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Jerry Brito ☆ 2 Review

The title says it all copyright law was designed TO PROVIDE INCENTIVES TO AUTHOR NEW WORKS AND YET provide incentives to author new works and yet we ve eached a point where copyright doctrine is excessive This slim volume doesn t attempt to definitively explain how things went so far wrong but it does provide one useful vignette after another of GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany real life problems created by excessive copyright doctrines If youe like me and follow the online copyright battles carefully there probably won t be too much in the book you didn t already know In contrast if you haven t been #watching the copyright debates super closely I think it will be impossible to #the copyright debates super closely I think it will be impossible to this book and not get confused and angry about how we The Confederate Privateers reached such a ludicrous placeThe chapters are short and tightly written making the book a uickead and the authors are leading experts in the field If you view current copyright law neutrally or favorably and don t understand why some folks are so unhappy about copyright law Big Bad Detective Agency read this book In less than 2 hours this book will give you plenty to think aboutNote I got a freeeview copy Very good book of essays on the problems surrounding contemporary implementations of copyright law in the US And Why Libertarians and why libertarians conservatives should be dubious of so called intellectual property I have been aware of the issues surrounding copyright for some time now mostly through my work with Project Gutenberg which in. Restoring the Balance between Protection and InnovationThe Constitution gives Congress the power to establish copyright “to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts” This euires Congress to engage in a delicate balancing act giving authors enough protection that they will be motivated to create expressive works but not so much that it hampers innovation and public access to information Yet over the past half century Con. Cidentally has afforded me the privilege of having my name appear near Eric Eldred s of Eldred v Ashcroft fame on a couple Hawthorne texts though s of Eldred v Ashcroft fame on a couple Hawthorne texts though ve never met Eric nor had any eal world contact with him and I have largely been of the we need to scale back copyright Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism restrictions opinion So in thategard this book hit all the The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, right buttons for meI won t say that I agreed with everything in this book but it s definitely a great place to start if you want to understand why strong copyright laws actually hurt everyone content producers included and violate the very purpose of copyright as outline in the constitution Picked this up on a free table at a conference largely because I ve always been curious how libertarianseconcile being so strongly pro property ights but far divided on intellectual property I was pleased to see that covered in the first few pages but not too convincingly certainly physical property law has a stronger common law background but it s not like governments invented copyright from whole cloth and if it s the particular system that s flawed you d expect division on "where the line should be for physical propertyNone of the essays are mind blowing but most are well done "the line should be for physical propertyNone of the essays are mind blowing but most are
Well Done Book Functions 
done book functions as a laundry list of issues with the current system and insofar as the goal is to convince that the current system is too strong I think they do that altho. Gress has outinely shifted the balance in only one direction away from access and freedom and toward greater privileges for organized special interestsConservatives and libertarians who are naturally suspicious of big government should be skeptical of an ever expanding copyright system They should also be skeptical of the ecent trend toward criminal prosecution of even minor copyright infringements of the growing use of civil ass. Ugh at least I didn t need much convincingThe strongest essay is by Eli Dourado who successfully goes further than the others and talks about how things might actually be different if the policy Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America regime changed by way of current industrial approaches to lax enforcementThat is followed immediately by the last and worst essay a piece of fantasy governance with little justification other than some serious fetishization of the founding fathers thateads on the level of a forum post ather than a book chapter This does a somewhat better Job Addressing My Initial addressing my initial that got me to Pick Up The Book up the book the argument that IP isn t actually property This collection provides not only a persuasive case on the need for copyright eform but it makes that case for copyright true believers and skeptics alike Taking many such perspectives on their merit this book make the case again and again that the current Der Bilderwächter regime is not optimal from any perspectivePutting aside the central thesis of the work it is also an essential guide to exactly what the currenteality is It includes an in depth analysis of DMCA as well as what SOPA would have entailed had it been passed not to mention a detailed treatment of the encroachment of criminal prosecution into what has long been a civil matterThis is not a book you should miss if you want your knowledge of the copyright system to emain elevant. Et forfeiture in copyright enforcement and of attempts to egulate the Internet and electronics in the name of piracy eradicationCopyright Unbalanced is not a moral case for or against copyright; it is a pragmatic look at the excesses of the present copyright egime and of proposals to expand it further It is a call for Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris reform tooll back the expansions and einstate the limits that the Constitution’s framers placed on copyright. ,

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