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Uld make a running for the bed in the darkened room but scary nough to me awake I also feel he takes "scary nough to keep me awake I also feel like he takes young characters seriously That ven when the young mind is passionately irrational it is still realI read the copy with Edward Gorey s perfect illustrations Really he s the perfect choice I first read John Bellairs The Face in the Frost about 1970 and I loved it Funny frightening could not put it down Told myself that I gotta read by this guySo here all these years later I am reading my second book by John Bellairs And I am really disappointed by it I will grant you that this book is aimed at an Tempting Fate early teen audience But still some of the characters seemed so cast by formula There is the young boy orphaned living with his grandparents He is highly intellegant plucky but lonely And across the street lives theccentric old professor And then there is the mystery of the missing will There are ghosts Abandoned mansions Black magicBut it all seems to lack the depth to make it truly mysterious or frightening John Bellairs continues to improve as a writer and the sec. Et Johnny a hefty reward in the bargain Although his neighbor Professor Childermass warns him to stay away from the ,

I njoyed this next offering in the Johnny Dixon series Not as much creep factor as the first book but still decent I do love the way that John Bellairs can get into the mind of a child I also appreciate that Bellairs never fails to give me a Shakespeare reference Just want to thank Ann for giving me a John Bellairs before leaving the bookstore all those years ago No middle reader author compares What is it about the combination of John Bellairs s writing and Edward Gorey s covers and frontspieces that makes these "Books Still Legitimately Creepy "still legitimately creepy pretty much all of his books take place in New England which is a plus in my book This is billed as the seuel to The Curse of the Blue Figurine but you don t really need to read the first one It just has the same main characters It stands alone and the whole Glomis riddle and property would be amazing to see Great plot specially the suspense of creeping around in the underground passage Really feels like you re there Sign of great writing I love Bellairs scary mysteries I loved them as a child too They were just scary nough so I wo. Johnny Dixon is sure that he can solve the riddle that will reveal the hiding place of wealthy Mr Glomus's will and

CHARACTERS The Mummy the Will and the Crypt Johnny Dixon

Ond in the JOHNNY DIXON books As with previous BOOKS IS A NICE MIX OF MYSTERY AND there is a nice mix of mystery and This time Johnny is to find a lo John Bellairs is a great pick for ghost stories and magic and vil deeds They are an Apocalyptic Cartography easy read and I really wish I could find them as audio versions Re read November 2019Loved just as much as I did the first time I read it It s a perfect autumn read Injoy these books This is about Johnny Dixon and he needs money to help his grandparents so they can pay their doctor bills A widow is looking for a lost Will and she will pay 10000 who can solve the puzzle of where it is Surprise Johnny finds the WillWritten in the 80s it has a gothic feel to them and they are set in the 50s It is a safe and cozy creepy factor These are great for pre teens and teens Heck I still njoy them They aren t groundbreaking or all that surprising They are a great read a night in front of the fire or snuggled in bed to just relax too Many of these books are being forgotten "And I Hope They Have "I hope they have resurgence They are fun books and need to stick around for the next generation. Lomus mansion Johnny can't resist a challenge Soon he's alone in the deserted housewith one of the undead at his heel. .

The Mummy the Will and the Crypt Johnny Dixon

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