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S and flees without conscience Pamuk s unsparing view of Turkish society of the time finds both nationalism and modernism bankrupt cloaks that allow the narrators to continue their self deceptions Even Recep the only one who can be said to produce his best fforts fails Silent House also caused me though to think back about one issue that bothered me greatly about The Museum of Innocence the passivity of the female characters In The Museum of Innocence the female characters accepted their fate at least until the conclusion and ven then the woman who is the object of the narrator s destructive obsession acts as though she has no choices In The Silent House *Two Women Are Assaulted One *women are assaulted One to ride around in a car with her attacker and dismisses the importance of the incident the other refuses to seek medical attention That this minimization of violence in The Silent House and the lack of agency that marks the women in both novels is likely part of Pamuk s critiue of Turkish society But #it does not help his case that we spend so much #does not help his case that we spend so much understanding men who act childishly and in the nd destructively and so little among the injured women I don t know why I waited so long to revisit Orhan Pamuk Both My Name is Red and Snow have stayed with me for many years The conflicts of an En plein coeur extended family in Silent House mirror the political and social world of 1980 Turkey Pamuk isspecially brilliant at capturing the self destructive psyche of the male cousins A terrifying and sad novel When I first started reading Orhan Pamuk s books I really struggledand nded up abandoning Snow and My Name Is ReadIt just seemed to complex and I couldn t follow at all reallyBut

reading Museum Of Innocence I njoyed this bookand started to feel I was understanding this great writers workNow I have finished Silent Housewhich I really lovedNow I really do want to go back and read his books that i have abandonedSilent House just captivated meThe characters were really interestingand Dance Real Slow each chapter was in the voice of a different characterAt thend of I wanted to know ven about Turkey and Istanbuland I think reading Organs books is a great way to do thatI will go back and read Snow and My Name Is Red and his other workswith no fear of abandoning themLolAlso I really need to visit Istanbul soon Turkey s on going modernization real state boom and politics are the focus of this story set in a small Turkish seaside city we guess around the 1970 s The book was originally published in Turkey in 1983 The plot is that three adult grandchildren make their obligatory annual summer visit to their 90 year old grandmother The grandmo. ürede babaannelerinin doksan yıllık anılarla yüklü geçmişi ağır ağır aralanırken dedenin Doğu ile Batı arasındaki uçurumu bir çırpıda kapatacağını sandığı büyük bir ansiklopediyi yazışı hatırlanır Evde sessiz gözlemleriyle kuşaklar arasında.

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Ther is crotchety and demanding specially to her live in servant whom she alternately calls the dwarf or the bastard the latter because he is a child of her dead husband s mistress Her grandchildren still haven t figured out their grandmother isn t capable of any reaction xcept disgust The Dwarf is the perfect servant catering to the old lady s and veryone lse s very need and whim despite the disdain and abuse The youngest grandchild is in high school ready to go to college hopefully abroad but he has no money to do so and is hoping grandma will sell the house to finance his ducation He hangs out with a fast set of upper class Turkish kids who drink smoke pot and carouse in sports cars The oldest grandson is a college professor divorced a dreamer and an alcoholic In the last two traits he carries on a strong set of genes because he is a third generation dreamer and alcoholic The grandfather now deceased was a medical doctor who got crosswise with Istanbul politicians and spent his life in PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition exile in this backwater town drinking and toiling over a 50 volumencyclopedia to bring Western knowledge to the East He was an avowed atheist which terrified his devout wife the *Grandmother Their Only Son *Their only son dead the father of the three children was a local low level civil servant also a dreamer and an alcoholic The granddaughter is a radical socialist which gets her in serious trouble with the nationalist skin heads in town The book is a good read Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography even though it is anarly work by Pamuk translated only after he became famous for his other works It has a lot of local color of Turkey and it s a primer on why much of the developing world is in such chaos I liked this almost as much as The Museum of Innocence which is still my favorite Orhan Pamuk novel but it s close it s a smaller book less dense than other Pamuk books I ve read The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, each chapter is short Right from the start the dialogue between the cranky old grandmother and Recep her FRICKIN SLAVE HORSE a Saint to boot is a dwarf making the visuals of the dialogue all the hysterically crazy funny shaking your head you ve got to be kidding Recep is a bastard of her deceased husband The grandchildren are coming for a visit whoach have their individual #UIRKS HABITS AND EMOTIONAL HURTS DURING # habits and motional hurts During visit they begin to xplore their country s history The conflicts we see within the family parallel with the conflicts that we see politically between modern Turkey and their past which was rooted in traditional religious beliefs I was in Turkey in 1973 74Istanbul was a different place than it is today Reading Pamuk always triggers memories and xpands my views at the same time. Köprü kuran tanıklar bahçe duvarlarının ötesinde ise aile ile ilgilenen tutkulu gençlerin hareketleri vardır Sessiz Ev Orhan Pamuk'un ikinci romanı Yayımlandığında heyecanla karşılanmış pek çok yabancı dile çevrilmiş yurt dışında ödüller almıştı. Sessiz EvSilent House is an arly novel by Nobel recipient Orhan Pamuk Compared to his famous work it is straightforward than My Name is Red which harnesses its setting in The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl early Ottoman Istanbul and its self conscious virtuosity to a mystery that rarely seems to be the novelist s focus Silent House shares the historical setting of The Museum of Innocence the politically riven Turkey of theighties Nationalism is on the rise and an Army coup is around the corner But unlike The Museum of Innocence Silent House is not narrated by a single obsessive voice which gives the later novel an often claustrophobic atmosphere It actually does not take place in Istanbul but instead in a small beach community on the Bosphorus to which the patriarch of the family had retreated after political disappointment to write *The Encyclopedia That He Believes Would Change *encyclopedia that he believes would change By the time of the novel he is long and his writing long destroyed although he is vivid in the memories of his ninety year old widow The other narrators are his progeny from the widow two grandchildren the failed historian Faruk and the youthful Metin the latter nvious of the wealthier and smoother children of the lite who he tries to match in sophistication with disastrous results Then there are Recep the patriarch s son by his mistress who serves the widow in her decaying house and Hasan a grandson who frustrated and grasping for hope falls in with the nationalists trying and failing to impress them This is broadly speaking a battle between those who favored modernizing Turkey although without Ataturk s skill or vision and those who insist on trying to recreate an imperial and religion centered past But Pamuk does not take sides his at times scornful at times sorrowful criticism is aimed at the delusional patriarch and Meten whose yearning for money and partying is the fruit of a powerful insecurity #OVER STATUS IN TRUTH METEN RESEMBLES # status In truth Meten resembles which does not prevent him from treating his poorer cousin shamefully they are young men adrift in a society that is growing secular and money driven both knowing in their hearts that they will be left behind and both transmuting that anxiety into obsession over an unreachable girl The widow religious than her late husband spends her time talking back to her dead husband as she never could in life obsessing over the sins of her living and dead family members and accusing Recep who has the fewest discernible flaws of any of the narrators of various kinds of betrayal The treatment of Hasan is not unsympathetic with its careful xploration of the frustrations that drive him but in the nd he destroys what he says he love. 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