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Java Performance eEleven in 1941 Anita with her family was forced to live in a ghetto finding that not all Jewish people including older relatives survived the upheaval Worse was yet to come including labour camps Kindness becamextraordinary such as when aged fourteen Anita was doing hard physical work and a camp guard who had been a professor shared his lunches with her She fought back against Nazi oppression by surviving despite the odds and was unable to speak of the times for many years She now speaks in schools against the culture of bullyingAnita mentions the UNRRA This Was The this was the Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration which looked after displaced persons but the initials are not Waterways explained and I thought the information should have been provided for young readers I was surprised to see Wikipedia uoted as the author s source on WWII The architecture history and fabric trade of Czechoslovakia also seemed a little weighty for children to absorb though fine for older readers Recipes such as poppy seed torte are a great idea and make the book interactive as well as showing us Czech culture Having recently read The Roses Underneath by CF Yetmen a novel set in Germany just after the warnded I would recommend that book to any who wish further to Shaman King (Shaman King: Flowers, explore this period Another memoir harder to find is A Horse In My Kitbag by Olga Pyne Clarke of an Irish woman who ran a field kitchen during the Allied advance and after the warnded ANITA S PIANO as told to author Marion Stahl presents a sharp contrast between the two halves of a child s life with the tearing apart of her family and reminds us of the need to stand up for others Young adults and adults alike can learn a lot from this richly described memoir TOUCHING BUT SOMEWHAT DISTANTFrom a nine year old child of some privilege to a young lady of fourteen old beyond her years Anita Pollakova relates the story of her happy family s ruination and demise during the tragic and senseless Holocaust of World War TwoI wanted to like this book but a couple of issues bothered me Emotional and touching at times I couldn t shake the feeling that young Anita was often holding back not allowing the reader to look deep within her soul Perhaps it s because of the protective wall individuals who find themselves caught up in SUCH HORRIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES MUST BUILD AROUND THEIR EMOTIONS IN horrific circumstances must build around their motions in to survive These barriers can and often do stand forever There to survive These barriers can and often do stand forever There also times where the narrative seemed disjointed with historical data being fed into the storyline haphazardly jolting me nough to disrupt the flow and England Under the Stuarts emotion I was feeling at the time The voice would change from the tender young girl struggling to survive perhaps the most horrendouspic in mankind s history to a cold flat just the facts ma am of a less than nthused off camera third party I found it somewhat annoying having the intimacy of readernarrator jerked from under my feet like a rugThere s no denying Anita s Piano is a powerful story and well deserving of the praise it has received I only wish it would have been told a little reader friendly. Y Charles Roy Her narrative reflects a positive attitude and touch hearts of all Echos and Reflexion by Anti Defamation League at uinnipiac University of Education Marion A Stahl has a medical degree and specializes in writing about health related topics In Anita's Piano she combines her loves of history and her professional background to help readers specially young audience xplore the repercussions of harassment I was touched by Anita's life story This is a lesson about lasting damage caused by bullying or social abuse Mari. .

Read it from front to back Could not stop This book has received a Montaigne Award Finalist Medal Set in Brno South of Prague We follow the life of young Anita through the war The book is illustrated and an asy read for young readers This would be a perfect book for school reading to bring history and a lesson on bullying An incredible story that needs to be told The writing style is poor uite contrived and off putting at times but the humanity of Anita s WWII Surrender experiences shines throughven though her piano had very little to do with it The Kanaken Gandhi ending is rather abrupt but I understand a second book about Anita s life is being written I shall look forward to reading it I wish I could give 2 ratings to this book The story is compelling and important Anita s age during the Holocaust 9 15 makes this an unusual coming of age story I learned many things from her thoughts andmotions that I had not learned in other Holocaust books The writing however is poor The book needs to be completely reshaped The story that readers are interested in doesn t begin until page 78 Book genre is schizophrenic Is it a memoir A non fiction history book Every time I became Arkhê engrossed in Anita s story I was body slammed by a history lesson Anita is concerned with bullying as it relates to war which is an important and timely theme Unfortunately it is barely mentioned and not developed The symbolism of Anita s piano is spotty and underdeveloped Thentire book needs intensive diting This is a riveting book in need of a good writer Anita s Piano by Marion Stahl and narrated by Anita Ron Schorr is a deeply moving story that you Won T Forget In A t forget in a It is a poignant and heartbreaking story a story which unfolds during the height of Hitler s Nazi Germany It is a story which will leave no one untouchedAnita led a charmed life as young girl Living in Brno in the rstwhile republic of untouchedAnita led a charmed life as young girl Living in Brno in the Bajkowa Jelenia Góra erstwhile republic of with her family music fills her life andven at a tender age she could play the piano She was only nine years old when her town was overran and captured by Hitler s military forces Anita s beautiful world disintegrated and her family was Displaced Time And Again Over time and again over short period of time leaving her an orphan at the age of 15 Anita s Piano follows her journey as she faces an uphill task to come to terms with her tragic fate leaving her to look after herself all of a sudden with her former beautiful life soon turning into a distant memoryShe has to Wars Of The Cold War endure tremendous hardships and pain but in the process survived the horrors of the concentration camps and lived to tell her tale Her undaunting courage and determination has won her recognition and many awards including Movers and Shakers Exceptional Leader Award by Senator Richard Blumenthal the Distinguished Community Leadership Award by Governor Nancy Wyman and the State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation ANITA S PIANO is an original Holocaust story told from a nine year old s point of view fourteen at thend It also includes pictures of Anita and her family as well as such mundane information as a rec. In Anita's Piano Anita has a wonderful life where playing the piano and music surrounds her She lives in Brno Czechoslovakia with her family down from the town's castle But when she is just short of nine her town is invaded by German military forces She sees her happy world slowly crumble She is bullied on the street and her family is ostracized displaced time and again until at age 15 she is an orphan and left to fend for herself Book Reviews This book is history at its finest as you will gain the inside picture into both ven. ,

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Ipe or twoAt the beginning of the book Anita lives in Czechoslovakia Hitler is just about to claim the Sudetenland for Germany Such well known vents as Kristallnacht begin to portend a cataclysmic future for Anita s family the reuirement that all Jews wear a five point yellow star occurs and Anita is shocked that her old friends seem to be avoiding her Family history is intermixed with the above Anita s grandmother tells her about a suicide in the family Anita married name Schorr has a little brother Michael whose spirits she attempts to keep up ven if she has to lie to do it Eventually Anita s family must surrender their home they re moved to a ghetto where her father is mustered into the ghetto guard They are given little food As people arrive of the original newcomers are moved and that s how Anita and her family arrive in Auschwitz Several other surprising anecdotes are included such as when Anita is waiting in line to be vaccinated for hepatitis by the infamous Dr Josef Mengele She begins to cry and a Nazi nurse takes pity on her and gives her cocoa Anita life is saved when
her mother suggests 
mother suggests volunteer for a work detail She s supposed to be ighteen but somehow she ualifies the food gets better and she meets a Wehrmacht lieutenant who gives her part of his sandwiches and lets her go swimming in the ocean But she s separated from her family and has no way of knowing what has happened to them Anita is a likable character the reader really cares what will happen to her but the book starts with her in a refugee camp so we already know she survived the war The only suspense is what happened to her father mother brother and the rest of the family Author Marion A Stahl includes historical highlights at the Wedding Planning For Dummies - Kindle edition by Marcy Blum. Crafts, Hobbies Home Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. end of the book starting with the Sino Japanese war in 1939nding with the surrender of the German Army Group Center in Czechoslovakia in May of 1945 Be a hero this book tells us Each one of us can do this by living our lives however tough the times and standing up to bullies Anita Ron Schorr relates her childhood in 1930s 40s Czechoslovakia to illustrate her message Family photos help to bring the story and characters to life Anita lived in Brno a large town with a castle and river Her family were Uite Well Off And Played well off and played her mother cooked plum dumplings while her father worked in a family fabrics business and her grandmother and aunt told stories of bygone days Anita Cyrus: Une affaire de famille enjoyed handcrafts but thought she would like to be a doctor She and her little brother five years younger loved playing the piano Life changed after the publication of the Nuremberg Laws Jewish people in Germany were taunted and harmed by bullies with impunity Anita s father was drafted into the army but she was told not to worry as it couldn t happen here However a political campaign began and Anita s family had to surrender their house to German officers while Jewish children were suddenly not welcome in school By threatening to reduce Prague to rubble in bombing raids Hitler gave the president no choice but to surrender Czechoslovakia to his troops Aged. T andmotions Sometimes in life losses can ultimately be gains in other avenues I recommend this book with a 5 star rating as the contents will captivate you page after page Valerie Caraotta Stahl's book is intended as a discussion tool to introduce students to the the conseuence of Bullying and the Holocaust It is just as valuable for any reader seeking a better understanding of how madness can spread so uickly and lead to such catastrophic results – how otherwise decent people can take part in or ignore unimaginable cruelt. .

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