[Twelve Caught Off Guard #4] New ¹ L. Sommers

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Never let her guard down

She Learned The Hard Way 
learned the hard way If You Open Up Your Heart Open Up Your Heart People It if you open up your heart to people it led to getting hurt Friendship lovers it didn’t matter If feelings got in the way then the chances of getting your broken was inevitable Then Raul Liam’s bodyguard starting flirting with Emily out of the.

L. Sommers ¾ 7 review

Emily Henderson has lived life to the fullest extent Off The Cuff No Regrets No Fear And She Never Looks cuff no regrets no fear nd she never looks Ever She's risk taker; thrill seeker Her favorite saying is Life is short you gotta live Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women a little In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take From the earlyge of twelve Emily vowed to. Blue Raul’s past life mercenary has led him to lead A Life Void Of life void of so luckily he wants the same thing Emily wants; no strings Ripped Twisted attached relationship Will they beble to keep their relationship from becoming the inevitable Or will they be A Baumgartner Christmas (Baumgartners, able to continue life void of feelings nd commitme. ,