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I The Billionaires Bought Mistress first heard about this bookrom the author herself on her podcast i enjoyed very herself on her podcast I enjoyed very her stories about her life its joys and His Instant Heir (Baby Business frustrations and her uest toind rest in Jesus throughout It s a Have Baby, Need Billionaire fairly short read and she makes her point well that we all need toind daily rest in Jesus something that needs to be intentional on our part I gave it 3 stars because in places it seemed a little too poetic or abstract Princess From The Shadows (The Santina Crown, for me I would have liked to hear concrete examples of how the authoround Selah Kristen Kill shares with readers how God has shown up during the tough times in her life and helped her The Real Mr. Right find moments of selah moments of pause small reminders and big that God is still there and good even when life is hectic crazy and hard Her experiences rangerom physical and emotional health issues major life changes such as moving A Child For Christmas from an idyllic green valley to the skyscrapers of New York to everyday headaches like all the challenges of raising kids in a Manhattan apartment She has learned that sometimes God changes our circumstances to bring peace to our turmoil but just as often He brings change to our hearts offering selah even in the midst of crazyI don t identify with all of Kristen s personal experiences but I think everyone hasaced multiple moments in their life when they crave peace and calm or A Love So Strong feel spirituallyemotionally dry and empty Kristen provides good reminders that God won t give up on us that He s always loving and that despite oureelings He s always there I think it was good to be reminded that sometimes God takes us away Black Ops Bodyguard (Bodyguard from the crazy and gives us days of peace and refreshing and sometimes He provides the peace through little reminders in the midst of the craziness I appreciated Kristen s openness and willingness to share very personal stories She also shares solid Scripture throughout particularly Scripture passages God used to help refresh her The Biblical principles were solid the stories were engaging androm the heart and overall the book is a good tool in providing invitations to experience selah wherever you are and whatever you are The Truth About Family facing Recommendedor anyone who eels like their days are crazy their hearts are dry or their spiritual life needs a little boost Due to Kristen s life experiences I expect mothers of young kids to be the ones who will most strongly identify with her But you definitely don t need to be a mother to get something out of this book No content issues I received an ARC of mother to get something out of this book No content issues I received an ARC of title rom the publisher through NetGalley in exchange Dry Creek Sweethearts for an honest review The nice thing about spiritual memoirs is that sometimes they re written by the average ordinary person Sure the odd pastor with a name or reputation here and there tries their hand at it but these autobiographies are usually plain spoken at best No big names inlashy lights Just the stories of the ordinary That The SEALs Secret Daughter feeling permeates throughout Kristen Kill s Fin. That something you’ve been lookingor in the empty stress of your mad dash days It has a nameThe Psalms call it selah the pause rest or interlude between the notes in a song More than merely an empty space selah is a chance to stop and resync with the story and song of God For all the ways life keeps you running this word and practice offers a way to re center yourself on the One who holds all things together and makes all things beautiful.

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Nhattan with her husband and our kids and also endured through multiple miscarriages Along the heartbreak and Hide Seek (Harlequin Blaze fast paced lifestyle she was desperateor rest Learning about selah and sabbath were a stream of calm water Born This Way: Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an Era for her leading her on a journey to carve out space to be still andind for her leading her on a journey to carve out space to be still and The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 2 find and rest She has a poetic writing style that is slightly reminiscent of Ann Voskamp and her honesty is refreshing and encouragingor those like myself who want to invite selah into our lives I would have liked practical application of how others can Confessions (The Battling McGuire Boys find selah in their own circumstances Granted it is individual experienceor everyone but I would have liked to have ideas of ways to carve out this time in my own life In recent years I have been blessed by exploring selah and it has looked like painting going Gideon Redoak for walks intentionally being still and meditating on Scripture journaling and praying This is a theme that has become vital in my life since I tend to get anxious and overwhelmed when I am stretched too thin and do not have pockets of uiet and rest built into my week so I was hopingor a bit practical help and a deeper study in the Biblical term of selah I was expecting of a theological exposition and practical guide rather than a memoir which is Brighids Quest (Partholon, fine overall because it was a wonderful and encouraging read but I think my expectationor the book affected how much I ending up liking it 5 stars This is one of the Shades of Truth (Undercover Cops favorite books that I ve ever picked up Reading this was a beautiful experience Review to come This is a 35 star ish A good many tidbits but I was hopingor if a practical book on how to practice selah rest peace That is the struggle sometimes re most of the time with Christian living books these days though and so I m not entirely surprised Kill did talking about her and the various struggles she went through and then maybe had a paragraph or but less then 5 about how she turned to the Lord and encourages readers to do the same Please do not read that as me not caring about her struggles I Seduced by the CEO feltor her deeply but I was missing some of the practical points of how she The Secret Ingredient finallyound true rest I m re Selah is one of those words that I have read in the Psalms but I never uite understood it In Finding Selah Kristen Kill helped me learn just what this word means and how God can use Selah i Kristen Kill s Finding Selah The Simple Practice of Peace When You Need It Most takes readers on a journey to transform what they think about work rest and the little spaces between that make all the difference Kill is able to take readers on that journey by highlighting the selah moments in our lives those times when God especially in Jesus Christ speaks words that create space and rest in our livesFinding Selah doesn t just teach about rest though but prepares our hearts to experience it afreshI received a The Cowgirl In Question (McCalls Montana free copy of this book in exchangeor my honest review here. Ttle spaces in between that make all the difference This book will show you how to tune your ear to the song God is singing over you embrace the “selah moments” able to transform your daily rhythms and most of all encounter the ultimate Selah in Christ who stands in the gap between heaven and your most hectic of days There is hope Rekindled Romance (Home to Dover, for the dissonance youeel Finding Selah will show you not only how to sing a new song but to live a new ,

Ding Selah Despite the subtitle The Simple Practice of Peace When You Need It Most this is not really a How To guide or a balm Most this is not really a How To guide or a balm whatever anxiety you re acing Instead it is a story A rich story Kill has a way with words that conjures up images of a clementine being peeled slowly or a sweet onion s skin being shed It is inely nuanced Reading Kill is like enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter s day Enjoyable and His Rebel Bride frothyEssentially the thrust of the book is how Kill along with her husband was thrustrom living in the rural Pacific Northwest to Manhattan when Kill s husband s place of employment offered him a plum job there The story then is about a mom to at least The Billionaires Christmas Gift four childrenive by the end of the book manages to get through the hectic and crazy world of the Big Apple She Six Minutes to Midnight finds peace in the small pauses the mundane A good liberal dose of the Psalms helps tooor there she encounters the word selah 71 times Selah is both a noun and a verb meaning rest to to stop and listen Read the rest here Seemed an appropriate read considering I had chosen the word Selah Redemption for my word of the year was not disappointed Great book A copy of this review can beound at Book Ink Reviews Thank you to NetGalley Kristen Kill and Zondervan Code of Justice for providing thisree ARC in exchange Wanted for an honest review Kristen Kill s voice is authentic as she walks you through her own experience ininding selah while using Scripture to encourage your own journey into Christ s peace and rejuvenationI rarely come across a book even devotionals I have picked out specifically that seem to speak to my very soul Finding Selah though hit me in the deepest recesses of my heart Kill soul Finding Selah though hit me in the deepest recesses of my heart Kill a mother that remembers how hectic bringing up little ones can be she also has an identity away Dark Oil from MOM and that life outside of that title is just as grindingThrough thoughtful uotes we are encouraged to get into the Word to examine what it means toind mindful peace and rest That Selah in the Psalms is an instructional verb not a noun To take a beat to ind a rest to listen in the silence Some of the most profound Somewhere between majesty and misery Heaven Finds Us In The Barren Wilderness finds us in the barren wilderness our deepest longingsThe echoes of Eden breathes into a dry and weary world and called out to dry bones to wake and to walk to taste and to see what was good and right and lovely to keep the eastThe pause the rest the interlude is Jesus Selah and Sabbath are a personWithin these pages you will Dark Obsession find permission to rest and encouragement to move You willind peace and it is a beautiful thing that emerges Selah is a musical term Her Hawaiian Homecoming for a pause between notes of the song or stanzas in the poetic Psalms But it is so much than just a break In our lives selah can mean a pauserom our busyness and time to reflect and enjoy God s presence amidst our busy lives Kristen opens up about a chaotic season in her life when she lived in Ma. Stretched beyond her capacity in caring Fortunes Hero (The Fortunes of Texas: Whirlwind Romance for a largeamily in the middle of Manhattan Kristen Kill was exhausted depressed and desperate The Ideal Choice for a change Then something sparked within her when she read the Psalms andound that often all that stood between the psalmist’s cries or help and celebrations of praise was this simple word selahJoin Kristen in Finding Selah for a journey that will transform the way you think about work rest and the li. Finding Selah