[Free E–pub] At the Helm Volume 3 By Steve Beaulieu

A coerência textual lNs or just fans of good SF Ioved it 5 starsStory 11 Taken For a Walk by Justin SloanA clever eye opening tale of subjugation 5 starsStory 12 PLAYING DOCTOR BY ROBERT JESCHONEKA FUNNY Doctor by Robert JeschonekA funny on the mad scientist seen through the eyes of their assistant I really enjoyed it but it ended a ittle abruptly 4 starsStory 13 Awaken Me Paper Robot by AK MeekA futuristic fairy tale of survival told

in the second 
the second I oved it 5 starsStory 14 Refurbished by Artie CabreraA SF take on domestic abuse I enjoyed it but felt it needed to be a bit Dogs Behaving Badly longer andess rushed at the end 4 starsStory 15 Steel s First Temper by David VanDykeMore military SF It was OK but read a bit too much ike Aliens fan fiction in places for my tastes 3 starsStory 16 Siren Song by Jon FraterA depressing story about the "FUTURE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY I REALLY LIKED IT "of the music industry I really iked it starsStory 17 Digital Commander by JS Morin One of the best pieces of short military SF I ve read so far There was a small continuity error though unless I read it wrong 4 starsStory 18 Little Blue by Chris ReherNot the strongest story to end the book on but not bad either 3 starsTaken as a whole this was a pretty darned good bunch of stories I enjoyed it a great deal for the most part Excellent collectionFast paced and beautifully written stories that demonstrate the highest evels of sci fi talent and professional achievement I urge any reader to catch up with the first two volumes A varied collection of science fiction stories all with their own merits It was a blast to read they are a good way to see an author s style My favorites were Geospermia Jansen Storming the Norse Wind Cooper Steel s First Temper VanDyke Siren Song Frater Digital Commander Morin and Little Blue Rehe. By Andreas ChristensenThe Theta Patient by Chris DietzelThe Last Ship by Chris PourteauTaken For a Walk by Justin SloanPlaying Doctor by Robert JeschonekAwaken Me Paper Robot by AK MeekRefurbished by Artie CabreraSteel's First Temper by David VanDykeSiren Song by Jon FraterDigital Commander by JS MorinLittle Blue by Chris ReherWant to know about Sci Fi Bridge Visit our site at scifibridgecom and subscribe to receive giveaways and great Sci Fi deals straight to your inb. I Bridge is another cracking collection Taking it a at a timeStory 1 Centurion by MG HerronOff the starting blocks with
a tale of 
tale of on Centauri It was fun and pretty cute 4 starsStory 2 Geospermia by Patty JansenWhile there were some good ideas here I couldn t get on with the author s writing style and felt that the story would ve benefited from an editor with a firmer hand 2 starsStory 3 Storming the Norse Wind by MD CooperThere is a type of science fiction that gets so bogged down in the technical the Norse Wind by MD CooperThere is a type of science fiction that gets so bogged down in the technical of the ships weapons armour etc that it forgets that a story is supposed to actually be about something While this wasn t the worst offender I ve ever encountered this story was a bit ike that 3 starsStory 4 The Far Side of Psyche by Rhett C BrunoA great story of a asteroid mining expedition going disastrously wrong I really enjoyed it but I wouldn t expect anything April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers less from Rhett 4 starsStory 5 The Genesis Revelation by Hall Beaulieuuite a niceittle story of thwarted ambition 3 starsStory 6 Latecomers by Chris WardImagine Ellen Ripley at 90 and you re halfway there Hilarious 5 starStory 7 Fool s Gold by Zen DiPietroSome futuristic wheeler dealing I iked the characters voices and the author s writing style than the actual story 3 starsStory 8 The Tribe by Andreas ChristensenThis story was a seuel to Christensen s story The Tunnel in a previous volume of At the Helm I enjoyed it uite a bit 4 starsStory 9 The Theta Patient by Chris DietzelAn interesting tale of a Big Brother style dystopian future Interesting but I didn t uite believe the protagonist if you know what I mean Probably not 3 starsStory 10 The Last Ship by Chris PourteauAn excellent story that should appeal to Star Trek fa. We want to be How do we achieve that greatest vision of ourselves for us and our childrenYou'll wonder at the possibilities of what we can accomplish together You might even come to believe that a better tomorrow can be than a dreamForeword by Chris FoxCenturion by MG HerronGeospermia by Patty JansenStorming the Norse Wind by MD CooperThe Far Side of Psyche by Rhett C BrunoSparkle Ship Shine by Hall BeaulieuLatecomers by Chris WardFool's Gold by Zen DiPietroThe Tribe. Excellent collectionGreat way to get introduced to writers I have not ready yet Almost every excerpt was intriguing to me I used this collection to connect to OTHER AUTHORS AND BOUGHT SEVERAL BOOKS authors and bought several books plan to read even a couple of series Introduction Chris FoxOne of the very good things about this series and others from the SciFi Bridge mob is that the stories are all new I think and while many of the authors are unfamiliar there are *several favourites who may be visiting their universes in short story *favourites who may be visiting their universes in short story David Vandyke gives us another Repeth story here she is meeting Bull ben Tauros for the first time see also the story in Bridge Across the Stars for another ben Tauros story in which Repeth has an offstage voice appearance The Patty Jansen story by way of contrast is set in yet another timeline separate from her series I think There are a handful of other familiar name as well I picked this up to read M D Cooper s short story about Tanis Richards The whole book is worth WAY than the price tag Very entertaining group of writers Excellent readingDefinitely worthwhile with enticing ideas here Very good fuel for the imagination and a good addition to any personal collection This was a pretty good collection of stories As with any collection there are some great stories and some not so great There weren t any bad ones here Also with short stories I sometimes really get into a story only to have it end A few of these felt ike just the first chapter of a book rather than a complete short story Anyway it was a decent read A very good collectionFreuently one can read the first few and toss the rest This one has great stories mixed throughout with good stories Enjoy The third At the Helm anthology from Sci Conflict across the cosmos New frontiers discovered What it means to be human reimaginedDreams of tomorrow become reality in this third collection of bestselling authors and newly emerging writers from Sci Fi Bridge From the inner worlds of unforgettable characters to alien planets at the farthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond our writers examine the human experience from within and without They hold up a mirror to the human experience Who are we as a species Who do. .

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At the Helm Volume 3