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Pennsylvania OmnibusAmish Sci Fi HmmmPennsylvania was very ifferent but in a good way Not only id I get a new and refreshing Sci Fi experience with a lot of plot twists but I learned and about the Amish culture the farther I got into the story I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading works by Bunker This book has a fantastic premise An Amish man leaves earth to help settle a new colony of plain people on a istant planet called New Amish man leaves earth to help settle a new colony of plain people on a istant planet called New When he arrives he finds himself rawn into the midst of a battle with finds himself Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 drawn into the midst of a battle withystopian governmentThere are a lot of twists and turns in this one Once you reach the end you find you ve been reading a teachers Manual African American Literature different book than you thought The ending felt a bit sudden but sometimes a little mystery can be thought provoking Well hey An Amish scifi story And it worked Of course the conclusion of this volume leads to the next set called Oklahoma which will be forthcoming so it s not reallyone yet but this was an enjoyable readOne thing I ve Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World discovered over the course of the last year not specific to this series is that I prefer completed full length novels over chapters released over time I m pretty sure this is a psychological reaction to having grown up with the whole book in my hands when I purchase itThis is an update from the concluding serial release of Pennsylvania5Not only is this an excellent read the Omnibus version has some outstanding production values and artwork which really stand out and show the author sedication to putting uality in the hands of his readersNever let it be said that indie published works have to be second rate or less than the traditional publishing worksWell worth the read I vascillated between loving the premise of this story to feeling meh about the continuation to DYA (1933-1939) (Libros sobre el Opus Dei) disliking the convolutions So my rating is sometimes a two and sometimes a four I marked it three stars for the concept alone My stepdad grew up old order Amish and we go visit his family in the summers Immediately at the beginning I recognized the timbre of the voices between Jed and his brother and it felt Big Book of AA All 12 Steps Understand and Complete One Step At A Time in Recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous 12 of 12 Books distinctly Amish It sifficult to explain unless you ve spent time with the Plain people but it warmed me immediately to the story I New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) d have probably liked it better if I just read the short story and not the continations though It got a little convoluted after that what with all the blowing things up people Culture and Development in Africa (Comparative Studies in African/Caribbean Literature Series) dying to save the main character and little concept of why he would be so important to the rebel causeAll in all it was a bumpy read and Ieveloped a bit of lovehate for it but the concept sci fi with Amish folk is interesting And Bunker himself is an awesome ude This is a book I kept bumping into on and I was intrigued by the premise an Amish science fiction novel had to be worth a look I wasn t wrongJedidiah Troyer is leaving home to set up a new life on another planet New Pennsylvania But stepping out from the comfort of a life and community he knows so well becomes the least of his challenges as he finds himself accused of brea. Young Amishman Jedidiah Troyer is now a traveler He's signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania He just wants to start a farm and homestead on affordable land in a new Amish commu. King the law before his journey even really enjoyed the Pennsylvania Omnibus On A Number Of a number of The is written and I was continually left bamboozled as Bunker skilfully revealed each plot twist especially in the opening third of the book There are twists and turns galore and even when you think you have a grip of what is going on Bunker is happy to pull the rug from under your feet once againHowever the thing I liked most about the book was the culture cash of viewing a futuristic world through the eyes of somebody who has lived in a culture virtually unchanged in centuries This juxtaposition of a world view based in the earth and a simple life meeting the challenges of a hi tech virtual world is fascinating and gives the novel uniue flavourThere are occasions where the book is let own by its original episodic structure with cliffhangers at the end of a chapter only to be uickly resolved on the next page but overall this is an excellent book and one I highly recommend Amish Sci Fi A New Take on an Old Genre minor spoilersMichael Bunker s Pennsylvania Omnibus is simultaneously familiar and new The familiar a futuristic government establishment at odds with the liberties of its constituency breeds a Fight The Man rebellion The new at the heart of the story and the rebellion is an Amish community conflicted within itself This sect mirrors the larger society in the story as it grapples with an essential uestion how much of who I am need I give up to coexist peacefully in a society that I am at times at odds withBunker s characters are engaging and sympathetic Jed the protagonist is the fish out of water in New Pennsylvania Activism and the American Novel dumped in the middle of the rebellion when really all he expected too was step off a transport and start farming a new land The author s escriptions of that new land like his characters are vivid and grounded in the familiar but spiced with a uniue mystery eg landmarks on the landscape that keep the reader guessing as to where Jed has really ended up Jed s kept guessing too Character archetypes their motivations the conflict the tech familiar but by no means stale in Bunker s handsIt s against that comfortable background that the author paints his real image the fresh perspective on these events from an Amish community and hero in the middle of the conflict And remember this is set in the future mixing that Amish viewpoint with a futuristic plot is in itself innovative and fun to read To avoid spoilers I won t mention the heart of the characters conflict but suffice it to say that the Amish way is both uestioned and reaffirmed via the plot I love fiction that examines these grey areas and oesn t present black and white easy to come by answers to moral uestions That s what engages me personally as a reader and while Bunker has clear affection for Amish cultural values he s not above putting them to the test in his storyIf all this sounds a bit weird that s because it is if by weird you mean uncommon and A Love No Less Two Centuries of African American Love Letters different It s that new take on an old. Nity Space pioneering isn't as easy as it sounds when you're plain Jedidiah and his new friend Dawn arrive on New Pennsylvania in the middle of a rebel uprising and TRACE the resistance group that is rising up against TRANS.

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