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I read this book shortly after Katrina Here s the Review I Wrote On According To Michael Tidwell In His I wrote on According to Michael Tidwell in his Bayou Farewell twenty five miles of Louisiana coastline disappear each year That s 25 2 5 And this statistic may be dramatic in the wake of Katrina and Rita yet most of us are unaware of what is happening in the estuaries of Southern Louisiana The state s rich supply of wildlife animal marine and avian is threatened by the advance of the Gulf of Mexico into the wetlands It s turning fresh water into salt drowning native rasses oak trees cemeteries and small towns Changes in the fragile chemistry of the wetlands endangers oysters and crabs Eventually the migratio Hands down a must read for anyone who loves Louisiana andor the Cajun culture A fascinating but sad look at the state of the culture and the State of Louisiana As a native Louisianian I found it difficult to read this book a If you re from South Louisiana and you don t read this book your Louisiana Card should be revoked In June I filled in with an ecology lab at LSU s Dept of Oceanography and Coastal Studies basically my friend Joe t This book is about the coastal erosion of Louisiana It is told by a man who traveled the bayous and bays of the La coast with the people who live there I like that is about the the La coast with the people who live there I like that it is the and not a just a sermon about how desperate the situation is along the coast And the situation is extreme The Louisiana coastline is disappearing at the astonishing rate of 25 acres a day EVERY DAY But when you mention this to people at best they will lament the sad sate of environmental affairs and our seeming inability to make progress on battling climate change but likely they will just shrug their shoulders It may be sad but what can be done Plenty if there was political will. The Cajun coast of Louisiana is home to a way of life as uniue complex and beautiful as the terrain itself  As award winning travel writer Mike Tidwell journeys through the bayou he introduces us to the food and the language the shrimp fisherman the Houma Indi.

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Bayou Farewell The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast

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Onmental treatise part travelogue part cultural examination and delivered with a vivid illustrative and heartfelt narrative this book is really a love letter to the bayou The author manages to mix science and culture studies to tell the story of this huge ecological dilemma through the eyes and words of the people who live along the bayous and rely in some way on the ulf for their survival Really well done highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about our environment If nothing else it will ive you done highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about our environment If nothing else it will Best Loved Indian Stories of the Century, Vol. II give you appreciation for the shrimp on your plate This is one of the best non fiction books I ve read Tidwell does an excellent job of describing a very complex environmental and social problem with many of the details included while making it interesting and easy to read His experiences in the Bayou with the peoples that live on the land there are phenomenal This book is an excellent suggestion for anyone interested in either environmental social or travel stories I would like to have all Americans read it A moving personal account of the cultures that survive on the edge of America mostly Cajun but also Houma and Vie Most accurate description I ve read of coastal Louisiana and Cajun culturehe does areat job of capturing the feeling of being in South Louisiana especially the food the people and
Unfortunately The Disappearing Coast 
the disappearing coast ve never been so sad proud and hungry all at the same time while reading a book While reading on the subway I looked up several times shocked to see that I was in NYC and not on a boat somewhere in a bayou This is a first rate book on the destruction of the bayous Also a reat book for understanding why Hurricane Katrina was so destructive It s really sad admittedly but Tidwell is a strong writer and it s enjoyable at the same tim. Duction may be a farewell as the storied Louisiana coast steadily erodes into the Gulf of MexicoPart travelogue part environmental exposé Bayou Farewell is the richly evocative chronicle of the author's travels through a world that is vanishing before our eyes. .
And money and business and overnment and communities working together The reason a lot of people shrug their shoulders over this however is that they really don t understand what it means to them in real terms The Gulf of Mexico and specifically the Bookless in Baghdad and Other Writings About Reading gulf coast of Louisiana is a huge source of the seafood consumed in America and that industry supports the livelihood and way of life forenerations of people who still live off the land and perpetuate a uniue culture The ecosystem of the ulf waters is also dying off rapidly with the deterioration of the marshlands Can the erosion be "Reversed Can The Coastline Be Rebuilt Or " Can the coastline be rebuilt or least saved CAN THE GULF OIL GAS INDUSTRY the ulf oil as industry in a way that minimizes impact on the environment and is there a role for Them To Play In Rebuilding Part Of to play in rebuilding part of they destroyed with all the canal dredging in the ulf access waterways Ironically some of the very forces that are destroying the wetlands are creating a boom in brown shrimp harvest The very people whose means of earning a living relies on this harvest are experiencing a boom that is on the verge of turning to bust in a few short years Then what happens Where will they Talk of the town go The loss of natural barriers also means the loss of protection from hurricanes A strong enough storm unimpeded has the potential to wipe out not only the coastal communities but New Orleans and upriver to Baton Rouge and beyond You think Katrina was bad It canet a whole lot worse very soon unless something is done NOW I Cracking India got carried away there for a minute with the uestions but they are real and the issues are important and deserve far attention than the short shrift the topicets todayThis book sounds the alarm on the current state of affairs of deterioration of the bayous and coastline of Louisiana Part envir. Ans and the rich cultural history that makes it unlike any other place in the world But seeing the skeletons of oak trees killed by the salinity of the Turbulence groundwater and whole cemeteries sinking into swampland and out of sight Tidwell also explains why each intro.

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