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Perfect girl to unload those demons because she never sees it coming My heart broke for her specially knowing that abusive relationships are often masked Everything is fairytales and rainbows and then a switch is flipped and your dream come true becomes a living nightmare I am running away again but not from the fear of my past I m running because I fear the present and future if I stay Silence is my haven If I don t speak of what happened it could be 鬼姫VS 4 [Onihime VS 4] erased or so I thought Never stay silent It s whatnds a person in the hospital or worse dead There was a great message in this book Although to me it was a hard story to fully accept as real I have lived through this I have witnessed both physical and Breve historia de los mayas emotional abuse at the hand of a loved one It s very real and can take a very long time ifver to recover from I look forward to reading the next installment of this bookI was a little okay a lot pissed at the Q Manual (James Bond 007 role-playing game) ending Yes it s a cliffhanger Yes it comes full circle in a way you wouldn txpect Let s see what happens nextwhat could happen to this woman really3 Troubled Stars I d like to commend Ms Ann for the courage it undoubtedly took to write a book with such difficult subject matter For that alone I m adding a well deserved star Now let me get to the meat of what worked and what didn t uite hit the mark for me Mostly it was the storyline that fell a little short Lacey the MC was a difficult character for me to connect with perso This was giving to my blog as an Arc for a honest reviewSo when I got this I didn t really know what I was about to read I thought this was another book of good girl falls for Bad boy and she fixed him blah blah we all know what I am talking about Well usually those are the books I readAnyways as I read this book I started to understand that this book was nothing like what I thought Let s just say that I read the first couple of chapters and I was already seriously hooked Yes this book deals with really hard topics But it was such a good read Now I didn t know that this story was about the author until half way in I decided to update my goodreads with what book I was reading and then it caught my attention the authors own review Yes I read it and couldn t believe this book was real life The Joy of Laziness events I was totally surprised by the things that Lacey goes through I do know that things like this happen to people But wow I have to say that you are one strong person and I congratulate you on being a strong surviver I cried when you spoke to Cain about your childhoodvents I cried when Cain did you wrong But most of all I cried Culto a la luz every time Cain did something to you when you lived with him I think the reason the domestic violence was a big impact on me was because as a child I saw it in my own home I try to stay away from books that deal with this issue because it hits close to home I cried and I kept praying that you would walk away from the situation you were in Then I almost died laughing when you were giving birth lol you were just so mean toveryone yet it was hilarious I did almost have a panic attack when you really went into labor I hated Cain and was so pissed that he was there I like you AFTER EVERYTHING BELIEVED WHAT HE SAID everything believed what he said you and I really wanted it to work for you but then again I guess I was a sucker for all that he said to youGod I wanted to kick stab punch and scream at Cain for what he did to you at the club I seriously couldn t believe it OMG your cliffhanger is horrible I wanted to message you and scream at you for the way you nded the book This book is well written and like I said #Deals With Serious Life #with serious life I recommend this book and I hope veryone reads it and recommends it to their friends I cant wait to read your next bookOkay now I will rant about the little things I was annoyed by Yes this book like I mention is real life De Macondo a McOndo; Senderos de la postmodernidad latinoamericana events But im sorry I seriously couldn t stand the way her best friend talks She annoyed the shits out of me With all her nonsense words I do think she makes a wonderful bff when Lacey needed someone but good her annoying words lol Oh lets not talk about Cain s mom I wanted to slap her I hated her and her nasty ways I can go on and on about this book I have a total book hang over I cant stop thinking about thatnding First and foremost I LOVE the cover It tells so much about the story without you (re)Using Ruins even realizing it until thend I had the pleasure of beta reading Destructive Silence It s an Όλα τα τραγούδια emotional angsty story that kept me turning the pages to see what happened next I loved some characters and came to hate others There were things I didn t see coming othersxpected There were times I wanted to cry times I wanted to scream and a few times I had to stop reading to deal But it always kept me wanting Destructive Silence does deal with the subject of abuse it s not a light read This is the start of a three book series so there is a killer cliffhanger but it is well worth F Becca and one steamy Caine RogersLacey didn't know until it was too late how feelings honesty heartbreak and life altering A Student's Guide to Intellectual Work events can change a person Lacey has Becca’s support but will that benoughWill Lacey sacrifice her own happiness to do what is Lean Analytics expectedWARNINGAppropriate for readers 18 up on. Straight up kittens This has a WTFnding I didn t know going into it that it was the first of three books in the Destructive series Cliffhangers don t bother me I read books multiple times so I will just read this one again when the next one comes out That being said I am still fuming about how it The Official Robosapien Hackers Guide ended This story ismotionally packed and heartwrenching I know the asshole of this story I dated him and let s just say that Lacey and I have some issues in common I don t want to give out spoilers to this one loves I think you need to read it and remember that not verything is as perfect as it may seemThere are some wonderful numbers and websites listed at Lacey is a senior in high school in Balti where her family has lived since she was ten She has been raised to be a good Catholic girl She is but she also has a wild side Not a bad side just a lose yourself in the music and dance til you drop sideShe dances to forget her past a past so painful she has only ver told one person Her best friend Becca Becca is as fun loving as Lacey She is strong from a well centered family She keeps Lacey laughing and they share Learning GraphQL: Declarative Data Fetching for Modern Web Apps everything Good times and sad times Becca has her own language one that will keep you in stitches I find myself using some of her words from time to time Caine joins Lacey on the dance floor one ni I was given an ARC copy of this book for an upcoming blog tour I m not sure how to rate this book because it was a love hate relationship with this whole book A Asshole B Buffoon C ClusterfuckD There are so many I want to say that begin with the letter D I can t stand it These are just a few names that describe a certain Douche bag in this book Lacey and her BFF Becca do what girls love to do go dancing and have a great time High school is almost over and their real lives are about to begin At the dance club when Lacey is lost in her own little world she feels those hands snake around her and the spark snaps heryes open And she gets lost in those bedroom yes Dancing like she s never danced before Lacey gets a little carried away and when Caine asks her to go home with her she can t understand why her head is nodding yes She is there for the wrong reasons She is trying to get over her frightful past and move on She is convinced that having a one night stand will block those memories boy is she wrong When Caine catches up to Lacey and they start dating things couldn t be perfect He s a sweet guy always a gentlmen and he treats her like she s his most prized possession When Becca tells Lacey that Caine isn t all that wonderful she thinks something is going on with him on the side Lacey ignores her BFF s warning and goes about her happy little bubbled life with Caine That is until Caine proves her wrong Lacey knows when to call it uits she s a strong girl and ven though her heart has been ripped out she is she s a strong girl and ven though her heart has been ripped out she is able to pick up the pieces and get on with her life That is until the next thing gets in the way forcing Caine back into Lacey s life And this time he swears he will do whatever he can to prove to Lacey *That He Wants To *he wants to with her But is he strong nough to give her what she needs is she strong War by Other Means: An Insider's Account of the War on Terror enough to take his crap day after day as he tares her selfsteem down knotch by knotch if you re looking for a HEA with a sweet story in it this book isn t for you This book made me want to jump in there and slap Lacey around How could she think this was ok How could she believe she didn t have any other choice The book got me thinking she s a victim from arly childhood someone she trusted betrayed her over and over She grew up with confidence but it was that one little stunt that shattered *That Confidence And All * confidence and all a sudden she had the weight of the world on her back now while you wanted to shake her by the shoulders and scream WAKE UP LACEY You have to remember she s a victim in this story we may not understand how she s thinking unless you ve been in her shoes but if you go into this book knowing this I think the read will be better for you It s sad deeply sad And keep in mind this is the first book to a series of 3 books it s going to get worse I think and yes there is a cliffhanger which sucks So that s my review I want to give it stars but I hated him I really did and that s probably what the author was going for This book may not be for veryone but it s a reality for so manyI may be partial giving myself five stars but here is how I figure it I wrote it lived it and survived it Yes I am Lacey Not only do I feel accomplished for surviving but also for bleeding my heart on paper I wrote this with blood sweat and tears Lots of them I lost moments as a mom and a wife I will never get back but was needed to write as a sense of healing I added few fictitious moments to make the story a little Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop exciting or to add humor where neededSo yeah I gave myself five stars BLOG TOUR Nov 25 Nov 30Destructive Silence is a based on realvent. Destructive Silence is the first book of three based on the author's true storyIf you never speak of the past can it be rasedLacey Edwards has a pastA past which changed her life foreverA past she is desperate to forgetLacey is uiet and reserved compared to her best friend Becca Fox They became instan. ,

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S motional angsty story that keeps you turning pages to see what happens next As a book 1 in series it Notes of a Russian Sniper ends with a huge cliffhangerTwists and turns I didn t see coming as well as thexpected rotten acts I was able to foresee all created an ambience of precariousnessLove and hate I loved some characters from the beginning big thank you for Becca and her uniue way of highlighting the most intense parts of the story with really inspiring comebacks and became to hate others It s the first book The Facilitation of Groups ever since the Conseuences series had wreaked havoc on my mind that made me wanna scream cry bite stabyes out and generally freak out over a story But it always kept me coming back for It certainly cannot be called a love story nowhat it is is a LIFE story Brutal Abusive True Speaking VolumesA life story Destructive Silence is the debut novel from LU Ann and what a debut it is This is the first book in what promises to be one heart breaking ugly cry inducing seriesLacey Edwards is a heroine whose life is anything but perfection Her troubled past is a stark contrast to the posh life her best friend Becca Fox lives I loved how this duo was Disruptive Branding: How to Win in Times of Change exact opposites of one another yet something about their friendship worked Becca served as a source of humor when situations gotmotional Her spunk and sarcasm provided comic relief to balance out the heavier subject matter One night while out at a club Lacey meets Caine Rogers There is definite chemistry between the pair but it s not instant love Their interactions are steamy to shocking I don t want to give away any spoilers but my jaw dropped repeatedly I can t reveal a lot about the plot without giving a way Rivers' Edge: The Weezer Story every spoiler imaginable I think what I loved most about this story was how gritty raw and real it is There s nothing sugar coated about Lacey s less than perfect life I definitely went through a roller coaster ofmotions while reading this story The plot twists were shocking the sex scenes were beyond hot and the drama was turbulent This is not a fairy tale romance with rainbows and butterflies and I loved very bit of itThe book cover is beyond gorgeous and the story behind the stunning image will leave you breathless If you re looking for a novel that is going to leave you saying WTF and nursing a massive book hangover get to one clicking Destructive Silence It s a definite step away from HEAs but I have hope that by the nd of the series Lacey will find her happily Para una vez que me abrazan ever after I cannot wait for the next installment of Lacey Edwards story That girl is beyond cray crayI think I get itokay maybe I don tReview to come with my tour date on 1127FULL REVIEW I don t know if I couldver face Caine again First of all I slept with him the night I met him so you know he already has a poor impression of me and second I left without so much as a note which did I mention he will already have a poor impression of me Lacey is one damaged girl Having a troubled and abusive past she has reveled in living a uiet life Silence is her haven she thrives on anything that can help her Introducing UNIX System V escape By keeping uiet she thinks that all of her demons will just disappearnever once did she realize that her silence is actually making them worseBeing almost out of school and wanting to just let loose Lacey goes out with her best friend to a club they freuent to blow off some steam Dancing is another way shescapes losing herself to the beats of the bass and the trance of the lyrics Hooking up with guys is not To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt even on her radar until the hottest guy she sver seen starts to pull her closeronly it s not him it s them Some sort of magnetic pull is bringing them together A pull that will be the beginning of her nd I am so sorry for what happened to you when you were younger I can t fix that I wish I could but I don t feel used If you thought you were using me to run from something then
i m glad 
m glad did because it brought you to me I really don t want us to be a one night stand Lacey We connected and I like you You are beautiful I would love than anything to see where this might go if you give us a chance I ve never felt an attachment with someone like I did with you last night We moved as if we were one not as one person but as if we were one soul on the dance floor And then in the hotel room we connected on a deeper level You can t tell me you didn t feel it too Is that why you got scared and ran away You can t run from me Lacey I will track your ass down You have to talk to me Please give me a chance to make you happy baby RED FREAKING FLAG No guy says that after just 24 hours of knowing someoneespecially someone who was so ager and willing to get into bed with him I had a really hard time with that oneGood Catholic willing to get into bed with him I had a really hard time with that oneGood Catholic abused as a childhas some serious demons to hidea virgingives up her V card on a one night stand Na ahbut that s not the best part This story hits deeper yet Apparently Caine has some demons of his own He has found the. T friends when Lacey moved to Maryland nine years ago Becca helped pull Lacey out of her internal shell to xperience life By high school Lacey was active in the club scene and would occasionally have to drag Becca with her One night Lacey realized she might be able to run from her past with the help
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Destructive Silence