Swift for the Sun (NEW)

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Swift of the Sun by Karen BovenmyerBook ReviewPublished by Dreamspinner PressISBN13 9781634777643ImpressionsThe reading held my interest from beginning to end To say that this book is a period tale of survival through skill and intuition would ignore an underlying theme In my opinion it opens for consideration how do we trust the instinct to love When life suddenly takes away who you are and replaces it with extreme cruelty and deprivation Aside from the exciting scenarios from beginning to end this underlying theme struck me the most in this reading Readers sometime overlook the research involved in creating great fiction In works like this every miniscule detail of navies war and period must become part of the narrative as naturally as conversation between friends An artfully crafted period piece of mid 1800 s passage through old seas pirates and treaties of newly freed states in Swift of the Sun are amazingly good The reader is transported to the daily shipboard grind and cruel realties of desperately greedy men mixed with sophisticated intrigue We learn their ways of loving may not always seem genteel but in all ways so needful StoryPlotConflictBenjamin Lector is a half Creole born and raised in New Orleans Eager to prove himself he beggars his inheritance to buy and smuggle a cargo of guns As an unskilled seaman he soon experiences stormy seas that part Benjamin from his investment and almost takes his life Being ill adapted to survival on what seems a deserted island he finds himself not aloneThe escape slave Sun Solmundur Thorvaldson destroys anyone unlucky enough to land on his private islanda place he intends to eep as his own Is it gut reaction or animal extinct A single man washed up on Sun s forbidden island captures his love and trust The lost and found Creole Benjamin discovers what he needed most in the arms of a savage illerDeath becomes the least of their worries They find love but must overcome surviving slavery and old enemies Main CharacterizationsBenjamin Lector is the handsome son of a New Orleans preacher and Creole mother He is Sun s Solmundur Thorvaldson lover and the teller of the tale Sun Solmundur Thorvaldson is the blonde savage and escape slave He is a supreme fighter and only inhabitant of Dread Island Understanding only a life of cruelty he captures the love of Benjamin Lector CritiuesThe flow was spot on Skill in superb creative storytelling made this an enjoyable read and educational one that I will enjoy reading again So I m going to go with the cliche here I have to This adventure was ROLLICKING But if you re going to write a book about smugglers corsairs and pirates on the high seas that should be a reuirement The adventure should fit the tale should fit the setting and in Swift for the Sun it does I enjoyed reading this book Every time I put it aside to do the stuff that life reuires I couldn t wait to get back to it to the unexpectedly sweet love story between Benjamin and Sun and the grand adventure they take together I loved the setting the details and range of secondary characters but what I loved the most was the reconciliation of character for both heroesI really hope we get a follow up adventure for these two or a side adventure featuring any of the colourful secondaries If you ask the author to describe this book she ll cheerily say it s a gay pirate romance and leave it at that this book she ll cheerily say it s a gay pirate romance and leave it at that in truth this novel is so much There s a darkness in this book so don t expect your standard warm and fuzzy romance story Be prepared for trials both of "the mind and body that might have you setting down the book " mind and body that might have you setting down the book a moment if only to fully feel the depth of the situations Ben and Sun are swept intoThe depth and care Bovenmyer takes with the historical details and language are absolutely astounding Pirate stories are often romanticized but this author brings a gritty realism to the subject that leaves the book feeling like an artifact a hot and steamy artifact but still And to help navigate the many foreign phrases and terms scattered throughout the prose the author even includes a glossary in the back for a handy referenceI d highly recommend this book to anyone who loves not only a gay pirate romance but also to anyone who appreciates well written and well researched historical fiction You will not be disappointed Swift for the Sun is a heady mix of Robinson Crusoe every pirate movie Errol Flynn ever made a heartfelt tender MM romance political intrigue the Portuguese colonization of the Americas and matelots Benjamin the mulatto son of a preacher and himself a fledging gunrunner survives a shipwreck and washes up on Dread Island named because no one ever returns from Dread Island Benjamin is saved by a mysterious castaway named Soli or Sun The sun rising behind him lit his hair with tints of shining gold sunlight streaming past a mass of tangled blond braids His eyes surprised me not the brown of a native but smoke blue like an angry sea dark and hidden set deep in the sharp angles of his face his slender body was packed with strong wiry muscles Sun is intelligent resourceful young fierce as any warrior heavily scarred yet shy as a deer I felt him shaking a little a tremor across his shoulders It reminded me of a deer I d surprised on a trail once checking for danger Benjamin feels the old stirring my father had desperately tried to beat out of me come alive and soon he and Sun are violating Leviticus 1822 in every delicious way I could imagine until Dread Island is once again invaded by Portuguese speaking pirates who share a dark twisted past with Sun At this point roughly 33% into the book the plot swings into swashbuckling high gear with view spoiler a mutiny lashings rape torture searches for hidden treasure not one but two pirates abruptly proclaiming themselves to be of royal blood a reveal th. Benjamin Lector imagines himself a smuggler a gunrunner and an all around scoundrel A preacher's son turned criminal first and foremost he is a survivorWhen Benjamin is shipwrecked on Dread Island fortune sends an unlikely savior a blond savage who is everything Benjamin didn't now Swift for the Sun

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At one pirate and possibly two is a woman the appearance of Benjamin s doppelganger and much political maneuvering hide spoiler 375 Stars rounded upFull review on the blog I really liked the first 50% of this book and I liked the last 15% In between were too many names too many situations use of several languages and their instant translations that bugged me and a few info dumps about history in the region that weren t necessary They tamped down the innocent and slow burn chemistry that initially arose between Sun and Benjamin The author needed to maintain that chemistry throughout while building upon it with action adventure and history There was some nice stylistic language used which gave the book a sense of the period and I really loved Sun warts and all but I have to deduct 125 stars because that 35% I wasn t so fussed on became a bit cheesy and unpleasant in an out of character way and somewhat convenientThere were some lovely moments that I enjoyed as well It always melted my heart when Sun called Benjamin my Benjamin how from the beginning he looked out for the man he loved While there isn t a lot of sex in the book which I found apt there are some heated moments between Sun and Benjamin We wrapped our bodies around each other Social Media in Academia kissing touching taking off clothing when it got in our way I felt the need for him burning through me so hot it hurt my chest Sun I whispered his name again and again It was my prayer and my salvation There s also action and a woman played a strong secondary role amongst it allOverall this was a pretty decent historical gay romance with one of the best book protagonists in Sun I really enjoyed the book a lot because of him While it didn t make the 45 star cut it was still a book I wanted to finish I needed tonow how everything turned out for Sun and Benjamin I can see a number of readers who enjoy historical gay romance really enjoying this book The writing gives a sense of time plus the excitement and trepidation two young men hold for their future It has a fitting ending for the period and should make readers happy 375 Stars Historical Adventure on the High SeasBenjamin has escaped from an ordinary life to adventure on the High Seas only he s way over his head He s jumped into a smuggling scheme where he s posing as a notorious Captain only he Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream knows about as much about sailing as any lubber When he finds himself ship wrecked on a desert isle with a dark reputation he s not any better off having only lived in civilized surroundingsSun an Anglicized version of his name given by Benjamin rather like Defoe s Robinson Crusoe christened his Friday is man who has escaped the pirates that had him enslaved Fortunately for Benjamin henows much better how to survive and saves Benjamin s lifeThere is a lot going on in this book There are historical political and social details that impact the events The voices in speech and thought of the characters pay homage to the period Benjamin struggles with his attraction to men as the son of a preacher who regularly made sure TO BEAT THINGS OUT OF HIM beat things out of him also has moral issues with some of the cardinal sins despite his INVOLVING HIMSELF WITH PLOTS AND SMUGGLERS himself with plots and smugglers never fear these things help set the period and are mostly a subtext rather than plot points There are also so many micro tropes played with here the twin from different parents shipwrecked mysterious island with a volcano white slave forced to fight in the pits Man Friday and that s only in the beginning of the book But again never fear the story goes beyond the toying with these so that they are almost throw aways put there for pure funBenjamin and Sun do not immediately make a sweet couple They each have their issues and flaws But it is an exciting journey to go with them as they figure themselves out become better men and ultimately forge their fate togetherSex is had but handled lightly with historical terms There is rape but handled similarly and briefly Release day review to come In the meantime though Swift for the Sun is a pretty epic undertaking and I do love some actual history in my historicals so I really appreciated how The Author Worked That All author worked that all to a love story between some pretty memorable characters a copy of this story was provided for an honest review 375 stars rounded up Warning There is a brief mention of noncon Martio pulled down my britches and violated me That is basically itOverall I definitely enjoyed this book It started off a bit rough but as the story and conflict progressed and revealed itself it got so much better I was really intrigued by the espionage and double dealings in the story and how the author revealed each moment In addition as characters are introduced the camaraderie among them grows and becomes humorous at times There is so much going on in this story therefore you re warned Which also means Pay attention while reading this story I wish I could give you info but I very rarely writes spoilers If you haven t caught on this is a Historical Romance which IMO was very well done So if you are looking for a hot steamy pirateslave book then please look elsewhere While there are intimate moments between Sun and Benjamin it is not detailed nor is it the focal part of the story This is a story about two men Benjamin and Sun One a son of a preacher that yearns for adventure and has always been attracted to other men His father tried to uash it by beating him for his sins every chance he could The other taken from his home and made to become a slave Fighting to stay alive in the most literal sense and a lover of men as well Due to unfortunate circumstances their paths end up crossing Thus it s a bit rough in the beginning but as time goes on their feelings towards one another grows Sun and Benjamin eventually start to build a life together but soon outside forces threa. E needed Falling in love with Sun is easy But pirates have come looking for the remains of Benjamin's cargo and they find their former slave Sun insteadHeld captive by the pirates Benjamin learns the depths of Sun's past and the horrors he endured and was forced to perpetrate Together. Ten their time together Yet through everything they seem to make it out together stronger than ever In the end it is really just the beginning of their adventure being free in every way possible I really hope that the author expands upon this and brings us further adventures with these two wonderful men and the rest of the characters of the Sea Fury It would be nice to Orality in Igbo (African) Literature know if Benjamin ever meets Sun s family that is they are still alive To find out exactly what happened to him that fateful day when he taken from his family In addition it would be nice tonow if they ever get to fulfill their dreams with each other but also the mission they have IMO it was pretty good for her d but MM novelI am one of many reviewers at Gay Book Reviews and can be found here received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review 375 stars Swift for the Sun is a historical gay romance set in the treacherous waters of the Caribbean It starts out as stranded in an island trope but uickly develops into a much bigger and dangerous adventure as ruthless pirates gets involved and the MCs try to fight and survive while also preserving their love for one anotherThe writing gives a vivid feel of the setting and the tumultuous times when Brazil was trying to break free from its parent country Portugal So along with the romance there are various other elements to look forward to in this book Benjamin Lector is a preacher s son turned criminal from North Carolina His first undertaking as a smuggler and gunrunner ends in a tragedy as he is ship wrecked losing all his crew as well as cargo Benjamin finds himself stranded at the infamous Dread Islands Trying to survive the elements and mostly failing Benjamin loses all hope of surviving until he gets rescued by a man who seems to be the only resident of the island Sun is a man of few words He cares for Benjamin and steadily revives him As the two men spend practically all the time together Benjamin falls for his savior and vice versa They settle into a comfortable routine of foraging hunting and loving each other but as all good things come to an end Benjamin and Sun s haven gets invaded as pirates arrive at their island They are here for Benjamin especially for his cargo which he lost to the ocean As they are carted away by the pirates as their captives Benjamin learns about Sun s past as a slave and what horrendous things he had to do to survive With the help of a few powerful characters who comes to their aid Benjamin and Sun escapes while helping their newly minted friends to stop the rebellious colonists of Brazil Benjamin gets his adventure living his life on the ocean whereas Sun finally sheds his past life for a brand new one with the love of his life I ve seen how you are with the others on this ship How you make them happy Like you make me happy I did not think I would ever be happy again nor that anyone would wish for me to be with them but Benjamin You make people belong You make me want to belong again You freed me Saved me Sun This story had a lot of twists which continuously ept Me On The Edge Of on the edge of seat The MCs meet and then there is a lull in action as the lovers fall in love and establish a profound connection And then when the pirates arrive the story takes a violent turn as they are tortured and humiliated as captives Then the story again changes track as the MCs are rescued and become valuable members of the crew We get the story from Benjamin s POV entirely but it does not diminishes the presence and feelings of Sun Sun is a tortured soul who did what he did just to survive His actions were wrong but he did them to stay alive and I could not fault him for that I could not help but sympathize with his plight and trauma and continuously prayed that he finally get his peace He does get his HEA with his Benjamin as well as acceptance for their relationship at a time when homophobia was rampant It was a fitting HEA for both Benjamin and Sun There was no safe place in this world for Sun and me but there were safe people and we had found them and they new us and we new them and together there was hope for something better for all of us What I liked most about this story was an MC in a piratehigh seas smuggling story who is not a very shrewd character or an accomplished criminal Benjamin had a good heart with a huge capacity of forgiveness and compassion He was na ve in most ways criminal with a strong moral code which you don t generally expect in a character involved in gunrunning or smuggling His love and affection for Sun was exemplary as he risks his neck time and again for his matelot I admired his selfless love for Sun his pure soul and his innate sense of doing the right thing The heat level in this story is not too high but felt fitting for the situations the MCs always found themselves in There are no graphic sex scenes but the intimate scenes were passionate enough to beautifully portray their deep seated feelings for each other I for one enjoyed their entire journey from an unconventional meeting to being matelots This story is uite heavy in the politics of the time when the story is set It
Had A Lot Of 
a lot of mutiny swashbuckling sailors and a surprising female character who was as fearless as she was efficient in dispatching her enemiesHistorical romance lovers will enjoy this book very much I had an exciting time reading this novelThis review has been cross posted at GayBookReviews 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Swift for the Sun Karen Bovenmyer1 This was a fantastic book that was so vivid I almost felt like I was actually there in the story2 This was an interesting story I liked the way the characters grow during the story A must for those that like historicals3 An engrossing tale of survival and love against the backdrop of slavery freedom and the search for happiness. They must not only escape but prevent a shipment of weapons from making its way to rebellious colonists Benjamin is determined to save the man he loves and ensure that a peaceful future together is never threatened again To succeed might reuire the unthinkable an altruistic sacrifice. ,