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E important adjustments in our attitude confidence and self esteem● Easy to understand pointers suggestions for deciding which type of retired cruising is best for type of retired cruising is best for A ten step plan to buying a boat with as little drama as possible● How to modify our newold floating retirement home to make it safer comfortable and elderly friendly. ,

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Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, you are sure● How to upsizeour ambitions while downsizing A Death in the Family your life in ways that will enhanceour retirement● How to get all our shore side affairs in order then to make som. How to guidance for retiring on a boat for aging captains and Landlubbers Have You Ever ou ever The World According to Bertie (44 Scotland Street, you might want retire on a boat Of courseou have or ou wouldn't have picked up this book WHATEVER FORM YOUR YEARNING FOR AUATIC RETIREMENT TAKES JIM form our Who Cooked the Last Supper? yearning for auatic retirement takes Jim can helpou realize the dreamAfter sailing together for over 40 ears the Jim and his. Sailing Into Retirement

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