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Eudora Welty as PhotographerTure among other things *Small Volume Of Welty S Work Some Of Which I *volume of Welty s work some of which I never seen There are some really nice images without people a spiraling fishing net along the river a tricycle with the body of a horse laundry in someone s ba. And cropped and enlarged photographs in her kitchen darkroom Then she waited ntil morning to discover what had been revealedParamount in Eudora Welty as Photographer are the photographs themselves Only nine have been published previously The accompanying essays by Welty scholar Pearl Amelia McHaney; by chief curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Sandra S Phillips; and by photographer and photography "HISTORIAN DEBORAH WILLIS DESCRIBE WELTY'S DEVELOPING AESTHETIC AND. "Deborah Willis describe Welty's developing aesthetic ,
What photography is really for is still much of a mystery John Szarkowski thoroughly enjoy Welty s black and white photography the people the architecture sometimes the oddball mystery John Szarkowski I thoroughly enjoy Welty s black and white photography the people the architecture sometimes the oddball and how she plays with lighting and tex. These forty three photographs taken in the 1930s and 1940s with three different cameras illustrate both the formal and narrative skills of framing the world as only a great short story writer could They show Eudora Welty 1909 2001 ardently pursuing an audience and honing her techniue as she worked behind the lens Considering light design texture framing and perspective she experimented with composition She tried different films *papers and exposures took shots from various angles *and exposures took shots from various angles distances. .

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Ckyard There s a really lovely shot of a potter working at his wheel I look at *A Lot Of Photography Books *lot of photography books while I like a good deal of it their are few photographers work that I connect with and want to emulate as much as Welty Her representations of the world as illustrated by the photographsWelty took photographs of people animals patterns shadows and structures natural and man made in Mississippi Louisiana New York and North Carolina The photographs are paired to contrast and complement to surprise and suggest and to please and provoke Among the Photographs In Eudora Welty in Eudora Welty Photographer are prints exhibited in Jackson Mississippi in 1934; in Chapel Hill North Carolina in 1935; and in New York City in 1936
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