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I don t know IF THIS IS THE FINAL BOOK this is the inal book Apelu and his kin but if it is it will be a great wat to end the series A tale about morality and mortality the story All about Us flows and draws the reader in Almost perfect This is theourth book about Detective Apelu Soifua a police detective in American Samoa Three years ago I read the irst book in the series Pago Pago Tango because I had spent three weeks in Samoa on a business trip many years ago There are really two Samoas American Samoa is an American territory Samoa or the Independent State of Samoa was ormerly known as Western Sa I received an ARC Noni Speaks Up from the Publisher and NetGalley in exchangeor my honest reviewTo be honest this is the Handbags and Gladrags first book I have read by this author The author was unknown to me at the time I reuested and received an ARC If I had known Blood Jungle Ballet is part of a series I would have delayed reading this title until after I had read other booksrom series The reason I say this is solely because of this author s writing style is so different An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) from what I am use to John Enright seems to have a very slow somewhat lazy way of telling a story I had a hard time staying interested because the storylow was so slow and ound my attention wanderingBlood Jungle Ballet is the story of a man s struggle to ind his identity in a changing landscape as he searches Wish Upon a Wedding for a killer The plot and storytelling remhinds of theeeling I have when I sit on a grassy knoll on a hot summer day watching the slow moving waters What kept me interested in continuing to read Blood Jungle Ballet are the interesting characters the author introduced into the storyIn We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk finishing Ielt that there was a lack of a true plot and Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other follow through in solving the mystery seemed the discovery of the culprit was completely accidental The writer has a wonderful way of creating and describing characters and Samoa which is what Iound most enjoyable with Blood Jungle Ballet This was the Richard Nixon: The Life first book in this series that I have read To be honest I didn t realise it was a series until I wrote this review and saw how has it listed It certainly reads like a stand alone novel and I don t remember any callbacks or allusions to previous storylines A very slow paced Heart of Darkness A man s struggle toind his identity in a changing landscape A search I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! for a killer All these plot elementsorm together seamlessly Albeit somewhat lazily There is no uickened pace no heightened heart rate this is a molasses slow plodding tale that leads to a likely conclusion Along the way there are an interesting cast of characters which in my opinion makes the story readable The mystery itself seems an afterthought there is no drive to really discover the murderer In act the truth is uncovered only through vendettas and a desire to end a career Some plot lines that seem promising izzle others just ade away with no conclusion I was left wanting so much fade away with no conclusion I was left wanting so much this book Again the characters and the setting are so well drawn out that you are immersed in Samoan culture Like a beautiful drive through the country only to end at a blank concrete wall Detective Sergeant Apelu Soifua relates the events of the than 2 years surrounding a series of seemingly at irst disparate deaths Interspersed with this is his personal life whic. A disuieting string of murders terrorizes the remote lush island of Samoa Detective Sergeant Apelu Soifua has seen a lot in his time with the police Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners force but even he is unsettled by the bodies that have started piling up Atirs.

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Order or continuity in Apelu s circumstancesI ve read all four books no real spoiler that one s intended as a series conclusion and while I don t recall the books no real spoiler that one s intended as a series conclusion and while I don t recall the of the other three specifically I retain an impression that the irst two were strong on plot and setting while the third was weaker ocusing on Apelu as a character This one had a suspenseful plot with a denouement I didn t see coming at all although I was disappointed that setting seemed to play less of a part as the story went on Doctor Laura was a terrific complement to Apelu as a secondary investigator along with Officer Frost who becomes a prot g of his His girlfriend Avelisa seemed rather unstable shall we say however she s uite the change rom his estranged religious rankly rumpy wife I wasn t real thrilled with the plot angle regarding their baby especially the graphic details of her conception Strange thing is that even though the pregnancy and events afterward are covered it didn t eel as though two years had passed no jumping around as such Series recommend or its uniue Samoan background and overall plotting Phil Gigante s narration is one of those he was made to read this its I received a ree #copy of this book Why Diets Make Us Fat from Net Galley in exchangeor an honest review A disuieting string of #of this book #from Net Galley in exchange or an honest review A disuieting string of terrorizes the remote lush island of #Net Galley in exchange or an honest review A disuieting string of terrorizes the remote lush island of Det Sgt Apelu Soifua has seen a lot in his time with the police Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, force but even he is unsettled by the bodies that have started piling up Atirst the murders don t seem connected a local transvestite Everyday life in medieval times found castrated and brutalized a visiting politician who drops dead on the danceloor a prison guard and an inmate who kill each other but as Apelu works with the hospital s new medical examiner to North find out who is behind the rash of killings a disturbing pattern emerges Can they put the pieces together before Apelu becomes the next victimThis is theourth novel in the Jungle Beat series Unfortunately I hadn t read any of the previous three and I think that was to my detriment I really elt that I had missed something about the backstory of Apelu so I suggest reading the previ Another excellent tale of murder in the South Pacific Shame it s the last one in the series I ve read the irst one in the series and always thought that I would end up reading another one as I enjoyed the description of Samoan culture Dead Giveaway from the point of view of a policeman who also has someamiliarity with American West Coast culture This is the Andrew Lost In the Kitchen fourth in the series and it has an end of serieseel to it as Apelu prepares Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism for retirement on his plantation by the endWhat I really enjoyed about this book is that it runs on Samoan time the whole investigation takes place over 2 years which isar realistic or a serial killer pattern to emerge Although the idea of a serial killer on such a small island is a bit preposterousThe characters and the interactions are very well written although the plot did eel a bit predictable There was a LOT of Rejected Rejected Rejected foreshadowing to the point where I did at timeseel like shouting Get on with the actual thing already And it Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison feels much serious elegiac almost as external events the war in Ira Christian missionaries affect island life A mourningor lost paradise while still acknowledging that the paradise was illusory. L’s new medical examiner to ind out who is behind the killings a disturbing pattern emerges And the closer they get to the killer the destructive he becomes Can they put the pieces together before Apelu becomes the next victim. H seriously changes during that time I #M Guessing Is The Conclusion Of The #guessing is the conclusion of the It Has Feel Set In that eel Set in Samoa by an author who spent 20 years there I Buck: A Memoir feel there is aair understanding of the culture and politics Apelu spent his young adult years in San Francisco on the police Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors force before transferring back to Samoa By the start of this his wife has left him after 20 years and taken the children to Western Samoa He has a new girlfriend and a baby during this book though still married The Catholic church and Samoan religion play a large part in the story Good mystery with interesting side characters particularly a new young officer I ve really enjoyed this series so differentrom others I ve read There is an end of series Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series feeling to Blood Jungle Ballet that I hope is only in my imagination I really lookorward to John Enright s Jungle Beat mysteries not only Five Days Left for the stories he tells butor his poetic descriptions of the natural world of Samoa and his insight into its rich cultureIt takes some time Searching for Robert Johnson for the clues and evidence to begin to come together partly because higher ups have decided that none of the murders need to be investigated Apelu has to take care of other cases and not look as though he s working on something his bosses have told him to stay awayrom When he s not on the job he spends time reflecting on his life and what he really wants Blood on Silk from it Even though he grew up in California andirst became a policeman there Apelu has always worn Western culture very uneasily In his heart and his mind he s Samoan and the he thinks about it the he believes he wants to return Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol fully to the culture and traditions of his peopleThere are three new characters in this book whom I enjoyed The new woman in Apelu s life and the new medical examiner represent two sides of Samoa the native Samoan who can be aree spirit yet very much a part of her culture and the outsider who would love to know about Samoa s traditions and history yet Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing feels almost shunned by its natives Ropeti the young Samoan police officer is a uick learner with a sense of humor whom Apelu seems to be training as a replacement If the seriesocus should shift to Ropeti I could be very happy with that as along as Apelu remains in the picture as his mentorBlood Jungle Ballet is a very rich and textured mystery and can easily be read out of series order but it wasn t uite as satisfying as the other books in the series By the Lake of Sleeping Children for me Two of which made my Best Reads of the Year lists Very early on when Apelu had a conversation with an island resident a chill ran down my spine One of those chills that tell me I just encountered the guilty party At that point one part of my brain demanded to rush ahead to discover if all my deductions were correct I didn t pay attention andorcibly kept this brain of mine on island time because I savor the time I spend with Apelu Soifua even when I wonder why it took him so long to solve this particular crime Blood Jungle Ballet and all the rest of John Enright s Jungle Beat mysteries are perfect blends of setting character and story They re just the thing Bill Carey Rides West/The Town No Guns Could Tame/Bowdrie Rides a Coyote Trail for anyone who loves traveling the world solving crimerom his comfy armchair Although this one probably would work as a stand alone I d suggest reading the series in. T the murders don’t seem connected a local transvestite Erano guerrieri found castrated and brutalized a visiting politician who drops dead on the danceloor a prison guard and an inmate who kill each other but as Apelu works with the hospita. Blood Jungle Ballet Jungle Beat #4