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The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, iChildren s book but I guesst s of a young adultteenager novel I had nightmares for days after reading this The Woven Path Abby and the Bachelor Cop is one of the only books I actually regret reading That said Jarviss a masterful writer and perhaps older readers can get something out of this depressing novel I had my library get this book So I tried to try read Eye to Eye it but I was so confused It started off good and thent just got confusing for me I stopped reading halfway I hVe the second book I coming at a used bookstore while I was on vacation So I hope I can either read that one without knowing how I hope I can either read that one without knowing how one ends or Accidentally Expecting if I liket at all Do not judge this book by the cover or the dull sounding and ll fitting synopsis After the first few chapters which fit the synosis nicely the book takes a much darker and exciting n my opinion turn There s time travel war a talking teddy bear and unfortunately not many characters left by the end of the book Despite the very odd sounding above combination of things I thought the book was very good and am looking forward to starting the seuel soon Wow Herzrivalen if thiss fantasy aimed very good and am looking forward to starting the seuel soon Wow f this s fantasy aimed children then I want to go back to primary schoolIt s the story of Neil whose father becomes a caretaker at a strange old museum where three old ladies live amongst some very odd exhibits He meets a talking bear gets sucked back Alaskan Nights in time and ends up fighting the Prince of Demons during the blitz I don t remember the stories I read as a child having plots like thisI lovedt It s powerfully written and doesn t pull any punches It s very dark n places and some uite scary moments I m way past the target places and some uite scary moments I m way past the target and I had to have a little shudder The Webster sisters are gloriously horrid and I love the weaving n of the old legends of the three Fates and the tree of life It had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn t wait to read the next bit Now to move on to the second book n the trilogy to see what happens next I was spell bound by this book when I was younger especially because at the time I was very much nterested n World War II and the Blitz Some of the magery Always Look Twice is still fascinating such as Ted whos a teddy bear containing the soul of a dead US Airman and an escaped demon envisioning All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night itself as the Nazi bug on World War II propaganda THE WEIRDEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIF. Ster place crammed with secrets both dark and deadly Forced to journey back to the past he finds himself pitted against an ancient and terrifying evil something whichs growing stronger as t feeds on the destruction around The Woven PathThis was almost a 1 star for me but the ntriguing start to the story kept t at 2 I read this to the story kept The Apollonides Mistress Scandal it at 2 I read this seef my son would like t and I can honestly say I would NEVER recommend this to anyone s kid I was fine with the dark and sinister world of the museum I thought that was great But when you had little punk ass kids torturing a dog to near death and then the death that followed well I started hating this book I don t like animal torture n adult horror books so finding this Anything For His Son in a book aimed at middle grade readers really upset meand made me glad I readt before handing Anticipation if off to my kid Butt wasn t just this The story started out strong kind of like The Librarian meets A Night at the Museum with a bit horror thrown n and I love a good horror story But t fell flat pretty uickly I really didn t care about any of the characters and the evil entity was pretty cliche Even when I take away the parts I hated I still found this meh at best After browsing my bookshelf for about found this meh at best After browsing my bookshelf for about minutes and realising I ve read everything on the shelves I picked up the woven path It was my absolute favourite book when I was about 12 and I ve kept the whole trilogy ever since for sentimental reasons I started reading the first few pages while I pondered what to do and before I knew t I ve read the whole book n a few days Still loved t the same as I did when I say 12 except I d say t was even bleaker darker and scarier than I remember either that or I m just getting soft I loved this book when I firt read Annie and the Outlaw it at the age of 14 It s refreshing when a kids book deals with slightly darker subject matter as this one doesI really liked the story and character development Ted was great I think I even shed a few tears at one point Another problematic novel from a wildlynconsistent author SpoilersFirstly the romance was an offensive literary poster child for No means yes Twenty chapters can be condensed nto If I harass this unwilling woman for long enough She Ll Fall In Love ll fall n love me out of sheer exhaustion and then all the kiddie readers will cry because they re being brainwashed that this The Single Dad's Redemption is real romance Are you kidding me SO MUCH NOSecondly the novel couldn t decide whatts actual focus or genre was Was A Christmas Affair it a kids adventuremystery about a boy trappedn WW2 Was t a teenage horror novel about a mad gir. Timely reissue of the classic fantasy trilogy by Robin Jarvis following on from the landmark publication of DANCING JAX his first novel n a decadeDare to enter the Wyrd Museum where fantasy meets the seriously sinisterIn a gr. L and a monster Or was t a boring kitchen sink drama about characters I couldn t care less about and clearly had nothing to do with the overall trilogy arc even before they all ended Up Dead In The End With Basically dead In the end with basically entire cast dead the fact that Neil even goes to WW2 n the first place turns out to be entirely pointless This When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son is especiallynfuriating when the first 150 pages consist of boring scene setting within WW2 which at first I tried desperately to gnore Worse luck for me the new kitchen sink cast stuck around and all the actual fun stuff Who are the Wyrd sisters Why do they have a magic museum Where do the demons and vortexes come from was put on hold until the very last chapter and nstead replaced with a 200 pages of filler This novel would have been much rewarding f they d just got straight to the point bringing Edie to the present day At the end t becomes clear that this s so that she can be promoted to main protagonist and be the focus of the trilogy arc proper n the following novels which sounds a lot exciting than watching some 1940s W1 group Make Do And Mend for 20 pages In short this series should be a duo logy not a trilogy It s also very frustrating that the reason for the first vortex randomly appearing and sucking them nto WW2 n the first place s never explained Unless vortexes are simply deus ex machina plot devices gasp surely not ALL of the vortexes are pointless to the main story arc except for the one that brings Edie to the present So what once again s the point of this entire novelFinally NO five year old talks or acts the way Neil s brother does I m sorry NONE Jarvis needs to spend some time hanging out with ACTUAL children before he starts writing them all as unrealistically ntelligent and slightly demonic Mini MesCan t believe this s supposedly one of Britain s best loved kids novels of the 90s It sn t the first Jarvis one of Britain s best loved kids novels of the 90s It sn t the first Jarvis to make me go WTF attempt to read Dancing Jax at your own peril He s produced much better namely Death Scent I hated this book I d give t a lower rating f The Lion Seeker it wasn t so excellently written Some of themagery and events cross from dark nto outright horrifying My problem s that I read The Woven Path at a very young age so the multiple murder scenes and awful dog stoning seemed extremely Tom Waits - Mule Variations inappropriate for Imy alleyn the East End of London stands the Wyrd Museum cared for by the strange Webster sisters – and scene of even stranger eventsWandering through the museum Neil Chapman son of the new caretaker discovers t s a sini.

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