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They are all that is in the story In the nd we have a little scene where jasmine refuses to go to the planet where diviak is from and they have a little fight but that is all there is i think there could have been developments in the book The uest to find the lost princess is no mentioned and we nd up not knowing what happens to her or if they find her or not the fun part of this book is that the fuel that they "Need To Return Home " to return home up being diet coke D so i guess i will not read another book from this series but well never say never i m only certain it will not be arly Umm that was different Totally not what I was xpecting I can t decide if I want to give this book 2 or 3 stars I suppose a 25 would best describe how much I njo Well at least it was short Honestly much I Snowflakes on the Sea enjo Well at least it was short Honestly this what self pub has come to Giggling high schoolers get together over some J germeister or flavoured vodka and churn out a whole fucking series of bad alien abduction stories Or maybe it was written as one of those tag team deals where internet strangers get to write a chunk then pass it on Whatever it reads like a parody The pink aliens are at least uniue if ridiculous but hiding genitalia behind a carapace is anything but sexy The grossness of that concept was apparently counteracted by the fact his penis operated like a goddamned rabbit the vibrator not the animal Itven buzzed fer cryin out loud Hysterical but how the hell did that Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy even work You spin your penis at any rpm and most guys would uickly be in the ER with a painful penis and life threatening torsion If anything is connected oh let s say like urethra seminal vesicles and fucking blood vessels that keep a body part viable you can t go twisting it around and around like Linda Blair s head in The Exorcist A spinning penis Good grief Why would these dudes be sent on such a mission if they were on the verge of a biological imperative not seen since Spock tried to hijack the Enterprise so he could get it on with his bitchy fianc Nope calling it something besides Pon Far did not hide the fact someone grew up in a family of Trekkies girls hide the fact someone grew up in a family of Trekkies girls said at least they could spell If you dig these I had wild monkey sex with an alien stories and many do despite the mbarrassing slash fiction uality of most of them at least this has laughs and a general knowledge of the English language going for it The ability to use spellcheck and discern homonyns alone puts it above the mbarrassing Brides of the Kindred series I m revising my original intent to give one star based on humor and spelling alone Won t go higher than that because I m now fighting the urge to head to Hot Topic for bad jewelry Are malls ven a thing now. He surface I can’t afford any distractions least of all a beautiful curvy human female who my body tells me is my fated mate my amavar But that’s impossible My mate can’t be human can Captured by the Alien Savage Galactic Mating Season #1

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You are my amavar my mate my heartsong My heart leaps into my mouth at his words I adore these kind of stories Aliens plus mating thing Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival euals simple perfectionspecially when the hero goes all savage possessive caveman styleThis story was very Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, enjoyable with sweet and funny dialogues thexplicit scenes were the highlight in this book and they were way too hot Diviak and Jasmine were very suited as a couple with Jasmine been one of the most controvert heroines I ve The Fix ever read Generally the plotvolved with fast pace and been a short novel didn t make any difference from long one because had all the perfect ingredients I can t wait to read the second book i m hooked up by the series I am a vast of mptiness of space with no sun to warm my face if you are not at my side LOL that was so silly I had to read it uick read and an ntertaining lunch break spending time with the characters I didn t think that I would like this book but I did It was hilarious Pink aliens come on where they do that at Diviak is the Captain of his spaceship and his looking for the princess from his planet that has been kidnapped His ship is about to crash because it get hit by an asteroid They land on Earth or Jord in search of fuel He beams into a mall and his cock leads him to his mate Jasmine LOL That s when I started laughing because no one thinks its strange that a pink man is walking around because its Halloween LOL It just gets funnier from there I loved it 25Captured by "The Alien Savage By "Alien Savage by Maddix Flora Dare was a freebie on I ve had it for a couple months but I picked it up and read now it because I recently noticed that all the alien romances seem to feature now it because I recently noticed that all the alien romances seem to feature aliens On a lark I did a uick google search and came up with than 50 of them I ven wrote a half joking blog post about it I nded that post with the uestion where s my chartreuse alien or mauve or red Well given that two days later I happened across a I kid you not pink alien romance in my TBR I had to read itI thinkno I m fairly sure that this MUST be parody And as parody it s pretty good It s hilarious ven I mean He S A Hot s a hot occasionally flushing to purple alien stud who features a penis with a retractable carapace that when unleashed swells in the middle vibrates AND GYRATES He can ven use it as a homing device to find his mate literally being led by his cock They fuel their ship on diet coke and have to return home uickly or they ll all go into a mating frenzy and kill ach other It s like all the normal alien rotica tropes on steroids As parody I call it a success If someone wrote this to be seriousum sorry I m feeling generous so 3 starsThe premise is good but its written like. Just when I think nothing The Casa Mono Cookbook else could go wrongI see her My crew and I are on a desperate mission hunting a villain but he’s always one step ahead Now we’re stuck in orbit over a primitive. A story a high schooler would write Lots of alien words for genitalstc And hey Diet Coke has to be good for something right I think the authors were just having too much fun writing this and not focusing on us the readers Not sure maybe they always write like this This book is so ridiculous you have no idea I mean "the main character is pink with purple hair sort of like an overgrown buff and vibrating troll doll only "main character is pink with purple hair sort of like an overgrown buff and vibrating troll doll only But the thing is The Book Is So Ridiculous And The Premise Is So book is so ridiculous and the premise is so that the Book Is Funny So That is funny so that it ntertaining and in the nd it s actually kind of njoyable really I kid you not it s not so bad once you take it with a healthy dose of humor the sex is certainly interesting this lady sure has some imagination I don t know how this nded up in my kindle maybe because of Ice Planet Barbarian I mean I was almost used to Blue aliens but PinkPurple alien Anyways I started with it and it was so stupid it was hilarious For xample I can t believe I m going to ask this but what s your name She pauses for a moment then bursts out laughing The sound is like the stars singing Oh my God I can t believe I let you blingablangga me and I don t ven know your blogging nameIt was difficult imagine someone Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) entirely pinkpurple to be sexyI mean I was imagining him like this But moving on I don t think this reuires muchlaborated review because most of the story is covered in Blurb It was fun while it lasted but I m not sure whether I ll read next onebut maybe I ll Not sure but definitely ntertaining This is the first book that i read from this author and i have to say i didn t njoy it very much For once the plot of the book does not make much sense to me i get it there are a specie of aliens that are searching for their lost princess and nd up in arth This particular species does have one thing called the Mot Ruom some kind of mating season that all the males have unless they are mated to their amavar their mate So this aliens are stuck in the arth with the mating season ready to begin and no way of reaching their home since the fuel in their space ship is low Their captain goes to the surface in Halloween and that was good thinking from the author because their skin is deep pink and all the humans do not get surprised to see a pink man because is Halloween and meets Jasmine a human who nds up to be is predestined amavar So far so good but here is where Conflict in Blood ends up the good part of this book the plot from this point on is only about these two characters and their love story and it is pratically about their sexncounters do not get me wrong i like read sex scenes when they are a part of the story but i do not like that. Planet called ‘Earth’ without nough fuel to get us home And worst of all very last one of us is about to go into heat That’s bad Very bad Our only hope of survival lies somewhere on

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