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AFRICAN AMERICAN URBAN jPeople where their kindnesses are well meaning and suffered out of politeness She doesn t come across as interfering or overbearingust caring and offering support Her relationship with her kids rang true and I could really feel for her having to bear Liss s anger and blame for driving her father away so she thinks and her reaction to the truth of what s going on between her kids and the immigrant children from Bosnia Herzegovinia at school Every detail felt honest and realistic yet the story contained enough doses of farce and downright silliness to not only keep it from sliding into maudlin drama but to also make it feel even realisticThe humour was ust right The episode where the minister of education visits and is entertained in true local style with a demonstration of a record cattle carcass butchering and is subseuently spattered with gore and stunned into a zombie like silence was hugely entertaining But the humour is present in smaller subtle ways too little details or in how characters interact with each other It had such a warm cozy vibe going I wanted to crawl right into the story and take up residence in Gunapan myselfSpeaking of the location while Gunapan isn t a real town it certainly represents plenty of small out of the way towns in rural Australia They re everywhere really And I could picture the location uite easily as I spent a month in Sheparton one year January it was absolutely brutal humidity the temperature was 38 degrees most days but unlike in Canada they don t measure the humidity which must have been at least 10 degrees hotter We travelled around to many of the smaller towns in the area and stopped in Ballarat and Bendigo on the way through classic famous Aussie towns It s all in O Reilly details the eucalyptus leaves the diminished waterhole where everyone goes swimming the red dust the heat and flies right down to the way people walk and talkI thought I had marked some pages to share uotes with you but it turns out I didn t That s what happens when I get so wrapped up in a story I completely forget my own name and that I m even reading a book I lived inside this story and my only complaint is how uickly it ended I m not even going to whinge about the use of present tense because O Reilly is one author who actually knows how to write it yay so it read smoothly fluidly naturally But I do want to share something with you so I ve chosen this particular scene from a creative writing class Loretta audits which I loved though it s by no means the most classic or funniest scene in the bookNext it s my turn to read aloud I don t think I ve done it right Maybe someone else should read theirsNow Loretta Ruth says shaking her head In this class we don t udge each other We re learning togetherI shrug my shoulders and pick up my piece of paper I take a deep breath Reading out my work makes me feel like I m in primary schoolOK I say and I look around at the four nodding faces of the teacher and my classmates OK I wrote a few things The List of Pleasing Things Wednesday night comedy on the TV A Kmart undies sale The smell of the Scouts sausage sizzle outside the supermarket on a Saturday Reading my daughter s diary and not finding anything horrible about me The ingle of spursRuth wipes her forehead with her hand It s warm in here all right but not that hotThat s lovely Loretta she says Now who s nextEveryone who hasn t read yet shoots their hand in the air I remember this moment from school It s when someone gives a dumb answer to the teacher s uestion and the others all realize immediately that they can do better My career as a writer is over in thirty minutes The other class members read out their lists and not one of them has anything as ordinary as Kmart in it Roses moonlight the smell of mangoes the swish of silk against your skin Is this why my life turned out the way it did Perhaps silk against your skin Is this why my life turned out the way it did Perhaps should work on developing refined taste and lofty thoughts p91Now I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the UK edition and nothing in the text appears to have been changed or edited to suit a non Australian audience I can t vouch for that in the American edition however published by Washington Suare Press you can tell it by the spelling of colour in the title I would be very say indeed to find out that they had changed anything at all as this book is full of Australianism from spelling to collouialisms and slang and if you started changing them there wouldn t be anything left So as much as I m thrilled that such a uintessentially Australian novel has been published in North America a uintessentially Australian novel has been published in North America m leery of ust how authentic it still is If only such books were published overseas we wouldn t have to keep on explaining what a ute or a sausage sizzle was to American readers and for the record we bloody well invented the ute so I think we get to name it right Right This is a review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge The genre I ll call it contemporary fiction with humour truckloads of itWhen we first meet Loretta Boscovic she s daydreaming about dumping her kids in an orphanage and riding off into the sunset with her dream lover on a Harley no less A single mum she lives with her two children in dusty town called GunapanI was captivated from the opening pages With sparse words PA O Reilly skilfully crafts a strong image of a struggling town and its inhabitants The goats Loretta s car her constant battle for what s right make for an eclectic lead character but the lesser players aren t abandoned either Norm reminds me of my father and his cronies The regulars at the town meetings feel like people I ve met before Loretta s children Melissa and Jake both have a depth and a charm that makes me care about themI read the The Fine Colour of Rust while I was travelling from Cairns to Taree and back again Many times I laughed out loud particularly at the dialogue causing my fellow travellers to shift in their seats with looks that clearly said mad woman with looks that clearly said mad woman I stopped reading several times because I knew I was close to tears Being considered a little nutty is fine but I know a weeping woman makes others uncomfortable and I didn t want to have to explain myself It was too complicated for thatThe characters are stereotypical and yet they are uniue They are so much than cliches I cared about them I laughed with them and I cried with them They lingered in my mind long after I finished the story and I ve been forcing the book onto friends and relatives ever sinceIt s Loretta s ability to be wryly amused by everything including herself and several disasters that takes the story from depressing to uplifting I gather The Fine Colour of Rust started life as a short story I m very glad Paddy O Reilly decided to explore a little or I would have missed out on meeting Loretta and the good folk of GunapanThe Fine Colour of Rus. Siphon off a newly discovered springwater supply No one seems to know anything no one seems to careWith a dream lover on a Harley unlikely to appear to save the day Loretta needs to stir the citizens of Gunapan to action She may be short of money influence and a fully functioning car but she has good friends Together they can organize chocolate drives supermarket sausage sizzles a tour of the local slaughterhouse whatever it takes to hold on to the scrap of world that is hom. ,

The Fine Colour of RustI can t do as much Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) justice to this book as the gorgeous Charlotte Wood who summed it up beautifully in 140 characters on twitter thusThe Fine Colour of Rust updates rural archetypes with a bitingly accurate wit sharp eye yet never loses its tender heart Fabulous bookYes Loretta Boskovic dreams of lanternawed man with rough stubble spurs on his boots and a purring Harley Davidson In reality Loretta wears creaking 2 bras and underwear on its last elastane legs she has an overgrown lawn clunking car and two kids to raise on her lonesome after her no good husband bolted three years ago And the cherry on top of Loretta s life is Gunapan the rusted old town situated somewhere in the forgotten Australian bush so far out of mind that the local council want to shut the school down and a hush hush land development is brewing under Loretta Boskovic was a single mother having been deserted by her husband Tony with promises of money and contact with the kids Melissa and Jakeso far none of THAT had happened Loretta lived in Gunapan a very small country town in Victoria Australia It had the usual small town problems with drought and a lack of water being only a part of it there was only one school one small supermarket and several other struggling businesses The nearest large town was a couple of hours awayNorm Stevens Senior was a father figure to Lorettahe always looked out for her he owned the towns unkyard with every possible spare part anyone could ever want and had a heart of gold But he also had a very short fuse if anyone threatened someone he cared about It also turned out he wasn t EVERYONE S best friendLoretta had a big heart and was full of passion She was determined to save the local primary school where Melissa and Jake both attendedthe local government wanted to close the school and have the children bussed to the next town Loretta was angry and so decided to stir the whole town into action Save Our School was formed and the meetings were livelyas long as there were biscuits to be hadBut it also seemed there was a problem with the local councilwas it tainted by corruption There were some strange events happening and they didn t make sense to either Loretta or NormI absolutely loved the endearing ualities of the characters in this novel especially Loretta and Norm The Fine Colour of Rust is funny full of dreams and irony is warm hearted and oh so Australian Highly recommended 45 out of 5 stars I loved everything about this book beginning with its intriguing title So many of us can relate to Loretta who desperately loves her children but has wonderful fantasies about the man various versions of him whom she is going to meet after she drops the kids off at the orphanageCaught up in her small Aussie town s well mostly her attempt to save the local school she petitions makes signs organizes and becomes someone to generally avoid even in a town where people cannot easily be avoided Her sense of humor is delightful Although Loretta doesn t have it easy this is not a dark book At fewer than 300 pages in paperback it is a uick read and perfect for that feel good kind of novel in which I love to escapeThank you to Atria for providing me with a copy of this book Loretta the story s heroine and narrator is brilliantly conveyed in her humour failings and courage Her small town home is portrayed with an awareness of its shortcomings and yet celebrates a s It s always a good feeling when a book you ve been looking forward to reading meets your expectations Everything about The Fine Colour of Rust worked for me the familiar country town landscape the eccentric characters the small town political intrigue and the ups and downs of family relationships particularly the all too typical self absorbed deadbeat dad who is keen to leave his former family behind There are some scenes that are absolute gems the minister s tour of the butcher s abattoir to see the champion meat slicer and dicer at work was hilarious However the author is eually adept at writing tougher emotional scenes without descending into mawkishness O Reilly s writing is authentic and honest with good pacing and lots of love for her characters even the dickhead ones The main character single mum of two Loretta is one I absolutely empathised with and her dry self effacing humour drives the narrative It s a very Australian novel and yet the universal themes of friendship community and fighting against the odds for the little guy will resonate with readers from all over Highly recommended Left behind in Gunapan by her lousy husband with her two children Loretta Boskovic drives the dusty road from her house to town staring out at the scrubby bushland dreaming of rescue by a handsome lover and a car radio that gets something other than racing commentary In this uniue wryly observed novel Paddy O Reilly captures the essence of a lonely Australian bush town and it s ordinary residents with humour and heart The author s protagonist is a woman you will find in any small town she is a single mother uggling child raising with work a budget that only allows for discounted undies and a longing for an intimate relationship Loretta copes with the spareness of her life with a wicked sense of humour and roll up your sleeves and get on with it attitude Her children are everything to her even though she regularly fantasises about being whisked away from their whining demands Raising her two children on her own isn t easy they miss their father and his sudden though mercifully brief reappearance seems to trigger their worst instincts leaving Loretta flounderingLoretta isn t completely alone her neighbour Norm a laconic and slightly eccentric collector is her dearest friend and champion Her best friend is also a single woman on the prowl and in a community like Gunupan everyone knows everyone elseIn an unconscious effort to stave off her loneliness Loretta rallies the community in an effort to stop the closure of their school and when that is accomplished finds a new cause involving a shady development deal and corruption Councillors In A Small Town Like Gunapan The Community small town like Gunapan the community the lifeblood of the town and depends on its residents to fight for it to stay aliveIt is rare to find Australian novels with a vivid sense of place but O Reilly evokes this tiny town in the middle of nowhere slowly dying as services and amenities disappear Public swimming pools are drained and sports fields are unplayable thanks to the extended drought and the youth grow up and leave for greener pastures These towns rarely get much attention in fiction with the dazzling sydney harbour or fiction with the dazzling Sydney Harbour or romantic outback providing popular and scenic backdropsLoretta s every day life in an ordinary town makes for a surprisingly compelling story The Fine Colour of Rust is a character driven novel that also Set in the Australian bush a wryly funny beautifully observed novel about friendship motherhood love and the importance of fighting for things that matterUSA coverLoretta Boskovic never dreamed she would end up a single mother with two kids in a dusty Australian country town She never imagined she’d have to campaign to save the local primary school She certainly had no idea her best friend would turn out to be the crusty old unk man All in all she’s starting to wonder ,

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Ddresses a variety of themes such as social injustice and ineuality within a subtly layered plot It will make you laugh and cry and is a fine example of contemporary Australian fiction that captures the essence of who we are and who we want to be Oh I LOVED this book and want to recommend it to everyone My only concern is that if my none Aussie friends read this book they will suddenly see Im not so original ust truly Australian to the core The characters are believable and lovable even in the honesty of their flawsThe throw away lines are absolute classicsit was an honest laugh out aloud read and not a LOL for me Loretta Boskovic is a different woman from the one her useless husband and the father of her two children walked out on several years ago She s no longer the same chain smoking easily intimidated frump that he would remember if he ever came back to the small rural town of Gunapan in Victoria well the frumpy part is still pretty much true but Loretta is fine with that She s got a Southern African Literature: An Introduction job though money s still tight she s active in the community and leads the Save Our School SOS committee rounding up the unenthusiastic members to attend meetings writing to the education minister and anyone else she can think of to keep the local school from closing And in the privacy of her own head she daydreams about the wonderful men who turn up in flashy cars to seduce her and take her away from all of itHer two children Melissa Liss and Jake are good kids though they re hurting from the absence of their father Tony especially Melissa who doted on him After ten years of marriage Tony disappeared one day leaving Loretta a postcard that read I ll be in touch Cheue coming soon No cheue ever came of course or any other correspondence and Loretta is ever hopeful that he never reappears in her life again Of course he does and with a surprise a young friendly girlfriend on his arm and useless promises coming from his mouth The new girlfriend doesn t even realise he s still married not divorced and tensions in Loretta s house rise as he completely ignores his two childrenWhile there s plenty of drama going on in Loretta s life she has the energy to wonder about a clearing in the bush outside town where no clearing had been before It s all very secretive and hush hush what s happening but she finally learns that the council is working with a developer to build a resort for rich city people and has sold the land and the rights to the natural spring beneath it Water that the town could sorely use As Loretta digs deeper and tries to find out what s really going on matters with her children and her deep friendship with her neighbour an oldunkyard man Norm take a serious turnThis is my new favourite book of the year I m on a roll The fact that almost every Australian book I ve been reading has totally won me over partly because of how homesick I am does not in any way diminish the treasure that is The Fine Colour of Rust It s BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) just such a perfect book this is going to be a completely dementedly gushy review and I m going to make it so youust have to get your own copy to read it for yourself ust so you can come back with your own opinion and possibly to shut me up And uickly I have to thank Marg The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader who posted a longish uote from the book a while back which absolutely tickled me pink and led me to immediately order a copy thank you MargThe story touches on several themes including bullying and classism social ineuality and racism and the government s attitude and policies towards the Aborigines it s there in small but ever present moments as it is in real life but you can read it in several ways as a fun almost chick lit novel about a woman left to her own resources who than comes into her own a dry humorous examination of small town politics and oddball characters that reminds you of TV shows like Seachange and Hamish Macbeth yes it really has been that long since I a watched TV in Australia and b watched TV full stop or as a really warm astute story about a Mother S Relationship With s relationship with children and of love between unlikely friends in a harsh but beautiful setting I very love between unlikely friends in a harsh but beautiful setting I very read it as all three and as such got a lot of enjoyment out of it in so many ways The humour is deftly balanced with a darker grittier side the light weight local politics that borders on cheesy local politics always has that uality to it is balanced by the very real struggle faced by rural areas to maintain their funding for public services and schools Nothing is heavy handed or too belaboured O Reilly has achieved that lovely blend of subtlety humour whimsy astute character development and a story that gently draws you but holds you there with the grip of a wiry rural woman with strong armsIt s a simple enough story but those can make the best novels Loretta is a great narrator flippant irrelevant yet very caring and committed and pretty smart We never really learn all that much about her before the present day except that she comes from Melbourne and moved to Gunapan with Tony many years ago when he was offered work there if I m remembering correctly there aren t too many details about her earlier life but you get snippets and subtle hints that paint a kind of artistic impression of a life that s become irrelevant to present day Loretta She made some mistakes but she has her children whom she loves dearly she s come to love Gunapan and be accepted by the natives locals and she s made her home here Her sisters Patsy and Tammy her mother had a thing for country music and named her daughters accordingly live very different lives in the city but Loretta has no intention of moving back to Sydney She s tenacious has a sound moral and ethical compass and watching the way Tony s presence immediately alters and affects her makes you want to punch him and wrap your arms around her to protect her not that she really needs itLoretta s friend Norm uickly became one of my favourite characters An older man very much rough around the edges he is like a grandfather to Liss and Jake and a good friend to Loretta He brings around bags of lemons from his tree a goat to mow their wild backyard provides good conversation and is someone Loretta turns to when she needs a surrogate parent figure Norm is separated from his wife Marg who couldn t tolerate his unk collecting ways or indeed his African Literature: Overview and Bibliography junkyard from which he makes no money but to which everyone gravitates to gossip with him Loretta figures he could make a bomb if gossip were a commodity He has a son Justin who as a teenager pulled a stupid prank with some other boys took the fall and has spent fourteen years in prison for it he sust been released and it s shaken Norm s life up a bitLoretta has problems enough of her own but she takes others under her wing not in the way of some. F she took a wrong turn somewhere If only she could drop the kids at the orphanage and start over But now thanks to her protest letters the education minister is coming to Gunapan and she has to convince him to change his mind about the school closure And as if facing down the government isn’t enough it soon becomes clear that the school isn’t the only local spot in trouble In the drought stricken bushland on the outskirts of town a luxury resort development is about to. ,

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