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Ends into spending time with a man she happens to find one that Sends Her Senses Into her senses into Maybe this wasn t such a bad idea after allLt Christopher Rygard is at a crossroads in his life Deciding whether to stay in the military at the end of this tour or give up the only life he s ever known A few things happened on the last few missions that haven t sat right with him But ou

t exactly go against Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination your s orders Which puts him here in this bar wondering what the hell to do Luckily a sexy mercenary walks in and takes his train of thought away from anything other than her He s set his sights on her and if there s anything he s sure of at this moment it s that he will have herWhat starts out as a hot night of passion and sex turns into a fight for their lives when the very problems Rygard was pondering come pounding on their door Now he has no choice but to right his wrongs and he needs the help of the sexy merc shifterWhat a fantastic story this was I think what I liked most was that it wasn t overly futuristic It had just enough to create a vivid picture in my mind without being distracting with foreign terms Kat is one hell of a strong gal and I loved her spirit She s loyal and takes her friendships very seriously She knows how uickly a person can be taken fromour life or how uickly things can go from good to bad Rygard is totally delicious with confidence and swagger to spare without being too cocky Their night together was written sinfully and sexily and damn the heat jumped off of my ereader PJ sure has a way with wordsyum The mission they end up working on together had my pulse pounding and I was so worried for Kat No spoilers from me but I will say that it ended with me feeling content but wanting The sign of a great beginning to a seriesThank Lippenbekenntnisse you PJ for a kick ass story I can t wait to see what the future holds for Kat Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews45 StarsAs a mercenary Kat Darah doesn t have to pass for a normal human On the edge of the solar system she s just another biped Most of the timeRight off the bat we kno I found this as a freebie but it turned out to be a great read It s fairly short only a novella but PJ Schnyder looks to be working on the next book about the mercenary Kat DarahThis is a SciFi RomanceErotica story where the main character has been artificially infused with feline DNA during her captivity as aouthI really like the way the were cat is described and how the feline behaviour leaks into the human aspect of the character Kat This started on such a high note I was so excited to get to read it It was full of potential that basically fizzled out I was really getting into the sci fi feel of it then it segued into a so so too long sex scene just when there should have been some further development in the sci fi world to better help Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you understand The book overall lacked a real sense of time and place It needed a lot world building The story jumped here and there oddly instead of one scene flowing into the next The hero started out interesting but turned into a weak ass an ass who was weak The romance was not believable view spoilerBut maybe it was just a hook up see my final spoiler hide spoiler This review was originally posted at The Book Pushers Darah is a merc who is tricked to spend some downtime at a space station by her shipmates and commanding officer She is not entirely happy as she doesn t want to let her hair down and elax Kaitlyn soon finds her relaxing time has gone out of the space station view window when she encounters than she expected in her down time during a bar room brawl There she meets a sexy Lieutenant Christopher Rygard who has reached the end of his tour and sexual sparks collide amongst each other This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date July 4 2011Publisher HarleuinImprint Carina PressAuthor s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series NoSeries Best Read In Order NASteam Level HotKat was born a human but when she was kidnapped as a military cadet she was infected with a virus that mutated her genetic code allowing her to transform into a feline Now blessed or cursed with extraordinary senses and a deep and instinctual dislike of men she haset to fully overcome the torture that was inflicted on her during her impri. A dangerous mission a race against time to meet the enemy's demands while trying to deny the passion between them Rygard is faced with a terrible choice in the face of duty Report the existence of a human turned shape shifter Or forget he ever met her 25000 word. ,

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review Hunting Kat The Triton Experiment #1

To him but why does she immediately invite him up to her room Why is she practically ripping his clothes off with very little acknowledgement of her inexperience I do think Schnyder handled the trauma bit extremely well though It also bothers me that Rygard was Kat s first consensual sexual experience and I got the impression it was almost like he was deflowering her What is it I don t like about that I dunno Maybe because it plays into the convention and reinforces the idea that a woman should be a virgin or as much a virgin as possible for the man she s going to eventually end up withBut seriously when all s said and done my little hang ups about the first sex scene are minuscule in proportion to how much I loved this book Hunting Kat is a tightly woven narrative that kept me turning the pages til the very end and I highly recommend it to lovers of science fiction romance Or just science fiction Or just romancePoint being Go read it now That is all Hunting Kat by PJ Schnyder is an ebook only science fiction romance published by Carina Press It s also the first book in the author s new Triton Experiment seriesThe title character is Kaitlyn Darah member of a mercenary spaceship s crew on the outer edge of human explored space But Kat has a secret Sometimes she really is a cat She shapeshifts into a panther as a result of a bio engineering experiment that was forced on her three Impossible Things years ago Physically she is super human Psychologically she is still recoveringHer captain knows her secret And he protects her from a government that would use her as a lab rat Or is that lab cat But he knows that after threeears she is ready to take the next step in her rehab and start to join the human race again He sends her on a courier job that will make her re learn some social skills by stranding her for two days for R and RKat surprises herself by making a friend in Boggle a beyond stereotypical ber geek who can and will provide her with data on missions in return for simple friendship A friendship that he needs every bit as badly as she doesBut Kat also meets a man in a bar and takes him back to her Hotel Room This Set Up room This set up a one night stand turns out to be anything but Lt Christopher Rygard is a warrior every bit as battered as Kat but in his case it s his sense of trust that s injured His fiance sent him the typical Dear John missive just before his last mission Bad enough but it s his trust in his commanders that has really taken a pounding What used to be an elite suad that made a real difference something he could believe in has recently become an instrument for personal gain or even nastier deeds He goes into that bar looking for a decision on whether or not to re up at the bottom of a glass of whiskey and instead finds KatTheir night together was both tender and sexy But the morning after was nothing but ugly as both his trust issues and her insecurities resurfaced with a vengeance But when a pack of leopard shifters burst into their morning after intent on killing Rygard because his unit stole their cubs everything changesThis was a uick introduction to the series Only 25000 words long this story kept me entertained for an hour but it was a very well spent hour Be advised this story doesn t lead to a happily ever after but these two characters aren t ready for one either What they are ready for is growth and healing and the promise of happy later hopefully together They end up in much better places then they started and that was happy ending enough for this reader You can also find my review on my blog Kat is the first in author PJ Schnyder s Triton Experiment series and is a sci fi romance that I absolutely lovedFinally somewhat able to deal with her painful past mercenary Kat Darah has found a place in life where she belongs She has a Captain she trusts and one close friend and that s been enough for her The only empty spot in her life is where the only man she had ever been close to once was He s gone though and his death hit her hard But if Kat kept herself busy she didn t have time to let the lack of a man bother her That was until her captain and best friend stuck her on leave for two days when their ship docked Now she was stuck on this mini vacation and too much time to think Time to it the barof course just when Kat is looking to avoid being tricked by her fri. Nswers at the bottom of a glass of scotch he meets Kat One shared night of mutual desire seems harmless But when their tryst is interrupted by attackers hunting Rygard Kat must reveal her other form the predator beneath the human façade Together they embark on. I would think that some would says that the story line of this book is the romance and es that definitely has a big role to play in this but I loved the parts surrounding it What drew me in was how rounded Kat the main character was Especially since this was such a short read She was strong but she had her flaws and I could see her grow as a character Although this is classified as romance there was uite a bit of action and the story never dragged Because this was a short read we don t get a lot of #World Building But I Felt #building but I felt wasn t needed I could easily picture their space ships and space stations It gave me a FireflyBattlestar Gallactica feel which of course are two awesome shows that take place in space so I found the world of Hunting Kat to be right on parI ve never read a Sci Fi Romance before generally I m pretty picky about what type of romances I read because I tend to get bored with the sex scenes in them Not that I m against there being sex in books it s a very personal prefernce for me but I feel that in most cases that the sex goes on too long and into too much detail Now this book does have sex in it and I thought it did go on a little long and I did think that having the two main characters jump into bed with each other shortly after meeting was a little silly but all of that aside I really did enjoy the story line of the bookOverall I m really glad I was able to read this it s not something I would normally pick up but I definitely think it has cross over potential for those who like ParanormalFantasy Romance I will be looking forward to from PJ Schnyder Most people mistake Kat Darah for being just enough human merc however that might be the last mistake they ever make Infected with a virus that has changed her in to a shapeshifter and tortured for weeks before eventually being rescued she is now deadly dangerous Lieutenant Christopher Rygard has just finished his tour and can t decide whether to re up especially after his latest mission left him feeling dirty Still debating his future he meets Kat at a bar and is instantly captivated However he doesn t realise that the repercussions of his mission would follow him and put him and Kat in a race against time I am so glad I picked this book up I have to admit before I started this I was expecting a cheesy this book up I have to admit before I started this I was expecting a cheesy fi romance but I am so pleased that instead I was drawn into a cheese free zone full of a fantastic mixture of action and sexy romance I am now racing to read the next book in the series so I can see what happens nextIn Hunting Kat we are introduced to a new universe and although there aren t a lot of details there is enough to keep it interesting However what really kept me reading were the characters of Kat and Rygard I really loved Kat she was completely kick ass et had undying loyalty to those she viewed as her friends Rygard was intriguing with as we learn about his conflicted views on staying with the military Together they had smoking hot chemistry which made for a really sexy read and also a really sweet one Hunting Kat was a fast paced and sexy sci fi and a brilliant start to The Triton Experiment series with memorable main couple as well as a strong supporting character I am going to be pouncing on to the next book as soon as possible My rating 45 starsI m going to take a page from PJ Schnyder s book so to speak and keep this review short and sweetIn a word Masterful Okay a second word AH MAZINGIn a little over a hundred pages Schnyder has managed to Create a spacefaring genetic enhancing society I believe in Give enough background info to keep me oriented and a little extra to give me a sense of the bigger world without boring the crap out of me Create complex main characters with contradictory traits whom I love and who have pasts that influence their presents Create minor characters who are uirky and charming and whom I love to read about almost as much as the main characters Make me smile Turn me on Make me cry real tears Turn me on again Give a satisfying ending that leads naturally into a seuelIf Make me cry real tears Turn me on again Give a satisfying ending that leads naturally into a seuelIf was anything about this book I didn t like it was that I wasn t sold on Kat having only ever kissed a boy before aside from her past trauma was ready to go all the way after only a few drinks with Rygard At the bar she s all shy and blushing and I get that she s super attracted. As a mercenary Kat Darah doesn't have to pass for a normal human On the edge of the solar system she's just another biped Most of the timeNearing the end of his military tour Lt Christopher Rygard debates the idea of hanging up his uniform for good Looking for Hunting Kat The Triton Experiment #1

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