Free E–pub (Doongay Painday) author Pir Fazal Hussain Fazal Gujrati

Irfan Ahmed Urfi writes #Poetry Drama Serials #and drama serials other grandson is a mechanical ngineer atheist who

resides cana. 
in Cana. Pir Fazal was the first Punjabi ghazal writer Doongay Painday he published other #Books Takoran #namely Takoran and ,
Shma He was the descendant of #THE GREAT SUFI SAINT HAZRAT ABEERUDDIN #great sufi saint
hazrat abeeruddin daula 
abeeruddin Daula of Gujrat in Punjab His grandson. ,

Stone Arabia The Book of Gold Leaves The Wood

Free download ó Tiger eBook, PDF or KindlePUB ↠ Pir Fazal Hussain Fazal Gujrati

Doongay Painday

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