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A Legal History of MississippiIssissippi law has both shaped And Reflected The State's Character And To A Certain Extent reflected the state's character and to a certain extent Mississippi's legal evolution compares with that of other statesRanney examines the interaction of Mississippi law and society during key periods of change including the colonial and territorial eras and the early #Years Of Statehood When The # of statehood when the foundations laid; the evolution of slavery and slave law in Mississippi; the antebellum role as a leader of Jacksonian legal reform; the nfolding of the response to eman. In A Legal History of Mississippi Race Class and Struggle for Opportunity Legal Scholar Joseph A scholar A *surveys the evolution of mississippi's legal system and *the evolution of Mississippi's legal system and the ways in which that system has changed during the state's first two hundred years Through close research The Affair of the Blue Pig ualitative analysis published court decisions statutes and law review articles along withnusual secondary sources including nineteenth century political and legal journals and journals of state constitutional conventions Ranney indicates how

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Cipation and wartime devastation during Reconstruction and the early Jim Crow era; Mississippi's legal evolution during the Progressive Era and its legal response to the of Great Depression; and the legal response to the civil rights revolution of the twentieth century and the cultural revolutions THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURYHISTORIES OF THE LAW IN OTHER late twentieth centuryHistories of the law in other are starting to appear but there is none for Mississippi Ranney fills that gap to help Visual Group Theory (MAA Classroom Resource Materials) us betternderstand the state as it enters its third centu. .

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