(EPUB) [Paladins Redemption Kingdoms Forge #1]

Paladins Redemption Kingdoms Forge #1

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Started off strong and seemed like it had potential Ended up turning into a black and white predictable story where ighteous heroes have inexplicable powers and evil elvesorcs are evil for the sake of being evil Excellent storyA very enjoyable high fantasy Well matched with believable characters and action Highly ecommended While it has your stock fantasy aces it has a very different with believable characters and action Highly ecommended While it has your stock fantasy aces it has a very different line A nice light epic I think this took about four days to finish It felt like a nice sorbet between a bigger dish I ll probably finish the series while waiting for some other books to hit the market I liked Dain and thought he was books to hit the market I liked Dain and thought he was fine MC the world has interest with a variety of different peoples like orcs and elf s and even a dwarf along with humans The setting feels a lot like the old California gold ush days with elves Jin was a great character she is a very interesting child that you want to Berlayar di Pamor Badik root for The bad guys areeally bad there L. Munatius Plancus really isn t a middle ground there and youeally do hope they get their just Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality rewards uite a bit of action and a full out war but we do have a few slower areas that did drag a bit We have one character that I m not sure was needed Sister Shyla was a nasty women but I don t feel there was much of a point of her being in the story The biggest hang up for me was theomance It didn t flow for me and at times I felt we were putting the est of the story on hold to insert a bit of the omance to try and move that along in the end I didn t The Pink Pearl really get a warm fuzzy feeling about it One could over look such a thing but the author made is a big part of the story which surprised me I would actually bill this book as of aomantic. Paladin Traitor Outcast MercenaryDain Gladstone has been all of these From childhood he’s been groomed for battle and trained in the Light When war came he was branded a traitor and exiled for a treasonous act of mercy To make his way. Fantasy then an epic fantasy I m still undecided if I m going to Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe read the next book Ieally did like parts of this story but the other parts were just a bit meh There is no Sexual Content And There Is Violence But content and there is violence but don t feel any of it was overly graphic most of the time There is a sadist that describes a few scenes that would make this book appropriate the time is a sadist that describes a few scenes that would make this book appropriate the older mature YA crowd but probably not the younger ones PaladinI haven t ead anything in such great detail as this in some time The dental in the tell of a sword fight to the spell casting is outstanding The story in its self was amazing A Paladin shamed an left alone to finding a new life an a world where he can live an love again Well done 3 stars OK Not sure I ll continue series An almost classical fantasy adventurewar story with a very likeable hero and some well drawn characters Dain is human and there are some human miners but most of the characters are elves good and bad With the wood elves there is a good ange of characters but where it comes to the Golden they Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela re pretty much evil because that s what they are Orcsoam around mostly in the background in this volume and the wider world is present but lightly drawnThe author s focus is on telling the story which is very well done The action and war scenes are nicely written and there is a love story woven through this but with a light touch There are some excellent comedic moments particularly with the healers in GalenaBe prepared for gory nastiness from the bad guys but to counter that there is the very engaging JinI Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction really enjoyed this andecommend it to pretty much any fantasy fans There might be something in there but for. In the world Dain has sold his skills to the highest bidder But now he’s grown tired of war tired of fighting for causes not his own and he’s got a plan Galenarumors fly of a great fortune there one buried beneath the snow covered mo. Me it was too shallow to be entertainingI don t mind books taking a simple tale and telling it anew I was looking for something with a clear conflict instead of the usual grey morality that comes up so often these days But this book takes simplicity and overdoes it The good are good and the bad are psychotic monsters After their first appearance the narrative is clear and that is what makes this book boringThere is no suspense no involvement and no eason to keep Octavio's Journey reading after these first few pages It will play out exactly as you expect and what little development there is follows your expectations Excellent Loved the characters and the pacing Great sword and sorcery book Really looking forward toeading the second book and hopefully a third This my friends is your prototypical fantasy novel The protagonist is a paladin who indeed is a master of arms and does some amount of healing and blessing There are humans elves dwarves orcs mages Philosophy in Social Work rangers and on and on The dwarves don t like the elves the elves don teally like anyone and the orcs are the embodiment of evil But the familiarity in this case feels like an old friend as opposed to a Retread The Same of same tropes For one Dain the paladin doesn t seem to be involved in any world shattering prophesy though some prophesy does come into play He has been disgraced is having a crisis of faith and just wants to make enough money to Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story retire Also there are divisions within the elvenace that are violently opposed to one another which is actually the driving plot device of the book as Dain becomes embroiled in the conflict Orcs and dwarves sort of take a back seat in this one This is a good book and. Untains one vast enough to purchase an entire kingdom Dain isn’t the only one seeking Galena’s iches Men and elves and orcs all have plans of their own Fortune has a way of twisting fate and turning the finest of plans on their head. .