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King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies jD a world that saves two lonely little children It is touching stirring frustrating and reaches right into the readers heart It is wonderfully told without pity but evoking emotional responses all the sameIt is a warning about the plight of the honey bee these bees that provide a third of the worlds food How uickly they are disappearing giving various reasons why this is so and what can be done I loved both the story and the information imparted It is important another example of how we are abusing this planet and it s inhabitants human or not It is also an ode to grandparents an example how one loving relationship can change a life blood relationship or not I loved it and sent a silent thank you to my long gone grandparents a simple thank you will never be enoughIt took me a little time to get used to the narrators voice but soon I was so into the book it no longer mattered Sometimes a bookust hits you hard this book was like that for me My childhood was nothing like May s whose mother had major depression for years and neglected her children serving up dishes of emotional abuse instead of the nutritive care that children deserve I have children very close to me however whose parents were often negligent I took one of them to therapy for years and the therapist told us that neglect is perhaps the most potent form of abuse May s mother never seemed to recover from a break up with their father As she relocates with her children to her mother and stepfather s home in California May writes of her mother somewhere thirty thousand feet up over Middle America she her mother had relinuished parenthood When they move in with Granny and Grandpa May and her brother Matthew are taken care of by their grandparents for their mother stays secluded in the bedroom Granny whose personal history is finely dovetailed into her emotionally immature daughter s supports this behavior and it is Granny who rules the roost As I read the book I lament if they had only gotten her the help she needed but they do not and the emotional and life dysfunction of May s mother becomes a way of life for all of them It is the beekeeper Grandfather Franklin Pierce who really steals my heart Whereas their mother is inaccessible and Granny has the attitude that these children Meredith and her younger brother Matthew have disrupted her peace have come to steal her valuable time Grandfather is not only accessible he welcomes the children into his life and beekeeping world He teaches the children about the ways of the hive how the bees support one another and the lessons prove invaluable to them He shows up for Meredith at school on a father daughter night and entrances her friends and their fathers with beekeeping tales It s not an easy life for May especially when she sees how her friend s mother a single mother also lavishes her family with love This book shows in great detail the toxic effects of Granny s enabling Grandfather however is magical and his impact on the children s lives is positive and empowers them with familial love and nurturing support Their father sees them one week out of the year and is too far away to know what their lives are really like and they do not tell himThe narrator for the audiobook that I listened to is Candace Thaxton She has a very interesting voice that I find hard to describe with an intonation that goes higher at the end of some words At first I wasn t crazy about her but as my interest in the story grew and I was uickly engaged her narrative style grew on me and became inseparable from the author s

voice it was 
It was May telling me this story and I cared and wanted the best for her In an interview with May she discloses that this memoir took her seven years to write and that she wrote it first as a monster mom memoir 1 Her agent wanted her to rewrite it and she did making it into the heartfelt remembrance it is May is now a fifth generation beekeeper who worked writing other people s stories for many years as a ournalist This book is sorrowful but May s genuine affection and gratitude for her Grandfather shine through like a beacon for other grandparents and surrogate parents Like the bees what they do is for the greater good and there s no way to estimate the powerful impact of such love on the life of a child 1 In my view the cover the title and the book description are misleading the tone conveyed is too upbeat too sunny too happy This book is about a dysfunctional family the too upbeat too sunny too happy This book is about a dysfunctional family the s family When Meredith May was five and her brother three her parents divorced The kids were taken by their mother across the country from Rhode Island to Carmel California to live with their maternal grandparents but their mom is depressive and seriously mentally ill She puts herself in her bed in her room and does not come out Not for merely a few days or a few weeks or months but FOR YEARS WHEN SHE EVENTUALLY DOES years When she eventually does the room what she does and says to others is so cruel so scathing it seems a pure miracle that her two kids have survived She physically and mentally abuses the kids particularly Meredith It is not uncommon for such behavior to pass from one generation to the next and it is this that we observe here when we learn about the other adults in the familyMeredith speaks of her childhood from the age of five through her teen years the details and sparse as she grows older She learns how to get by until the day she can leave home escapeHer grandpa is the one beacon of light in her life Actually we come to learn that he is her step grandpa It is he that is the savior of both her and the book Without him the book would simply be ust too grim He is kind He is down to earth He takes the time to listen to her when she needs to talk He is there for her and no one else is He is a beekeeper He loves bees and in them he sees how people should behave but don t He shares what he has learned from bees with her In doing so he gives of himself As he shares with her all that he knows about his beloved be. May and in that moment she discovered that everything she needed to know about life and family was right before her eyes in the secret world of beesMay turned to her grandfather and the art of beekeeping as an escape from her troubled reality Her mother had receded into a volatile cycle of neurosis and despair and spent most days locked away in the bedroom It was during this pivotal time in May’s childhood that she learned to take care of herself. .
The Honey BusEs he teaches her not only about bees but about life itself As he instructs her about bees and beekeeping we learn tooAlthough I am glad her step grandfather reached out to her and he did it in the only way he felt he could I do wish with my whole heart that he had taken the initiative to bring in outside help The family sorely needed help both psychological counseling and financial aid I believe it was his kindness that got Meredith through Kindness is a powerful tool What the reader learns about bees is fascinating In this memoir the author relates how she remembers feeling Now an adult she is looking back on her childhood Some of the thoughts expressed are those of an adult Other thoughts are those of a child The mix of the two is at times arring Particularly the thoughts attributed to the author s three year old brother seemed too mature to me The sole aspect of this book that is heartwarming is the relationship that develops between Meredith and her step father I found the book to be primarily a disturbing depressing sad readThe information about bees is interesting but let s be realistic they offer no immediate solution to this family s serious problemsI didn t expect this book to be so depressing I do not like this book but I have found it to be reasonably well doneThe audiobook is read by Candace Thaxton She uses different intonations for different speakers When expressing Meredith s thoughts and words each sentence and often even separate words which she wants emphasized end on a high note The result is a singsong cadence that sounds superficial and unnatural Unfortunately a large portion is read in this manner The other intonations are much better and the words are always easy to hear so I have given the audiobook narration three stars Thank you to HARLEUIN Trade Publishing Park Row for providing an advance reader copy via NetGalleyThis is a wonderful book about a girl growing up in the seventies amidst family upheaval and discord As the book begins Meredith and her little brother Matt are living in Rhode Island with their parents The tension between the parents is so thick you can cut it with a knife However it is the simmering violent anger from the mother that is particularly unsettling Following a final explosive argument the Mom packs up the kids and they board an airplane to California where their grandparents live in Big Sur Mom Sally arrives at her parents house once again taking over her childhood bedroom As the weeks months and years go by Sa I usually never gravitate towards reading memoirs but something hit home when I saw this cover and was intriguedI can tell you I felt so at home in my heart and soul through this book I m so glad that I took a chance on this book because it truly was a beautifully written story about pain grief and the power of love despite coming from a dysfunctional familyMeredith and her brother Matthew grew up in a very dysfunctional family net Both of Meredith s parents broke up in the beginning resulting in Meredith and her brother moving to California to live with their grandparents Meredith grew up with the loss of a father figure by her side but soon formed an unbreakable bond With Her Step GrandfatherMeredith her step *GrandfatherMeredith Grandfather Was A Bee *grandfather was a bee and Meredith soon grew fascinated with her grandfather s stories of bees Her grandfather used bees and the complexity of nature to help Meredith grow and thrive through her pain as a child Meredith s mother was extremely absent and emotionally abusive to her growing up as a child into a teenagerMeredith beautifully interweaves her memoir about the complexity of pain love growth forgiveness strength and grief through nature and honeybees I was blown out of the
water with the 
with the and beauty behind these pages I truly enjoyed this memoir and Meredith s story of her being saved by honeybees Powerful and uplifting45 honey starsHuge thank you to Netgalley and HarleuinPark Row for the arc in exchange for my honest reviewPublication date 4219Published to Goodreads 12019 4 I couldn t completely love this one because of the audio narrator Candace Thaxton The only time I warmed to her was when she changed her voice and inflection doing a different character but the story was so well done that it overcame that issue for the most partI live down the coast from Big Sur so loved the setting and the way bee keeping and appreciation was such a huge part of this memoir If you aren t wise to their ways this is a superb opportunity to learn about their fascinating culture A very touching sad yet sweet ode to surviving a traumatic childhood with the help of a real grandpa unlike any other and the example nature sets before us Bees need the warmth of family alone a single bee isn t likely to make it through the night THE HONEY BUS is a touching memoir of Meredith May s 1970s childhood in Big Sur CaliforniaAt age five after her parents divorce Meredith her mother and brother left their home in Rhode Island to return to Big Sur to live with her maternal grandparents in their small homeMeredith was left rudderless as she had lost her father physically and her mother emotionally to severe depression and violent mood swings Meredith struggled at first to fit in at school with children who exuded oyfulness which was unknown to her With the attention of her grandfather a beekeeper and outdoorsman Meredith slowly began to heal and thrive Meredith began to accompany her grandfather on his errands and he began teaching her the art of beekeeping The extreme concentration and calm that beekeeping reuired helped Meredith to focus on beekeeping instead of her worries Her gentle grandfather taught her the wisdom of the beehive in metaphors that easily translated into life lessons Together in the old dilapidated military bus in which they bottled honey they talked privately about their hopes and cares THE HONEY BUS is a hopeful heartwarming memoir that is a testament to the transformative power of nature and a grandparent s lov. Forged an unbreakable bond with her grandfather and opened her eyes to the magic and wisdom of natureThe bees became a guiding force in May’s life teaching her about family and community loyalty and survival and the uneuivocal relationship between a mother and her child Part memoir part beekeeping odyssey The Honey Bus is an unforgettable story about finding home in the most unusual of places and how a tiny little understood insect could save a lif. ,
Library overdrive ebookMany thanks for the 3 day warning that the book was due Meredith May was a ournalist at the San Francisco Chronicle I wish I can say I remember reading her articles I m sorry I don t This is Meredith May s memoir It s ABSOLUTELY TRUE what other readers have said THIS IS A VERY MOVING STORYI don t think it s easy to finish reading it and not shed a few tears What could ve been a very tragic story for a couple of childrenwas completely altered by loving grandparents and lessons from natureIt s the book I needed to readThe perfect gift book The perfect book to nourish our hearts and without sounding trite our faith in God Bees taught Meredith wisdom It was from the honeybee a species that had been surviving for the last hundred million years that she learned how to persevere Meredith s grandpa taught her the hidden language of bees His stories about the colony s shakespearean plot to overthrow the ueen and its hierarchy of ob positions swept her away to a secret realm when her own life became too difficult So work the honeybeescreatures that by a rule in nature teach the art of order to a peopled kingdom William Shakespeare Henry V Meredith learned at a young age from her grandpa that bees follow the ueen because they couldn t live without her Even bees needed a mother Bees needed the warmth of a family One day ust before Meredith s fifth birthday her parents divorce and she found herself on the opposite coast in California sueezed in I don t read memoirs about dysfunctional childhoods They re depressing and there are too many people in my life who ve had bad childhoods as well as sad stories you see on the news I was attracted to Meredith May s memoir only for the bees and I love it so much I haven t shut up about it Long after I forget her painful family issues I will remember this book with love It s all because of Granddad and the beesMay s memoir covers her life from ages five to fifteen with an epilogue When she was five her parents split up Her mother moves her and her little brother from Rhode Island to Carmel California where Meredith s grandmother lives with her husband of nineteen years E Franklin Peace a fourth generation beekeeper and a remarkably kind and wise man with no children of his own Both he and her grandmother are descendents of Carmel Valley s original pioneers The couple doesn t have much money but they live on a good sized property in Carmel and Granddad owns land in beautiful Big Sur on which he raises most of his honeybeesMeredith s mother is depressed and volatile and it seems like her father has abandoned his children Their grandmother is stern and cold hearted which begs the uestion of why this well loved man aptly named Peace gave up his happy single life for her Whatever he and his honeybees are the heroes of Meredith s life and of the book It is he who was Meredith s lodestar Granddad has many hives in Big Sur and some near the house He harvests all the honey in a big bus parked at home Peace loves his bees raises them naturally knows everything there is to know about his own and other kinds cares deeply about their welfare and is endlessly enthusiastic about all bee things great and small Meredith has understandable difficulty adjusting to the challenges "of her new life Granddad is the one person who always has her back and "her new life Granddad is the one person who always has her back and uses the bees as a tool to guide her imparting life lessons in his gentle loving way He also genuinely wants to teach her all the science and art of raising them and via her memoir the reader learns along with Meredith and shares her growing enthusiasm and fascination May writes in an easygoing style and Peace is a patient teacher I knew less than I thought about bees All creatures are fascinating but bees are especially and there is so much to learn I had no idea how specific each one s ob is About the myriad ways in which they use their wings bodies and antennae Or that the tiniest movement has a very specific function To pass on information they wiggle their butts move their antennae position their heads and establish formations in very particular ways The details are all in the book and there s much There s also brief information about threats to their continuing health and survival I think we all know life as we know it on our planet depends on beesThere s a part where Granddad teaches Meredith how to look closely to spot and interpret honeybees distinct dance moves During that part where Granddad teaches Meredith how to look closely to spot and interpret honeybees distinct dance moves During that part after I had a mental picture of Bee Girl from the No Rain video Bee Girl s exuberance matches Meredith s and mine at the wonder of it all It s a special book I m smiling as I type this I don t really have a whole lot to say about this one except that I LOVED it I love so many memoirs and this one is no exception I love being able to read about people s lives that are so different from my own Plus the honey bee aspects of the story were extremely fascinating I wished the author would have read the There is no doubt that a book one identifies with has meaning but I had no clue how close this book would come to mine Like Meredith I was five and though I did not have a you get brother I did have mine Like Meredith I was five and though I did not have a you get brother I did have you get sister when my parents divorced Like Meredith s mother mine too took us to live with my grandparents but luckily my mother was nothing like Meredith s She did leave us during the week taking a train into the city to work returning only on weekends but she was a loving mother when she was there I too became close to my grandfather and though he didn t keep bees he was a great woodworker building two lonely little girls there own playhouse This close relationship we forged with my grandparents lasted throughout their livesMeredith learns early she must take care of herself and her younger brother Her mother lost in grief and pity would of could not be the mother they needed It was their grandfather that showed them love and introduced them to the world of bees This world is one the reader also learns a great deal about an. An extraordinary story of a girl her grandfather and one of nature’s most mysterious and beguiling creatures the honeybee Meredith May recalls the first time a honeybee crawled on her arm She was five years old her parents had recently split and suddenly she found herself in the care of her grandfather an eccentric beekeeper who made honey in a rusty old military bus in the yard That first close encounter was at once terrifying and exhilarating for.

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