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Ed him to marry her and have a familyhe said no and that was the end of that She left and he thought he d never see her again until she showed up as his new doctor for an 8 month assignment in the African Clinic he worked atDani couldn t believe that out of all the doctors doing missionary work in the world she would have to work with the one who broke her heart She wanted to run again but before she could the little boy in the back of the car called for his mommyWhat Mommy Chase turned in time to see little boy in her arms a little boy that looked nothing like Dani and EVERYTHING LIKE HIM SHE HAD GIVEN BIRTH TO HIS like him She had given birth to his and never told him Hurt and angry he lashes out only to have Dani give back and inform him he was the one who didn t want to get married and have a family not herChase has to do fast work if he s going to get her to give him a second chance because one look at the only woman he has ever loved and the little boy who had immediately captured his heart was all he needed to realize he had been wrong three immediately captured his heart was all he needed to realize he had been wrong three ago he did want a wife and family and he wanted them with Dani and Drew their little boyI knew I liked Robin Gianna s writing style and the medical romance line she wrote for but after reading Changed By His Son s Smile I fell in love with her and her characters they had me crying often then not as they worked together to save the lives of the residents at the African Clinic from the brother and sister who were run over to the pregnant woman and her baby to the young man who lost his arm but stoically refused to cry to ultimately the life of their little boy So yeah medical romances always make me cry I but I thought that I would be safe reading in the tub because the water would hide my tears and i d get it over with uick I was wrong because I cried so hard it took me longer to read and my tears made the water colder fasterbut like I said I wouldn t have changed a thing because these so wonderfully well written characters captured my heart even as they broke itThis one is definitely going on my keeper shelf and yeah you re gonna have to do some work to get this book because it was released in 2014 but I promise you it will be than worth the effortand me I m going to start reading another of her backlist books and i ll be back to let you know what I think at a later dateRobin Gianna s Changed By His Son s Smile are definitely keepersthe book for your keeper shelf and her for an author whose work you don t want to ever stop reading CHANGED BY HIS SON S SMILE by author Robin Gianna is a Harleuin Mills Boon Medical series release for January 2014It was a fast paced medical drama and a fantastic romance I loved itRecommended for all lovers of medical romance Personally I have never thought it very romantic when the woman is the one proposing to the man and not the way around it s meant to be but I have also always tried to remember that sometimes it comes down to a situation of no guts no gloryIn this read from author Robin Gianna "I Was Introduced To Dani And How "was introduced to Dani and how moment of no guts no glory turns into one of heartache and loneliness but also how this makes her stronger than she ever was when she needs it for the worst curve ball life hasThe man of the hour Chase turns her marriage proposal down and understandably she walks away but she has a secret she takes with herThree years later she s back with the little boy that changed her life Of course when Chase puts two and two together he On Especially when he's already fallen for his adorable son Drew Now Chase is determined to make Dani his again–starting with an undeniable acceptance of her three–year–old proposa. .
His allegiance should lie He is too busy planning and scheming to get his wayselfish to the max He has a one track mind and although he is gorgeous he is also arrogant manipulative and controlling What he wants he always gets and he places undue pressure on Dani to marry himI like Dani s character but I wish she would have been stronger against Chase She was a bit wimpy and could not seem to deny him anything giving in to him much too uickly and easily When she was near him it was impossible for her to say NO He would look at her and he knew instantly that she wanted him He knew he had her where he wanted her and would stop at nothing to make her his wife to get what he wanted I did not care for Chase throughout most of this book His arrogance was off the charts and everything had to be his way and only his way It became tiresomethe same thing over and over My Kindle was at 96% before he did the right thing and the epilogue ended at 99% Unfortunately for me I did not feel the book had a balance of good and bad right and wrong angst and happiness It is troublesome for me as a reader when happiness and bad right and wrong angst and happiness It is troublesome for me as a reader when happiness doing what is right and good comes in the final six pages That is a long time to wait for something positive to happen The book was too focused on Chase and his wants and the lengths he would go to to achieve them not the needs of this could be familySo in conclusion there are other "reviews that rated this book much better than I Personally if I knew temperature of the book and the lack "that rated this book much better than I Personally if I knew the of the book and the lack happiness I would have passed on it Changed by His Son s Smile is a January 2014 Harleuin release by debut medical romance author Robin GiannaWhat a wonderful medical story Dr Chase Bowen is truly a hero doctorsurgeon He works in the middle of nowhere in different countries where ever he s sent with his team providing medical aid to those who essentially don t know anything about the modern medical world let alone modern civilization His ex Dr Dani Sheridan turns up at his camp one evening Surprise She s the new Doctor AND has an extra package on board which provides Chase with the surprise of a lifetime when he s staring into a miniature version of his own eyesI love how Changed by H A doctor who never intended to marry nor have children is confronted with the truth when he looks up an old girlfriend to see how she is He is confronted with the truth he has a son He understands why she didn t tell him but does it make any difference Can he really be a father This is the first Harleuin medical romance I ve read and I m officially hooked I started reading on a Saturday morning and didn t put this book down until the endThe descriptions regarding the medical aspects felt solid the dialogue was realistic and engaging and the setting the Republic of Benin lured me in Oh and the little boy Andrew was adorably written Who wouldn t be changed by his smile Yet at no point was the romance between hero and heroine Chase and Dani overshadowed by any of these elementsVery important for me especially when reading a romance the chemistry between the hero and heroine was evident from the moment she I should have never decided to read Robin Gianna s book Changed By His Son s Smile in the tub this morning cause once I started I couldn t stop and I ended up using all the hot water as I turned into a prune but man oh man was it worth it and then someDr Danielle Sheridan loved Dr Chase Bowen Their relationship was going great until she ask. Dani's surprise marriage proposal–their life was ust too dangerous for a family–but he didn't know she was pregnant Losing Dani once was hard enough Losing her twice is not an opti. .

GOODThis was a ok read THE STORY WAS A LITTLE LONG story was a little long me It was filled with a lot of external material that made the story a little hard to get through but the romance was nice Changed By His Son s Smile by Robin Gianna was a second chance romance where two people find love once again through their child Chase and Dani were both very relatable characters and I could understand both their actions Andrew was a lovely addition to the story and it is difficult not to be charmed by him in the story There was a perfect balance between the romance and the medical details with neither of them overpowering each other Read More Changed By His Son s Smile by Robin Gianna is listed as a Medical Romance but it is also so much It s a fast enjoyable read that keeps you wanting to read so that you ll find out what happens It s than boy meets girl and they ust fall in loveDr Chase Bowen is currently working at an African clinic and is used to helping the local community from vaccinations to major surgery Dr Danielle DaniSheridan is an ex flame and they worked together about 3 years prior to meeting up again in Africa They were hot and heavy and Dani loved Chase She even proposed marriage to him which he turned down Telling her that he didn t want to have a family or ever be married When they meet up again Dani is toting little Drew who is the spitting image of Chase Seems like when she proposed she was pregnant After turning her down she never told Chase she was pregnant with their childT Actual rating 25 starsWhen Dr Danielle Sheridan a daughter unwanted by her father and ex girlfriend of Dr Chase Bowen arrives at the African clinic where Chase is stationed They are both shocked and dumbfounded especially when Chase notices she has brought along a little boy her childand his They have not seen each other in the years since their passionate year long love affair ended in Honduras where they had been stationed together They were in love but Chase didn t think their obs was conducive to marriage and family so when Danielle proposed to him he turned her down flat telling her he was not the marrying kind and certainly did not want children evershattering her heart He was not very nice or gentlemanly about it and at one point it was mentioned he had to stifle his laughter at her when she asked him to marry her He was an all around erk He let her go once and now he realizes how much he has missed heruote So when she d proposed marriage and a family he d practically laughed Now knowing the real situation he didn t want to remember his cold response that had left no room for conversation or compromise Jerk personifiedDr Chase Bowen grew up all over the world "as his parents spent their lives doctoring the neediest of humankind with The "his parents spent their lives doctoring the neediest of humankind with The Physicians Coalition Now that Chase is grown he has followed in their footsteps traveling the world treating those who have no access to medical care After Dani s Dr Danielle surprising arrival he meets the son he never knew he had His anger boils over for a while feeling as though Dani has lied and deceived him He forgets for a short time that he was the one who turned her away made it clear there was no chance for them He was the one who told her absolutely no children He begins to see why she kept his son a secret He is determined to not let her go this time as he did before especially since he has a child he is falling in love with But Chase has great difficulty in understanding where. A family he didn't know he wanted When ex–flame Dr Danielle Sheridan arrives at Chase Bowen's African clinic he's captivated by her and her little son Three years ago Chase turned down. .
Changed By His Sons Smile