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Rowdy Taboo Shorts #6

Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Sam Crescent

Story is about a VIRGIN and a *HeroAnd In You Dont Get It *in you dont get it mentioned like around 10 times in this short bookI think her hymen got layerssss nowThat being said purely an average read I didn t like the characters muchHero douchyHeroine doormatHymen Initially present then POOF255 This book was hot Short safe read Didn t like H much esp how he treated h after they slept together Not sure where the taboo was too 25 stars This is the sixth book in the Taboo Shorts series If you ve read the fifth book in the series Cocky then you know Rowdy is Violet s older brother Eric has been training Rowdy how to fight for several years and Rowdy thinks of him as a second father Rowdy never expec. D have the balls to be with her CASSANDRA I wanted a guy I couldn’t really have My FATHER TRAINED ROWDY AND I KNEW THE FIGHTER WOULD trained Rowdy and I knew the fighter would be with me because of those ties But I’ve wanted him since I was sixteen years old Five years later and I’m still pinning after a guy that probabl. Yeah I had to read this one too Male lead is a hoe too Yep a manslut manhoe Just every derogatory name you come p with who doesn t deserve any virginal girl who offers everything to him And you can *guess the female lead in this one is a virgin Who deserves a lot better than this *the female lead in this one is a virgin Who deserves a lot better than this I read the epub version Loved itReally loved this book It was short but it was still very emotional I loved how Cassandra was not afraid to tell rowdy how she felt
t wait for the next This taboo short surrounds Rowdy and Cassandra s forbidden love or so they thinkit was dirty mixed with a side of sweetI really liked this readtwo great authors delivering another exceptional bookhappy reading This. ROWDY From the moment I saw Cassandra I wanted her but she was the daughter of my trainer and I knew she was off limits Even if she gave me the time of day I knew I could be overprotective dominating and infuriate a person to no end It’s how I was and I couldn’t change that even if I di. .
Ted to fall for his trainer *s only daughter but he has become obsessed with Cassandra and will stop at nothing to *only daughter but he has become obsessed with Cassandra and will stop at nothing to her Cassandra loves her Dad and she loves spending time with him at the boxing gym he owns Cassandra wants Rowdy and knows that no one will ever live The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies up to him but she thinks he wouldn t give her the time of day This was okick smutty read safety hero was a manwhore not sure if he was celibate the whole time he knew heroine nothing really mention about this past in great details Heroine was a virgin Great short and sexy read Rowdy and Cassandra made a great couple I wish it was longer I had hoped for story for Malachi and Violet Cocky book 5 no such luck though hot alph. Y doesn’t even see me as than his trainer’s daughter But then we’re at the same party The Alcohol Is Flowing And The Inhibitions Are Down I alcohol is flowing and the inhibitions are down I myself in bed with the one man I’ve wanted for years and the one thing I can’t stop thinking about is what will happen when morning come. ,