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T the complex design of seat belts They re constantly being thrown around during combat on their ships They get broken arms and wounds constantly I mean they could also do something far better than a seat belt perhaps cages that lock them at their station or all kinds of better things It s pretty ridiculousThe humans have a lot of familiar sounding first names which is rather weirdwrongThe author mixes Navy and Army ranks everywhere Confusing even if they sounding first names which is rather weirdwrongThe author mixes Navy and Army ranks everywhere Confusing even if they supposedly alien humans Either se different rank system entirely or don t be so mixy matchyA few r After book 1of The Slaver Wars Moon Wreck where Jason Strong discovered the wrecked Federation ship Ariel and the Survivors of the Federation on the Secret base at Ceres book 2 Alien Contact takes The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, us back 100 years to shows the how and why the war was startedWhy did the War Star Who started it Who survived and how did they surviveGreat action packedintroduces Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español us to the world s of the Federation their political governmental and military leaders and the mistakes that were made leadingp to the war Once again the author does a fantastic job of keeping the bureaucratic and governmental sides to a minimum needed and the human relationships and battles to maximum enjoyment A good series I look forward to the rest a preuel to the preueldiabolial As someone who read and enjoyed the three preuels or is it after stories as this one is dated in the future but published later I was interested to see what the author had in store to lead p with the alien invasion Without having a spoiler I wasn t disappointed as the author had engaging #Action Scenes Good Dialogue Between His Characters And The Technology # scenes good dialogue between his characters and the technology believable and didn t make you call a foul This does appear to be a lot like a re do of Battlestar GalacticaThe various scenes were put together nicely and the ending as expected left you wanting and now I ll join the long and the ending as expected left you wanting and now I ll join the long of people waiting for a seuel One nit I had for this book is it really needs an editor to catch the spelling errors there vs their and just cutoff words in the Kindle version as well as stopping a lot of the choppy sentences An interesting stoppage in this series where the back story of the series is told I would have thought this would have been the first book but while it s a bit jarring and you wonder how you re going to remember the events of the first book as they presumably pick p in the third book this is in itself a very good story Lots of action decent military sci fi Good continued promise for the series overall Recommended. And are from a large multi world trading federation In truth they come from an empire that is expanding through the galaxy and conuering world after world for slaves and they have set their sights on the human worlds as their next conuest. So glad that I found the Slaver Wars series What a great read As I read in someone else review this is my style of book I love that the writing is straightforward yet engaging and that M Weil does not get too technical about all the FTL traveling mumbo jumbo What I want is a fun action packed space adventure with interesting characters and this is exactly what is being served here As you can read in my review of Moon Reck book one in the Slaver Wars series the author as being either severally bash for his poor writing skills or hailed as the best ever That kind of polarizing reviews can be confusing so let me reiterate that all you have do to is that all you have do to is the sample for yourself You will find out that the writing is simple yet very effective the action is fast paced in the military SCI FY space opera genre with lots of great spaceship battles Everything action seuences plot threads character development etc is easy to follow thanks to the aforementioned writing style of the author M Weil is also able to maintain a great sense of dramatic tension and exploration wonder throughout the story and that is always appreciated in a SCI FY novel I keep waiting for this to get better and it s not It s rare I abandon books before I m done but I m going to do this with this oneFour human colony worlds All identical all exactly like earth apparently They even have reef sharks on the one and no they re not stocked from Earth they re not colonies of Earth They are independent evolved ecologies just an nimaginative author There s also no apparently home world for these colonies either just stand alone colonies and why do you have massive space fleets defensive installations for colonies that have never encountered any interstellar enemies and could space fleets defensive installations for colonies that have never encountered any interstellar enemies and could the space marines stop being so perfect flawlessand why are ships sized so perfectly in multiples of 100 nits of length width and why are those nit in meters and is whats her name the blond or brunette and does it matter Answ No it doesn t and and andAs I said in the review of the earlier volume Interchangeable characters wooden dialog and zero attempt to world build I m a sucker for a book with a spaceship on the cover but I just can t continue this It s become a chore I started this book assuming it would carry on from Book 1 Moon Wreck it doesn t It s my fault for not reading the publicity blurb but I am still annoyed with whoever numbered these booksThis story is about the war with the Hocklyns and their masters but having read Moon Wreck I now know how this is going to en. From the author of Moon Wreck comes the first full length novel in the seriesThe Human Federation of Worlds thought they were alone in the galaxy But now an alien spacecraft has appeared over one of their distant mining operations The frig. ,

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Alien Contact The Slaver Wars #1D Overall the story wasn t bad but it kept telling me stuff I already knew In fact telling the reader facts over and over again is one of the author s worst Habits If I Had Read If I had read book before Book 1 Moon Wreck I might have given three stars I generally do not like preuels Not in movies not in TV shows and not in books I feel that knowing where the journey is going to lead you just detracts too much from the enjoyment of reading and progressing through the story Despite this I still enjoyed this book It is another full length novel from Raymond L Weil following the Moon Wreck short storiesThere appears to be some confusion as to the name of these two book series At least if you look at On their site Moon Wreck First Contact is also labelled Slaver Wars 1 were as this book is labelled Alien Contact Slaver Wars One Actually all the Moon Wreck books have also been labelled with Slaver Wars in the title I would chalk that p to sloppy data entry or some marketing dimwit thinking that changing the labels would make people buy in on the two book series However if you read the authors site it seems fairly clear that he labels the Moon Wreck books just that and this one is indeed the first one in the Slaver Wars series and the coming book will be the second one in this series Having said that both book series are indeed within the same Pirate Barbarian universe and within the same overall story only different parts of itAs for the book it is written in the same general style as the other books which is a fairly simple easy to read andnpretentious storytelling The space action is perhaps not the most elaborate I have read but it was fun reading nonetheless Of course the book being a preuel you knew the major elements of what was going nonetheless Of course the book being a preuel you knew the major elements of what was going happen and this reduced the fun a bit Still we did get to learn a bit not only how the humans of the federation was forced to flee to Earth but also how they ended A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing up becoming a federation far from Earth in the first place In a interesting plot twist we also learned a bit about the enemy AI ships and the Hocklyn s That was a nice revelation that makes me eager to learn where the author will go with that plot element in future booksOn the hole Iite enjoyed this book despite it being a preuel and as I said already when reviewing Fleet Academy I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the Moon WreckSlaver Wars Soap Making Bible universe Not the greatest book but it s still a genre I love and it was tolerable Some of my complaintsIt s amazing that designers of both human and alien warships never figured ou. Htened miners immediately call for help to deal with this worrisome first contact situationAdmiral Streth is sent to implement talks with the aliens and to find out what they want The aliens inform the admiral that they are called Hocklyns.

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