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Ok thusI love Brooks writing style in this series and her characterization These are somewhat similar to the Stephanie Plum series by Evanovich xcept These are Australian and although I ve only read one Plum book I still like Cassidy better In short these are asy breezy reads And we need this sort of literature Eagerly awaiting the fifth and sixth books Protagonist too whinygirly I was hoping tha this would be very Stephanie Plum the fifth and sixth books Protagonist too whinygirly I was hoping tha this would be very Stephanie Plum it was a bit dated and not as funny Still a good read and it was set in Australia. N And when will gorgeous Sam Tasker remember Cassidy's phone number and xplain the identity of the leggy brunette he's been seen withWith a uick mind a smart mouth and a gritted teeth determination to pay off her credit card Cassidy puts the punch into PI and tries not to knock herself ou. I A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enjoyed this oneven than the first one By the The Shadow Reader end of this one I couldn t wait to start the next one Cassidy is a scream and gets herself into such hilarious situations These books remind of thearly Stephanie Plum before the annoying flip flopping between Morelli and Ranger Plus they re set in Australia and written by an Australian as opposed to written by a non Australian who thinks we call veryone mate and say g day all the damn timeGreat book I love Cassidy Blair the way she gets herself into all soughts of. When Cassidy Blair Takes Cassidy Blair takes another job as a sexual sleuth she never xpects to nd up in the back of the shaggin' wagon with former pop idol Jason Wilde but with a feisty nthusiasm a bit of luck and a grand's worth of uality lingerie Cassidy's ready for anythingDetermined to prove her PI. Trouble Love all the different types of characters in this book ven her parrot jock oh this book ven her parrot Jock Oh just love some good asy to read nicely written smart Alec chick lit with some crime thrown inThis is pure chick crime lit In the first book I read of the CB series I actually didn t like the character of Cassidy and thought her irritating and self absorbed After a few chapters I hdd up say she s awesome lolShe doesn t do anything the way I would do it which makes me cringe with concern

You Have To Love 
have to love involved in a bo. Skills once and for all Cassidy throws herself into action that ven her pet parrot can handle But is she prepared for the mysterious strangely attractive Ned Maxwell Can she stop a man named Mince making mince meat of her before she finds out whether tiger suits really are back in fashio.
Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of a Parfumeur The Killing House (Malcolm Fletcher,

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The Happiness Punch