Living in the Light A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation (KINDLE)

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The Alien's Patient kLf I love Shakti Gawain s writing and many of her other books are on my favorite book list But this particular book missed the mark for me My copy was published in 1986 and Inow she has made some huge leaps and bounds since then which is reflected in her later publications This book pulls on the worst aspect of the Science of Mind movement like you can tell how sick and unbalanced someone is by the shape of their body overweight unresolved issues So why do I give it three stars Because as far as writing about intuition I think she is right on the money She offers great ways to connect with that sacred source and exercises to deepen it I suggest you check out Creative Visualization Use the Power of Your Imagination #To Create What You Want In Your #Create What You Want in Your and leave this one behind Shannon recommended this book to me and I am so grateful It s been on the shelf for awhile and only recently I had the urge to pull it down and delve in and oh how synchronistic because it s exactly what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW Don t you love how books work like that The right ones seem to come at just the right moment with just the right message and information Thanks Shannon A life changing book that I have read and re read over the years One of those books that like a bible by one s side Thanks Shakti this book is One of those books that like a bible by one s side Thanks Shakti this book is dense and to the point definitely a Lot Of Worthy Reread of worthy reread in it If I had read this book even one year earlier I m sure I wouldn t have fully gotten it Something would have resonated but not really sunk in Books like this you have to be ready for but when you are ready it is very enlightening just like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle For me he was the precursor that allowed me to fully understand this book eventhough the conc. Tion than a decade ago Creative Visualization had helped thousands of people explore and connect with their higher selves and. .
First I should preface this review by saying that I believe the edition I read was an earlier one which may have not been thoroughly #UPDATED THAT SAID WHAT DID #That said what I did was well not too revolutionary I have read a of books in this vein and The Art of Taking Action know what entails a good read For me that has to be something which really challenges me and not so much gives me answers but new uestions and avenues to explore This book did not do this for me Basically Shakti explains her background She is very self congratulatory I felt as she explains that she lives her life by intuition and has done allinds of things people HAVE FELT WERE CRAZY BECAUSE SHE LISTENED TO HER felt were crazy because she listened to her I loved this book 25 years ago when it was first published and I love it now that a 25th anniversary edition has been released Like me Gawain has lived and learned since the first edition and she has added some of this experience and its lessons to the still true and relevant information from before A whole new generation can benefit as I have from her insight experience and compassionate viewpoint As a companion to her Creative Visualization classic this book is a treasure of thoughts and meditations to focus your awareness on peaceful joyful living no matter what hills and valleys your life path encounters To see all of your life with new eyes fresh perspective hidden meaning and complete connectedness is to find purpose and strength to endure and flourish to attract and contribute to the good Gawain helps remind us to let go of the everyday stresses and turn to the higher viewpoint the overall pattern of our lives which I can tell you is a lot easier to see the older you get A lot of books claim to be able to change your life but this one helps you see how to do that for yourse. Living In The Light is very powerfulit can transform your life Dr Wayne Dyer author of The Sky Is The Limit Since its publica. ,

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Epts are pretty simple and i m Sure Reflected In Other Book Like The reflected in other book like The or Deepak Chopra s work I m getting to those Soon I Liked This Book I liked this book I was younger but in rereading it at age 43 I find it hard to trust Shakti is certainly a humble author who is still searching rather than resting on her past discoveries but some of her ideas seem to be nothing than convenient personal inventions For example she suggests that anyone we are in conflict with is simply a manifestation of an internal conflict that we have externalized in order to resolve I find this theory offensive in its tidy resolution of the uestion of suffering Would she really tell rape victims or abused children that they had manifested their perpetrators to resolve an inner conflictI gave her 3 rather than 2 stars due to her deference to 12 step programs This book jumped off the shelf into my hands and changed my life Literally shook up how I look at the world I love this book I too read the first edition over 25 years ago when it was first published Shakti Gawain inspired me then and still does today I have lived learned and transformed my life It started with that first edition One of my sisters gave me the book and I am #forever gratefulI highly recommend this book to a whole new generation who can benefit from her wisdom insights #gratefulI highly recommend this book to a whole new generation who can benefit from her wisdom insights experiences Ditto this book is indeed a treasure of thoughts and meditations to focus our awareness on love peace and joyful living no matter what issue situation or obstacle crosses your life path We can choose to see all life from a different point of view a fresh perspective or new perception There is no hidden meaning only the meaning we choose to place upon it It is What it is Sending Love and LightSauina AkanniThe Prosperity Docto. Create dynamic changes in their lives Now Shatki Gawain leads readers on a new journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment ,
Living in the Light A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation