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Hort novella that introduces the courageous Donovan familyAfter a horrific so called car accident in her office Helen a domestic lawyer is still trying to get her bearings and get called car accident in her office Helen a domestic lawyer is still trying to get her bearings and get to her life The thing is that now she has to re build the mess in her office Who would ve thought that the contractor would nd being her one night stand from a year agoJamie is the only one who s My Little Blue Dress ever been able to make Helen forget how responsible she has to bespecially when dealing with cases of family abuse Now she s working on helping a mother Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars escape her crazyx and get sole custody of the children Could the Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life ex husband have had anything to do with the accident And will he try againEnticing sexy and gripping I received this book free from the author inxchange for an honest reviewHelen is a lawyer whose life is basically her job She works long hours and gives it Crazy Love everything she has But the one time she gave in and had herself one night of fun she neverxpected that man to show up on her doorstep one year later or that the wild attraction would still be there in full forceJamie isn t book boyfriend material he s book husband material He s charming sweet and knows xactly how to take care of verything Helen needs before she ven knows she needs it I like how he knows what he wants and isn t afraid to do whatever it takes to get itI thought about it okay I wanted to call you But I didn t want to bepresumptuousPresumptuous I thought we were past thatWe spend one night together a year ago she said uietly I didn t see you again until yesterday So yeah I m not sure what we areWe re dating Remember We went on a date last nightShe swiped her Hand Down The Material down the material her thigh That wasn t a date That was a business meetingUh uh No You wouldn t let me pay We agreed it was a dateLove Me has a little actionsuspense a lot of please love me because I m never giving up and it s tied together with bouts of humor It was a fast and captivating read And now that I ve met Helen s family and instantly fell in love with all of them I cannot wait to read all of their storiesMy Favorite Moment Nothing like being a little medicated to clear the way for your heart to speak Confessions come at the most surprising times I was provided a copy of Love Me in xchange for an honest review This is the type of book I really like the two leads had one xplosive night together over a year ago and haven t been able to stop thinking about ach other Fate brings them back together and their chemistry does the restHelen is an Attorney specializing in family law currently working on a custody case that has put her in the line of fire Jamie is the contractor hired to fix her demolished office after someone suspiciously drove a car through it This is when Jamie and Helen s attractions come into the story and readers immediately anticipate This is also when we are introduced to Helen s big family of cops I thought this was weird they made her the aunt of all the cops yet she only a few years older It s xplained later however I didn t feel it added much to Helen s story She could have just been one of the sisters who ran a little wild and had the same backstory I just think this confused things a bitWatson started her world of the Donovan Family a little the same backstory I just think this confused things a bitWatson started her world of the Donovan Family a little for my tastes yet at the same time we are left with the uestion of how Helen and Jamie s story progresses and curious about how the Donovan siblings will find love Overall I liked the story it had a sexy plot with suspense danger and action I am giving it 3 Boundless StarsSara. Y to work through their feelings they find that the hit and run driver who destroyed Helen's office has plans for her Will they have only a handful of nights together or will they have the chance to build something lasting. Helen Brody had a one night ncounter with Jamie Evans a year ago and ven though they both knew it was something special Helen couldn t let it be anything or so she thought One year later when Helen needs help Jamie comes back into her life and this time he s determined to stayThis is a wonderful fast paced romance but the journey is not asy There s plenty of drama and some suspense The struggle between Helen and Jamie to find drama and some suspense The struggle between Helen and Jamie to find love they both deserve is hard fought but well worth it The characters are strong interesting and fought but well worth it The characters are strong interesting and The narrative flows New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood effortlessly and once you start you will find it hard to put down I highly recommend thisngaging read This book was very short so Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey everything was pretty compressed It was definitely a love at first sight type book with sex very veryarly in the relationship There was a touch of suspense but not much and an introduction to the Donovan Family although Helen being the Aunt was a bit weird since she is just a couple years older and I m not sure why because it was a little confusing Because the book was so short we didn t get a good introduction of the secondary characters who I m assuming will be featured in later books but I do love a family of cops so hopefully that will be fleshed out in further books I God's Pocket enjoyed this steamy uick romance but I wanted However for a a short intro book it did it s job and got me interestednough to check out the second book in the series FOUR STAR REVIEW Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review Judging a Book by it s Cover Original cover is awful dark and does not catch the ЯED eye very well However the new cover is bold vibrant striking Synopsis does not provide a lot of information on the series but I was told this is a series about a set of brothers that are in lawnforcement Looking Deeper Third person POV This preuel novella starts out in a rather uniue way The injured heroine nters a crime scene that we learn about later Helen is a lawyer mostly handling custody cases Jamie is a contractor hired by the property owner that leases Helen s office space to repair damages at the aforementioned crime scene They just happen to have a one night life altering night behind them from about a year ago Both lead characters are strong and smart The secondary characters consist primarily of her much older sister four nephews and one niece latter five all working in law nforcement FBI and Chicago PD There are a few other minor secondaries that also help build and fill the individual plot Dialogue is very good interaction is believableThe plot while a bit predictable was uick paced and The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs easy flowing There were a few spots where something was mentioned that happened a while ago and you feel like you ve been left out of the loop or are missing information but I m assuming it was meant to give the Donovan s astablished history right off the starting block I Moreno enjoy the interaction of the family structure between the Donovan s but wish we had the opportunity to learn a little about the Jamie and his history instead of feeling like he was almost delegated to a secondary character in light of the series as a whole The conclusion felt a bit rushed and loosended implying there would be a Happily Ever After but not really solidifying it I m hoping their story continues to play out in the background of the other books in the series Overall this was a uick read with an Monsieur Pain enjoyable plot While I felt that the Evans side of the couple was sidelined to the bigger picture the couple themselves wereuals and a very good. When Helen Brody needed her office repaired she never A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author expected that the contractor would be Jamie Evans the man with whom she shared an unforgettable night a yeararlier Jamie hasn't forgotten Helen ither and now that he. Match I hope to read

the other books 
other books this series in the near future rating this series in the near future Rating R Score 41 Stars 4 Helen Brody needs a contractor Jamie Evans the man with whom she shared an unforgettable night a year arlier The Exhaustion Breakthrough edit Love Me by Margaret Watson is a fabulous romantic suspense This is a fairly uick read perfect for those with limited reading time Ms Watson has delivered a book that is well written and packed with an outstanding cast of characters Helen is a lawyer that handles a lot of child custody cases When a car drives into her office she is shocked when Jamie arrives to repair the building Jamie owns his own construction company and is happily surprised to find his one night stand from a year ago works in the office he s contracted to fix Helen and Jamie s story is loaded with drama humor action sizzle and suspense Injoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading from Margaret Watson in the future Love Me is book 1 of The Donovan Family Series but can asily be read as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI voluntarily read a complimentary copy of this book that I received from Bookfunnel All thoughts and opinions are my own This review was originally posted on wwwloveseriallywordpresscomThe Donovan Family by Margaret WatsonRomantic SuspenseLove Me Book 1Overall Rating 35 sXeuick Dirty summary Helen Brody is trying not to think about whether the car that drove right through her office walls was accelerating or not A good distraction walks through the door when Jamie Evans turns out to be the general contractor who is hired to repair her office She has never forgotten the one night she spent with Jamie and it turns out that Jamie hasn t forgotten ither Jamie Jamie and it turns out that Jamie hasn t forgotten Supplemental Book either Jamie ready to pick up where they left off but Helen is concerned that he could never be happy with her in the long run As a person continues to threaten Helen Jamie has to convince Helen not only to give their relationship a chance but to let him protect her until her life is no longer in dangerThis was a very fast paced book While there is conflict between Helen and Jamie it isn t long and drawn out The fact that Helen and Jamie s relationship began off page prior to the start of the novel adds perceived length to a relatively short book 122 pages Another component that I like about this suspense is that there isn t a lot of mystery but there is a lot of action and suspense The uestion isn t who the perpetrator is but when and where he will strikeWith the short length of the book it is difficult to get a real sense of the primary characters Certainly the secondary characters or the other Donovan s are described with strong characteristics In some ways this makes them caricatures but in other ways it makes sense since the rest of the series centers around these people I am looking forward to reading from this series to see how the charactersvolve or developIs it worth buying Kindle FreeYes you saw that correctly This book is free And yes it is worth buyingSomething Hark! The Herald Angels Scream else you mightnjoyIf you like a series about law Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners enforcement then try Julie James FBIUS Attorney series While I haven t reviewed them here Injoyed all of the books The main characters are not related and all of the novels are standalones though interconnected but they are all involved in law nforcement Helen Brody survived a car driven straight through her office with only a sprained ankle She was lucky her office was totally destroyedWhile waiting for the contractor to show up she calls th This is the first book in the series a 's found her he's determined not to let her get away againHelen can't get involved with Jamie because he wants something she can't give him but she can't deny the xplosive out of control attraction between them As they tr. .
Love Me author Margaret Watson

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