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Was shocked when he met Ray for the first time in a smoke filled bar Ray was a woman She was not just any woman With her skill set she could take down any man that got in her way With her sexy curves she took Eli s breathe away I thought it was funny how Ray and Eli battled for control The passion between Ray and Eli sizzled the pages of this book This is a must read I laughed so hard at some of the situations and the banter The romance was hot Over all it was just a great romance 25 stars I usually love Lori Foster books but this one I found myself waiting for it to be over skimming through wordy paragraphs and just trying to get it over with I was not a fan of really any character in the book besides Eli and Matt The main girl Ray was rude and wishy washy the entire read which got really old after 200 pages of the same old stuff especially nowing they get together in the end I m happy that I finished the book but I don t think I will be reaching for this one again anytime soon If youre into light action and mostly a lifetime movie like feel then this might be an enjoyable Read For You Review for you review on Got Fiction books35I really enjoy Lori Foster s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor and Love Undercover series so I was super excited for a chance at one of her backlist This one is slightly different than her others though When Eli Connors needs to get his brother back after he was Agricultural Machinery Mechanization kidnapped for ransom in Central America the agency he contacts that specializes in mercenaries sends him the meanest and the best soldier they ve got Ray VereknerWhat Eli doesn tnow is that Ray is a womanRay is basically a mercenary for hire She s 31 and stubborn and mouthy and really good at what she does Until Eli comes alongHe s a distraction she doesn t want or need She s never ever let anyone come along on one of her missions before but she can t figure out why she let Eli Eli is a great hero He is tough when he needs to be but he s also gentle when Ray needs him to be He has her pegged within a day and he goes after her As soon as his brother is safe she s hisThis has a lot of things going for it I love having an older heroine Sad that 31 is older isn t it I loved having the heroine be the former Special Forces character who saves the day and I really enjoyed Ray s tough side I also like that there are repercussions for sexytimes in the jungle I will say that it s not much of a Romantic Suspense because the rescue mission is ridiculously easy although that s sort of the point But it still is a uick and exciting readI am really glad they changed the cover to this book not just because of the sexy man on the cover but mostly because the first cover is a giant spoiler I d have never thought that would happen but after glimpsing the original cover on goodreads I was ind of bummed at have never thought that would happen but after glimpsing the original cover on goodreads I was ind of bummed at spoiled I ll link it here for you curious readers but I won t actively spoil it If you re looking for a different twist on the military hero look no further A woman for the hero is a refreshing change ARC courtesy of Kensington book. Eeling hot bothered dizzy and just a little bit well ueasy The last thing either of these unlikely lovers expects is to be expecting Suddenly Ray's precise no nonsense mission is veering wildly off course derailed by raging hormones out of control desire and a delirious love that is completely unexpect. ,

UnexpectedWhat a waste of potentially good and strong female character Unfortunately the supposedly strong and independent heroine became a double minded "mess after she had s3x with the hero She says one thing just to say "after she had s3x with the hero She says one thing just to say she is in command only to do the opposite after the hero coaxed her into his way of thinking which made the heroine to my way of thinking as full of bluster with no force behind Add her over the top insecurities and the fact that the hero s Family Had To Convinced had to convinced with praises and bribes before she allowed them to coaxed her into their housedefinitely lots of eye rolling for me while reading this This was a very light chick lit type booknot that there is anything wrong with that I ve just found myself wandering past those types of books Lately I ve been reading some really dark depressing types books and I thought I would change it up a bit and throw in this light read just for fun I ll admit that there were a few parts that I literally laughed out load but mainly I just flew right through it unentertained Apparently I ve moved on from these types of books and didn t even realize itThe reason I rated it as only ok is it didn t leave me with any Sustainable Agriculture kind of feelingsexcept maybe disgust with the male character I ll get to that in a minute The book is about this tough super bad woman who works as a mercenary and she s really good at it She is hired by a man who needs help rescueing his brother Long story short there is major attraction between them and they wind up sleeping together while in Central American to save his brother and she gets pregnant unexpectantlyNow I don t have any real problem with the storymy only issue is totally just my opinion about the male character He is made out to be this tough no nonsense type of guy who is smoking hot etc I was totally on board with that and even in the begining of the book I was ok with how his character was progressing but towards the middleend he suddenly takes on the soft side that I didn t think suited him at all Iept getting annoyed with his dialouge bc every other word was Honey or Sweetheart and it just got so tiresomeBut that s my two cents If you are looking for a really light read or maybe just something easy this is the book for youbut if you were looking for something meaningful look somewhere else this isn t it One of my favorite Lori Foster s a nice uick read Ray Vereker is a hired mercenary who makes the mistake of agreeing to take Eli Conners along with her to rescue his younger half brother Jeremy a photography student out of Central America Not much birth control available in the jungle and this tough Rambo ette ends up nocked up by her client the tone of the book changes slightly then but it s still a fun read to see if she her younger brother Matt and her dog Precious can mix with his wealthy family Eli Connor s brother is idnapped and he hires Ray Vereker to find him and rescue him Only instead of a man Ray is a woman and an attractive one at that They head out to Central America to rescue the brother and things. Eli Conners expected hired mercenary Ray Vereker to be a tank of a guy with forty tattoos not a gorgeous creature with considerable Green Patriot Posters karate skills While Eli certainly needs Ray's help he thinks she could use a little of what he's offeringa down and dirty body scorching passion of the foreverind Ray's. Get a little hotThis book by Lori Foster one of my favorite Romance authors is not a favorite It wasn t bad but it didn t grab me like many of her books do It had all the right elements and should have worked for me I didn t hate it though It had some good scenes and uite a bit of spice and I Think Most LF Fans Will Enjoy It After Reading Saving most LF fans will enjoy it After reading Saving and not uite liking it I gave Foster a second chance as most of the reviews said it did not seem like her typical work They were wrong Unexpected had the Same Eye Roll Moments Where eye roll moments where main character is so unrealistic the plot predictable and humor is far and few between Foster is good at coming up with fresh and original story lines although unrealistic and a definite pro at writing sexual scenes It s your modern day Harleuin romance novel so if that is your thing this is up your alley However if you are into of the chick lit scene I suggest Janet Evanovich or Whitney Gaskell Loved this book like all her other books this one was great I loved it from the beginning he thought he was meeting a man lol but surprise it s not just because she has a man name people always thought the worse when they find out she is a woman but she does a work like a man and has to prove her self can t wait to read Lori foster ones just have to figure out which one I haven t read lol Girl Rambo meets Boy Executive Ray is a female mercenary hired by Eli to rescue his brother from a band of South American guerillas Eli is skeptical of Ray s abilities when they meet until she lays two drunks out for him This girl has some moves Eli is instantly attracted and so is Ray which is a big problem for her She starts breaking her rules she never gets involved with a client and she always works alone Eli makes her want him and he insists on accompanying her on the rescue It has been a long time since Ray has felt anything for a man As part of a secret military operation she got too close to her partner and he broke her heart and made her feel that she somehow failed him Ray also had issues from her childhood that made her feel less desirable as a woman Eli sees her as radically different from the females he has met who all want a piece of him for his wealth Ray sees this as a mission that once completed is over Eli is on a mission to My Hero Academia - Ultra Analysis keep Ray with himRay splits after the mission except Ray has some extra baggage to take home she is pregnant Eli has made noises about not ever letting her go but it takes him 5 weeks to get around to finding her and she is not very receptive because she has her head in the toilet a lot of the time Eli has his work cut out for him to convince Ray that he wants her for herself and not just because she is pregnant I really enjoyed this book The banter between Eli and Rayept me laughing throughout the story Eli needed a guide to help him navigate the jungles of Central America His Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms kid brother has gotten in trouble and ended up as a prisoner It was up to Eli to rescue him Eli contacted a agency and asked for the meanest mercenary that the agency had He. As good as any man when it comes to storming enemy compounds and loading an AK 47 but Eli's strong sensuality and gentle touch leave her shaken and stirred And really who could blame a girl for succumbing to mind blowing temptation in the steamy jungle But now it's back to business If only Ray wasn't