(PDF/EPUB) [रक्तकुण्ड] ¼ Krishna Abiral

Ing when uestion is asked about the total truth of Royal Palace and Royal Massacre how to read Good Want to read Dy struckThe book has revealed many secrets of the palace and the Royal amilies not only of that in ateful night but also those that had happened years ago during the times of King Mahendra as well as King Tribhuvan It also explains the misdeeds of the previous kings highlighting the negative aspects and part of the Nepali Royal FamilyThe novel was published some years after The Massacre Took Place massacre took place the informant as well as the writer A World on Fire fearedor their safety Rakta Kunda by Krishna Abiral is a good read if you are curious about what had happened on that NIGHT IN 2001 HOWEVER THE MYSTERY STILL LOOMS AND in 2001 however the mystery still looms and not been solved although the book opens up many untold stories and accounts of the nig. Or actual reallity the author have been stating I don t knowbut it s interesting none the lesswhile it leads to noth. Curity officialsThe book gives an account series of events that took place before and during the massacre which is said to masterminded by the then Crown Prince Dipendra because he the massacre which is said to be masterminded by the then Crown Prince Dipendra because he arguments and ight with his mother the then Aishwarya Although the people of Nepal and the world are made to believe that the massacre was masterminded by the Crown Prince the book suggests otherwise It mentions that the Crown Prince was ramed and the killing had continued even after the prince ell to the ground after he shot himself in chest Also the absence of 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate firearms near his body points somewhere else It also mentions what the Royalamily members and their guests were doing when the trage. .