compelling story of resilience and determination in the face of impossible odds If you or a loved one has cancer you absolutely must read this book Even if you have been told that nothingcan be done Jane will show you this is almost certainly not tr. .

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