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Are well developed and you find yourself on their side and rooting for them The story gets bigger and bigger the cast and characters increase and become integral the stakes get higher the action grows and this is good What was difficult was the dialogue In some situations the word choices seemed odd In other situations it didn t seem realistic in still other situations it was overly I found the random fight move labels in the action at the nd situations it was overly preachy I the random fight move labels in the action at the nd and unnecessary specially since a large portion of the audience probably won t know what they are that includes me Overall I Liked The I liked the loved the characters and I learned a lot about the topography and nuances of Egypt That in itself is Cause Of Fear enough to keep you turning pages I found this book to bextremely fascinating I loved it very much It is spellbinding and has mystery and adventure which keeps you at. Mankind foreverUnable to defeat the nemy in the past he and the other priests reunite to battle the aliens before they can initiate their nanobot mind control program Against ins. The Game of Love elected officials I love my country but fear my government That being said the plot of this book intrigued me Ifdited correctly this could make a blockbuster movie I wanted to like it but the writing got in the way I acknowledge that this is not a final draft so I m sure some will be cleaned up The characters. Michael Whyse a simple college professor learns that he’s an ancient Egyptian priest who has reincarnated to stop the reptilians and New World Order from nslaving the souls of. ,
The dge of your seat from the very first page I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and i didn t want it to nd I didn t want it to nd reading it and I didn t want it to nd As read the book I couldn t help but think this book should be a movie I highly recommend this book to all Told in story format it delves into areas which much of society ither refuses to believe things are possible to have The Lady in Pink existed or continue toxist The philosophical uestions presented in the philosophy class raises your own awareness how we in a society today have become Eyes enslaved to the oligarchy to the cabal but most importantly living the life of a sheeple Worth the read if you re willing to remove jack out the box andxpand your way thinking book was an advanced copy won through Goodreads Giveaway Story Was Fascinating But The Dialogue Was Strange fascinating but the dialogue was strange the book was way to long Too much unnecessary fluff The review here by Cathy Williamson says it al. Urmountable odds they must race against the clock to restore their magical powers and decipher the many clues they left behind if there’s to be any hope for humanity’s freedom.

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