Pdf/E–pub The Rock Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigations #1

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The Rock Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigations #1


The Rock is the debut crime novella by tvstage actor and broadcaster Robert Daws and is a great introduction to the Sullivan and Broderick murder investigation seriesDS Tamara Sullivan is sent on a 12 week secondment to Gibraltar after failing to obey orders in the London Metropolitan Police She soon finds herself involved in an investigation unraveling a dark and dangerous secret elating to an incident back in 1966 Her elationship with her boss no a dark and dangerous secret elating to an incident back in 1966 Her elationship with her boss no old "school copper Chief Inspector Broderick is a joy to ead there "copper Chief Inspector Broderick is a joy to A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators read there humour at times but alsoespect and understanding that ends in them both being placed in perilous danger I loved all the brilliant characters in this well crafted story Robert has done Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival really well in conveying them as likeable people and I thoroughly look forward to meeting Sullivan and Broderick again in the next in the series The Poisoned RockI d heard a lot about Robert s writing before I d startedeading this book and I am very impressed at the professionalism and expertise of his story telling plot line and character developmentI purchased this book through the year long monthly Urbane Book Club and yet again this book shows just how much thought and effort goes into producing their uality books every page is like a work of art #it s so beautifully typeset and printedIt s easy to ead this novella in less than a day if time #s so beautifully typeset and printedIt s easy to ead this novella in less than a day if time and having done so myself I felt like I d just watched a mini tv show it s was so full of excitement tension towards the end and an unexpected twist that keeps you turning the pages intrigued as to where the investigations were leading toI can t ecommend thi. The Rock Gibraltar 1966In a fading colonial house overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood The steel handle of a knife protrudes from her chest its sharpened tip buried deep within her heartThe Rock Present dayDetective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan arrives on The Rock on a three month secondment fro. S book enough a ichly deserved 5 stars #for a fabulous debut novella when this book #a fabulous debut novella When this book to my notice I liked the idea of a set in Gibraltar I visited Gibraltar c1993 so I had a sense of atmosphere It wasn t my intention to ead it straight away I added The Rock to my TBR list and then the next day I was drawn back to it by serendipity After eading the first 10% I got a feeling it was going to be a good A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned read I wasn t disappointed The pace was good for me and myeading mood There was a minimum of grisly description which made the story a mystery than a thriller With all the things happening in the world today GrenfellTower FinsburyPark Manchester LindtCafe etc etc I don t need a thriller The characters Broderick and Sullivan worked well together There was a level of predictability within the story but I like predictability it s comfortable The Rock is the first book of the Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mysteries I know I ll enjoy the next one The Poisoned Rock This was a bit fluffy with little substance to it I made the mistake of eading this straight after a Jeffery Deaver book and in comparison this one just seemed like a schoolboy story It is set in Gibraltar which caught my interest but you wouldn t know it other than the odd geographical eference It could just as well have been set in England I have been to the Rock a few times and I never had the feeling of being there throughout this thankfully short novel The humorous banter between the police was ok as was the ending hence I scored it 3 The House That Had Enough rather than 2 Ieceived this book yesterday morning as part of the Urbane Publications Book. M the London Metropolitan Police Service Her The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field reasons for being here are not happy ones and she braces herself for a tedious and wasteful twelve weeks in the sunAfter all murders areare on the small prosperous and sun kissed sovereignty of Gibraltar and catching murderers is what Sullivan does bestIt is a talent she shares with her new boss Chief. .

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Club and thought I d give the first couple of chapters a go to see if I d enjoy it 150 pages later I d finished it and had thoroughly enjoyed this sharp crime novella and am itching to start on book two of the series The Poisoned RockSet on Gibraltar we follow Tamara Sullivan who is a detective sent over from London for 3 months and we get a glimpse of what went wrong in London and how she is thrown straight into the deep end with intriguing cases of what appear to be suicides and they affect those very closely in the police departmentThis book had a great pace about it and also fantastic touches of humour that you could understand that those in the police force need on a daily basis to see them through some of the tougher sights that they witness I also enjoyed the way the threads tied in well without being forced or feeling too manufactured There was genuine mystery and intrigue trying to work out where the was genuine mystery and intrigue trying to work out where the would end up and I loved the twists and turns This book is basically your bulk standard formulaic Police Procedural It ticks pretty much all of the usual #Boxes For The Genre #for the genre said it is a good example of itGood characters description with an interesting story all drawn together with neat writingI don t know if it is my preconception knowing the author is himself a TV actor but the writing and indeed the length of the novel did come across to me to be a little episodic and I did wonder if that was a factor in the style the author chose That said I personally think that it would work as a TV programseriesAll that aside did I enjoy the book Yes Would I ead another similar book by this author Again yes. Inspector Gus Broderick of the Royal Gibraltar Police Force He's an old fashioned cop who Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide regards his new colleague with mild disdainBut when a young police constable is found hanging from the ceiling of his apartment Sullivan and Broderick begin to unravel a dark and dangerous secret that will test their skills and workingelationship to the limi.