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I Pass Like NightIf I d read this book back in the 90 s when I was in my twenties I robably would have liked but not loved it Or maybe it #DIDN T AGE VERY WELL AND #t age very well and charm has disappeared like the neighborhoods this book takes Hannah Pritchard: Pirate of the Revolution place in Self indulgent and boring It is as though the author sleasure lies in making his reader uncomfortable Worse he is a storyteller not a writer No Otis plot crisis or resolution follows Good story but not something to read if you re depressed or sad This is not a cheerful tale Unable to love anyone except one specialerson revealed at the end Alex finds himself fascinated by female rostitutes uick gay hook ups and "POSSESSED WITH A CERTAIN ADMIRATION FOR "with a certain admiration for drunk and the homeless living in New York City in the late 80s This is not a novel in the true sense of the word but of a collection of vignettes each one offering a uick glimpse into the void and ain that this man is experiencing At first I was uncertain whether this story would really hold my attention but it did Alex is not someone you find yourself rooting for or for whom you have any admiration Instead you only feel Kiss of the Spiderwoman pity Nearly a decade ago I was talking to a friend about the film Trainspotting and I wondered how different the book was She said she loved Irvine Welsh and lent me his short story collection Acid House I barely got through it and returned it with a teeth clenching thanks The content bothered me in the same way the Maruis de Sade did recently It was not just shock valueerversion it was aimlessly vile and ugly I might even call it evil but not in the The Mutants Are Coming puritanical sense in the humane sense I don t mind tagging along with a character that s doing degrading things but there must be a reason within thelotThis brings me to Ames I Pass Like Night which I believe from some reviews is considered rofane and even vindictive It really is not Not at all There are erversions and degrading moments but they are entirely honest and humane Alexander Vine is a great character older and smarter than Holden Caulfield but similar The writing style makes an attempt at Hemingwayesue but falls short just a little Alexander s sexual ambiguity his kinship to the underground his fear of commitment and normalcy these are all cathartic for the reader He takes things out to their logical if extreme conclusion and the reader can follow along vicariously But he s never vindictiveThe true test for books like this is whether or not they define an era Alles in meinem Dasein ist Musik... place oreople in a uniue way without alienating readers with jargon or difficult language For me this asses those tests and Though This Isn T this isn t we may like to remember NYC in the 80s this book could well be regarded as a classic record of that time Ames is one of those oft overlooked snarky male memoirists that I just can t get enough of In one of his novels and I can t remember which one it is because in my head they re all a big ball of awesome he just comes right out and says BTW I When Alexander Vine finishes his work day he leaves his ost as a doorman at Manhattan's exclusive Four Seasons restaurant and enters ,
Not a dead beat dad Here s the situation #and my son and I are actually BFFs I love that Because I m usually the one who stops #my son and I are actually BFFs I love that Because I m usually the one who stops and does math to figure out how old someone was when they had a baby and why old someone was when they had a baby and why baby isn t with them now and who else the baby belongs to Readalikes Anything by Jonathan Ames David Sedaris Augusten Burroughs Chuck Klosternman This is Jonathan Ames debut novel and it is structured in a series of small vignettes like tiles on a mosaic that you need to step back from in order to see the whole icture It s an interesting style and one that Ames has continued to use but this being his first The Letters and Lessons of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons publication it is not the most well formed exampleThe story follows Alexander Vine who charts his life and sordid encounters in late 1980s NYC interspersed with his recent moments of his youth and young manhood Havingreviously read Ames essays and The Extra Man I could see clearly where he was drawing on some his own life and so this felt very much like a thinly veiled autobiographical iece in lacesIt is short easy to read disturbing and The Purposeful Graduate profane inlaces but also touching and endearing in others The ending felt a little underwhelming there was no real redemption or arc for the character but the novel is over 30yrs old at the time of me reading it and concessions need to be made Whilst it s not my favourite of Jonathan Ames works it was his first Inscriptions for Headstones published novel and I felt that as a fan of his other work I should tick it off the list I enjoyed it for what it was 35 A bisexual man documents his sordid sexual escapades with rando hookups androstitutes in 80s New York I Pass Like Night is Jonathan Ames first novel and it certainly reads like it The short tenuously connected chapters certainly seem like they were written by someone who doesn t uite know how to write a novel yet while the content is oorly formed and vaguely in conception Much of the book reeks of creative writing classes and thinly veiled embarrassing autobiography that was better off undisclosed Ames was robably shooting for a slightly modern Bukowski esue Huumetsaarin jouluyö piece but ended up with a completely uninteresting meandering and unmemorable book instead Which is a bit disappointing as I d hoped for better like his actually good fiction You Were Never Really Here Bored to Death and his comic with Dean Haspiel The Alcoholic Definitelyass on I Pass Like Night and check those out instead Solitude in New York City during the generation of AIDS The underground of sexual depravity and wretched introverts Porn theaters full of men seeking euphoria no woman will give them riverside bonfires where bums drink away their rotting insides sketchy Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij parks where good naturedrostitutes roam look for tricks to turn The world of Jonathan Ames first novel I Pass Like Night is something familiar yet entirely alien where darkness and erversion are uncorked in an oppressive and overwhelming lonelinessJonathan Ames may now be best known fo. Nighttime landscape of chance and danger excitement and reinvention in the city's erotic underworld Walking a tightrope between sexual.

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R his HBO TV show #Bored to Death The two certainly share similar characteristics However the novel illustrates NYC with #to Death The two certainly share similar characteristics However the novel illustrates NYC with darker much less whimsical The Bias of Communication perspectiveOur narrator Alex Vine works as a doorman at an exclusive Manhattan Four Seasons restaurant When he clocks out he wanders into the depths of this harsh world He has a tendency to sleep with men when he gets drunk He is fond of a fat blackrostitute named Goldie who once gave him oral sex over a condom He reminisces about his ast of his father s awkward and traumatic attempts to be a comfort of the scars he has left behind in a childhood friend He falls in love with a despondent woman only to despise her the next moment It was one of those days when every time I went to go out the door something grabbed me in the back of the brain and said lie down and masturbate one time Indeed Alex is a complicated and rofound rotagonistThese stories are chronicled in brief disconnected vignettes The image is of Alex in his apartment after work some night writing them down on bits of scrap aper and lacing them face down in a ile Almost all the stories can be told separately and exclusively It is nonlinear but in the end the collection of snapshots manage to form a unified whole Between the stories are haiku like descriptions distinct moments of city to form a unified whole Between the stories are haiku like descriptions distinct moments of city The style is unapologetically lifted from Ernest Hemingway s In Our Time but the replication is used effectively making some 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens particularly comical and resonating scenes He seems to borrow from many authors A little Carver there a little Kerouac here and why not some Selby while we re at it These authors are all smudged together into something new It is lean and fast and uncomfortable in an all too candidoker faced kind of wayUnfortunately the vignette style comes off as repetitious if one is to read the novel for extended Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture periods but then again it does seem to be designed as a uickick up for a few minutes every now and then All the same it is an easy read and it sheds light on a life unknown to most It may seem depraved and cruel and cold because it is but there exists some heart and humanity within it as well Even through a narrator like Alex who we never seem to understand even slightly a sense of sympathy and better understanding arises in the reader I don t know I really really want to like Jonathan AmesI m committed to liking him But I didn t love this Gonna try some Reminiscent of John Rechy s The City of Night with its clandestine sexual encounters in a city where everyone is hustling in one way or another but missing Rechy s rich Gläsern prose I loved the stories of therostitutes best but while Mr Ames s Detention of Doom prose was almostowerful and Fromentin poetic at times he never uite made it there especially with the interludes in italics Maybe there was too much of therotagonist Punishing My Slutty Little Sister pointing out what a despicable character he was in being cruel to Joyun intended and finding his father so disgusting and loathsome. Desire and self extinction Alexander Vine charts his destructive course and his struggle for redemption with startling unadorned clari. ,