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Ot on the heels of another book with a Victorian circus esue flavour I got to read an early ARC for The Palace of Curiosities by Rosie Garland While it is a debut novel Garland is an award winning author in other disciplines and it definitely shows in her first ong form offering It s a stunning piece of work with strong themes of identity acceptance of the Other and a touchingly uniue ove story between two fabulous main characters I wouldn t be surprised if this is the benchmark against which the rest of this year s debuts will have to measure itself and it s only the first Monday of the year 2013 is certainly off to an amazing startTold in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of Eve and Abel The Palace of Curiosities goes a step further to differentiate between the two narrative strands both are told in first person but Eve s chapters are in the past tense while Abel s are in the present This is not just a way to differentiate between the two it also reflects Abel s condition While Abel s otherness is eft Bill Veeck's Crosstown Classic (Chicago Shorts) largely unexplained one of its features is that he wakes up every day as a blank slate he siterally forgotten who he is where he is and what he is supposed to do Only holding on to a strict routine and the fact that his best friend Alfred Antarctica looks after him and tells him what he needs to know when he wakes allows him to move through his days and slowly regain his memories as if jogging them awake only toose them again when he goes to sleep As a result Abel Beyond the Laboratory: Scientists as Political Activists in 1930s America lives in a continuous now with no past and mostly no thoughts of the future as such his story can only be told in the present tenseDue to his strange memory state his continual present Abel remains a mystery for much of the book He s a kind man with sometimes surprising skills since his body remembers what he can do even if he can t but is also rather childlike in his innocence and helplessness This makes him appealing as he s a sweet vulnerable character in the harshower class world of Victorian London The only times the reader is given glimpses of Abel s past is through his dreams which of course are than just dreams Through these we see his uest to discover the reason behind his endless resurrections and his numerous attempts to end his existence They end this strange fathomless man some darker edges and only deepen his mystery Abel s continual struggle to regain and keep his memories is very much connected to a search for identity to understand who he is where he came from and what his raison d tre is If one doesn t know their past how can they know who they are When Abel finds a way to anchor his memories through writing them down or through Eve or Alfred he becomes distinct and stronger in his sense of selfEve on the other hand starts off strong and confident in her otherness She refuses to shave her pelt and to conform she regards herself as beautiful as she is thanks to her imaginary companion Donkey Skin But during the novel Eve slowly seems to ose herself seems to be whittled down and robbed of her confidence by her husband Mr Arroner She Cartesian Questions: Method and Metaphysics loses Eve in being Mrs Arroner and in her desire to beoved and its only once she meets Abel that she starts to find Eve again Once she starts to assert herself again with the help of Lizzie one of Arroner s other Curiosities and Abel she frees herself and instead of being the Other that needs to be feared creates an environment for herself where she is the celebrated Other the neighbourhood mascot instead of a freakAbel and Eve find each other when Abel is recruited by George to be part of Mr Arroner s collection of human curiosities In each other they slowly find their way back to themselves in each other s eyes they see the truth of themselves not that which makes them different It is a sweet romance though due to Eve s married state their feelings go unacknowledged for much of the narrative I oved their slow dance and the air of danger that hangs around their gradual attraction This unlikely courtship takes place under the #scrutiny of the other freaks to be either helped used to their own advantage or #of the other freaks to be either helped used to their own advantage or ignored The others in the household mountainous matronly Lizzie the painted man George who is covered in tattoos that tell the stories of Scheherazade and rubber boy Bill are all fascinating in their own right especially the first two

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have arger than young Bill They are all outcasts either by choice or by fate and they all have different ways of coping with it Within the household however the one normal person Eve s avaricious and cruel husband Mr Arroner is the outcast disliked by all except Eve in this strange house he is the odd one outGarland s writing is exuisite feeling both contemporary to its setting without feeling dated and incredibly atmospheric The sights sounds and smells of the Victorian streets are evoked in full measure through both a keen ear for speech and dialogue and wonderful descriptive passages My one complaint here would be that it didn t feel set beyond Victorian Britain The story is ostensibly set in London but it could have been set in another arge British town as easily as it didn t seem firmly rooted in its London environmentThe Palace of Curiosities is a curious beast part fantasy part historical fiction part magical surrealism it s all parts amazing For such a slim book it contains a big story with deep themes and wonderful characters It was an enchanting read which deeply impressed me I think this will be one of the must read books on 2013 though not everyone might be as taken with it as I am The book will be released in the UK at the end of March Be sure to pick a copy and discover the delights of The Palace of Curiosities for yourselfThis pick a copy and discover the delights of The Palace of Curiosities for yourselfThis was provided for review by the publisher 25 Stars Wow I really disliked this book which is such a shame because it had such potential The two main characters Eve and Abel were just so Well Boring Abel was interesting during the first part of the book but Eve was boring all the way through The story was predictable and the entire book just felt ike it fell flat The one thing it had going for it was that the writing was uite yrical and I enjoyed how unnerving and weird some of the book was but I just couldn t get over how boring the plot and the characters were This is a promising debut novel which will appeal to fans of uirky fiction peppered with a dash of magical realism Alternate chapters tell the stories of Abel the Flayed Man and Eve the Lion Faced Girl whose The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980 lives intertwine when they both perform in Josiah Arroner s Palace of Curiosities Estranged from normal society they share a basic human need for acceptance andoveTheir story is told in the present tense similar to The Night Circus and Confession like Erin Morgenstern s debut this will probably be a marmite read There are elements of the grotesue as you might expect in a tale about those characters considered freaks by the rest of society probably not to be recommended for those of a sensitive natureI really enjoyed this whimsical tale of unconventional characters set against the backdrop of a murky Victorian London Looking forward to reading from this author I must admit I came to this novel withow expectations comparisons with Angela Carter eft me expecting some steampunk pastiche of Nights At The Circus or an inferior version of Katherine Dunn s Geek Love I was wrong though Initially the book won me over with the cleverness of its writing It s extremely easy to read but constantly carries the reader s mind ahead of the story with subliminal prompts Visceral with pungent recurring themes of hair flesh sweat and innards the story itself is a charming and compelling albeit not particularly profound or original faux Victorian tale of ove between freaks I very much enjoyed reading it. Ek in that thick stew of human waste Cast out by Victorian society Eve and Abel find succour from an unlikely source They will become The Lion Faced Girl and The Flayed Man star performers in Professor Josiah Arroner's Palace of Curiosities And there begins a journey that will entwine their fates forever. The Palace of Curiosities

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Beauty of the coverThis means that as much as I iked the cover of this The Palace of Curiosities I couldn t find any delight in the story withinThe two narrators are Eve and Abel and they tell the story alternately Eve tells her in past tense except for the first chapter which is told in present tense despite the fact that it is about an event that took place before Eve was born Abel always uses the present tenseEve was born with fur covering her body ike a Curators of the Buddha lion and we never fully understand why and Abel is a man who cannot die Rare and different as they are both become part of Josiah Arroner s freak show along with other people who display weird features Arroner is a cruel and greedy man who does not care about the people who make up his show only trying to make out as much profit as possible from themWhile we immediately see what is wrong with Eve Abel s condition is not readily revealed The first simptom we see is the fact that everytime he wakes up in the morning he has to be reminded of who he is and what he does Abel forgets his past with remarkable easiness Slowly we start to realise he displays other featuresike an incredible capacity to heal himself But it takes a while for the realisation that the man doesn t die to hitI understand these facts are than enough to be appealing to anybody and to make a great and fantastic story But I didn t Another Way Home: The Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family like it I could not find it appealing There were moments I didn t even want to open the book and resume my reading I wanted toike the book but I couldn tAnd why oh whyWell to begin with I though the beginning of the story was very confusing It starts with Eve telling us in present tense of a night when her mother already pregnant with her goes to a circus with a man called Bert Now who this Bert is we never find out I suppose he is Eve s father but he could also be Eve s mother s pimp or something Cezanne a Study of His Development like that Because it is never clear But Eve s mother is clearly inove with the guy so I don t really know At the circus something involving a You Owe Me One lion happens I don t want to spoil the surprise for whoever might want to read the book and anyway I m not sure I would be able to explain and I finished that first chapter without understand what had happened a feeling I usually don tike in books The only thing that seemed clear to me was that the Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture lion incident might have something to do with Eve being born such a furry and catike person But I am not sure Then we have Abel not remembering a bit of who he is and acting weird Abel acted Obsession: An Erotic Tale like a dumb person for most of the book He couldn t remember who he was which I can understand it must be afflicting but it was not that which really got on my nerves regarding Abel he was too good too submissive Abel in his confusion and amnesia was everybody s favourite doormat Peopleaughed at him called him nasty names and he still kept his cool Always I didn t mind to have a character with the gift or curse of immortality What bothered me was his character the way he behaves He kept saying he didn t mind the abuses for me that made Abel very unlikely as a character Eve is also a bit of a doormat especially after joining Arroner s freak show She becomes known as the Lion Faced Woman but behaves Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era like aittle kitten She submites completely to Arroner s wishes not uite seeing what was beneathSo characterisation was poor in my opinion Both main characters are weak And Abel s sexuality is something I found most puzzlingAnother thing that didn t work for me was the amount of gruesome scenes Not only is Abel constantly cutting himself and exposing everything a person has under the skin yes everything is described in detail his job before Arroner s is at a slaughter house butchering animals And the description of the job Oh dear Yes we get to know very well what is done at a slaughter house There is always a imit regarding gruesomeness and mine was reading about this which I didn t want to while having breakfast There I was enjoying my morning meal the first of the day Reading about a man killing a bullock in a very bloody way I won t go into details because it was desgusting but Abel s second chapter is about his work as a slaughter man and I can only wish somebody had warned my about this I guess
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was the time my reading while eating habit thwarted me In a most horrible wayBefore reading this I was feeling confused Then I got nauseated and really started wondering about having made a mistake by having bought The Palace of Curiosities But I was obviously hoping the rest of the story would make up for my not being able to enjoy breakfast as I wished so I kept reading Some improvement must be ahead I hopedIt is a fact that I m wrong a ot of times and the story didn t improve I didn t Edicts of Asoka like Abel and Eve because of their characters I didn t care for the other curiosities Arroner was despicable and I couldn tike the guy he deserved all the punches but that was expected of him I couldn t care about their performances of which there is only one in the whole book and which I found confusingI suppose confusion is a fitting word for this book What was the purpose To show how weird different people freaks were treated in the Victorian society of London That doesn t happen not to a wide extent Do the characters rebel against discrimination No not really not in a great way Is this a Upgrade Soul love story between misfits Sort of butove between Eve and Abel comes about in a most abrupt way that has to be with them being the only ones to see each other beyond their weirdness Something ike that This is not even a book about how the characters came into the world the way they did Although we get to know stuff about Abel s past we are never told how was that possible not even some hints The same goes to Eve So I felt that there was a ot eft hanging in the airAlso Eve s mother uite puzzled me in the way she behaves towards her daughter In the first chapter she seems to know what her child will the way she behaves towards her daughter In the first chapter she seems to know what her child will ike and does not seem to mind But while Eve is growing up the woman she Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist lives with is completely ashamed to have a hairy daughter It was really strange puzzling even So my assumption to explain such behaviour was that Eve was swapped after birth and the woman she calls mother is not her true mother There may be another explanation but once we are never told about why Eve s mother behavesike thatBert the guy at the beginning never shows up again and Eve never mentions her father She doesn t even uestion who he might have beenAre there any things I can say I didn t ike about this book Maybe but I m not remembering which are they I regret having purchased this thinking it could be another The Night Circus There is no magic in this book so why did I think there could be It was the cover that s the only explanation And my desire to read a bit of fantasy with some freakishnessWhat a failure What a disappointment I wished I could have enjoyed this story Trust me I wished But I couldn t15 stars rounded up to 2 because this had potential And it wasn t as bad as a certain book concerning a 100 year old dude who decides to eave his nursing house and engages in utter nonsense The Palace of Curiosities is a tad better than that Only a tad This wonderful debut novel was way outside my usual comfort zone but I found it mesmerising The writing is wonderful and i ve spent the ast day iving in ve spent the Imaginary Runner last dayiving in Arroner s Palace of Curiosities with Abel the Flayed Man and Eve the Lion Faced Girl At the start I thought the present tense telling would be difficult it s a great tribute to the author s mastery of her craft that I stopped being aware of it very uickly and it only helped to draw me in to the here and now of this murky and disturbing world There are some pretty horrifying repulsive and explicit scene Nd when Eve is born the story goes she didn't cry she meowed and From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 licked her paws When Abel is pulled from the stinking Thames the mudlarks are sure he isong dead As they search his pockets to divvy up the treasure his eyes crack open and he coughs up a stream of black water But how has he survived a we. .

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Magical realism is always a strange genre you don t always know what you re going to get In The Palace of Curiosities a novel about performers in a Victorian freak show I think I got a ittle than I wanted Garland offers readers a potentially charming romance between two misfits told in rich evocative prosebut also manages to be unexpectedly gruesome I finished the novel feeling that I d just read a very beautiful book that nevertheless unsettled meIn chapters that alternate perspective Rosie Garland shows readers two freaks Eve the woman who is covered in fur French Daguerreotypes like aion and Abel the man who cannot die After mishaps and general miserableness both find themselves as attractions in a popular freak show Of course neither Eve nor Abel them the circus act particularly enjoyable either and so they eventually make plans for their escape to From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read live a normalifeYet while I think we could certainly think of The Palace of Curiosities as a romantic novel I also feel ike the author was trying to say The way Eve feels trapped in her role of submissive wife for instance could be a commentary on historical sexism or it could just be a convenient plot device I m not a reader who always searches for deeper meaning in my books or believes that symbolism is everywhere but I can t help but wonder if Garland didn t have some broader message in mind Is this just a book about to strange people find each other or is it something else I m not sure and that uncertainty affects how I think about this bookThere is also the issue of gore which I mentioned previously Prior to his arrival at the freak show Abel works as a slaughterer for a meat plant The entire process is described In excruciating detail How the beeves are killed apparently beeves is the plural of beef how their blood is drained how they re gutted how they re skinned on and on and on While I most definitely appreciate that realism and while I thought Garland s imagery was goodsurely such explicit gore had a purposeAnd of course there s Since Abel is a man who cannot die he must prove his deathlessness by cutting himself His act is basically to cut himself with knives over and over again while the audience watches his body magically heal This process is again described in engthy detail Even after he escapes the freak show with Eve Abel doesn t stop cutting himself See in order for him to maintain an erection Abel must cut himself So the entire time the two of them are having sex he s knifing himself Erthat s some erotic imagery I could do without thank you very muchUnsettled as I was by the blood and detailed violence in The Palace of Curiosities I thought Garland was able to create a very evocative magic tinged Doris Salcedo look at Victorian London and the kinds of abnormal entertainments the common man sought We see a seedy side ofife falsely elegant but full of cons and threats and ambition That was very well done especially when set against Abel and Eve two people who want only to be happy in a manner of their own choosingThe Palace of Curiosities isn t your typical circus romance Rosie Garland s prose is Twelve Days of Pleasure lush and hints at darker things while telling a story that unsettles the reader as much as it engrosses This novel is certainly well written but perhaps itacks a particular something that would bring everything together But even so it s a worthwhile book Blog Review Database Twitter Instagram Goodreads I istened to the audiobook of this and was unfortunately disappointed I thought the narration by Jane Copland was very good but the story was et down by poor characters and a completely bizarre ending which didn t fit with the feel of the rest of the book This book tells the story of Eve and Abel who are both performers in Professor Josiah Arroner s Palace of Curiosities It is written with two separate narrations which worked well to tell their different back stories Overall I enjoyed Abel s story much and I think the only point of having Eve in the book was to turn it into a romance Why do all books have to have a romance Eve was a bit a doormat which may have been the point but she certainly isn t a good role model for young woman and it takes her far too Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye long to realise her situation view spoiler that her husband is using her to make money and has no romantic or sexual feelings for her However once she does realise this she is immediately angry and becomes a murder no middle ground hide spoiler Probably a 45 but I enjoyed it so much I m going to round up rather than downThis is a dark sometimes violent yet ultimately uplifting book about 2 freaks one a hairyion faced Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France lady and the other a confused forgetful man who cannot die and fears the memories that haunt his dreams This is not the stuff of happy fairy tales but rather the story of 2 outsiders who come to value and exult in their otherness Ioved the fact that the ion faced ady was at her happiest when exulting in her strangeness and that the other members of the freak show were not people who wanted or invited pity or disgust My only dislike was that I wanted the ending to be a bit bigger and exultant but in its own way it worked very well so that s just my personal preference This is really an odd Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild little gem of a book and I m glad I found it In Victorian London a girl named Eve is born covered in hair a coat she comes to think of as her fur Unloved by her mother and mocked by strangers she is swept off her feet by the avaricious Josiah Arroner who fills her with hopes of romance buteaves her trapped in a Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets loveless and sexless marriage Instead he cruelly parades her as the Lion Faced Girl the central attraction of his Uniue and Genuine Anatomical Marvels a variety performance with the air of a freakshow Meanwhile elsewhere in London a man who should be dead is pulled out of the mud of the Thames This is Abel who has few clear memories of his past but is seemingly unable to suffer injury illness or death His rescuer happens to be another of Arroner s performers a coincidence whicheads to a fateful meeting between Eve and AbelInevitably compared to Angela Carter obviously a major influence on Garland s prose style here and Sarah Waters this is an engaging adventure slash romance that will appeal to fans of both historical fiction And Magical Realism Since The magical realism Since the Arroner is so despicable it s easy to root for Eve and Abel who take turns narrating the story and Abel s mysterious history adds an extra ayer of intrigue to the plot I was captivated early on by Eve s inner struggle over whether to reject or embrace her condition the voice in favour of this is represented by an imaginary friend she dubs Donkey Skin and Abel s uneasy relationship with his friend Alfred which he fails to perceive correctly due to his straightforwardness and naivety I enjoyed The Palace of Curiosities it s a fast and easy read but I felt that despite all its uscious vivid description and eccentric characters there was a easy read but I felt that despite all its Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 luscious vivid description and eccentric characters there was a emptiness at the heart of it Iove books that present a simple narrative which reveals itself to have hidden depths and ayers and this was the opposite once you strip away the florid anguage it s a very uncomplicated story For me there was never a true sense of drama it was obvious to the reader if not Eve that Arroner was bad from his first appearance and I never believed there would be any real barriers to the protagonists eventual happiness Overall a pleasant and diverting read but too acking in tension to be particularly memorable It was the cover that captured my attention I admit it And then I thought I was picking up a book with a story on the ines of Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus which I truly Wicked Loving Lies liked Liked aot I guess it is a mistake to choose a book by its cover because it may not La heredera del mar live to our expectations Or to the. Before Eve is born her mother goes to the circus She buys a penny twist of coloured sugar and settles down to watch the heart stopping main attraction aion billed as a monster from the savage heart of Africa forged in the heat of a merciless sun Mama swears she hears the ion sigh just before it eapsa.