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SherlockIt lays out the entire story of how the show Came Into Existence From Idea To Execution Each Episode Is into existence from idea to execution Each episode is broken down the same way with asides showing deleted scenes book to script comparisons photographs and behind the scenes articles on how each department art music casting SFX location etc worked to bring the team of Moffat Gatiss and Vertue s vision to life Not to mention made the show into the worldwide phenomenon it is todayBasically if you re Sherlocked this book should be on your shelf Not only I did love it but also my adorable funkoSherlock and funkoMoriarty loved it Great to discover about this amazing series be it about the references to Arthur Conan Doyle s works or about all the *TECHNICAL WORK BEHIND SOME OF THE *work behind some of the You ve got this egomaniacal slightly autistic psychopath and this incredibly decent hard working soldier the two most opposite people who could ever possibly meet each other who really rather adore each other and end p sharing a flat That s Steven Moffat co creator with Mark Gatiss of Sherlock If any book could make the reader eager to re watch all the episodes of a television show it s Steve Tribe s Sherlock ChroniclesIt s obvious that Tribe author of numerous Doctor Who books had nlimited access to Moffat Gatiss and Moffat s wife producer Sue Vertue The book is full of behind the scenes information interviews with cast members and even deleted scenes Moffat and Gatiss tell the story from the beginning of their ideas for Sherlock Eventually they decided to Take the Baker Street boys into the twenty first century And as any fan knows it works with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as John Watson the man who would become Sherlock s best possibly only friendThe co creators stress the importance of that relationship between Sherlock and John They "even had to decide what the two men would call each other deciding that in the twenty first "had to decide what the two men would call each other deciding that in the twenty first it would feel phony to call each other Holmes and Watson as they did in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Victorian stories But it was important that the feeling of the friendship and the the atmosphere of the original stories remain authenticSherlock John Mrs Hudson Lestrade Irene Adler Moriarty Mycroft They re all here in the comprehensive book that covers the background and episodes with beautiful colored photos The interviews stories behind the scenes glimpses are all important to fans of Sherlock Steve Tribe s Sherlock Chronicles is a treat for any fan I have been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes since I was at school and even now at the age of 54 I still think Arthur Conan Doyle s creation is a bit of a legend This highly enjoyable guide to the first three series of the BBC programme is incredibly informative However some of my comments about the series itself may pset readers of a Ast and crew this is Sherlock from the ground p from story and script development to casting sets costumes props music and Each episode of the spectacular three series is remembered by those who made it from the show's dazzli. ,

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Sherlock Chronicles is an in depth guide to season 1 to 3 of the BBC production Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin FreemanHowever it isn t simply for fans of the show Yes the book is aimed at the show s fanbase but it is also a book for Sherlock Holmes fansThis book has photographs of earlier portrayals of Holmes and Watson such as Brett Hardwicke and Rathbone Bruce There are also reproductions of a couple of Sidney Paget s original illustrations For this Sherlock Holmes fan the inclusion of photos from the 1970s movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Stephens and Colin Blakely was the icing on the cakeThere are many excellent photos a lot of them behind the scenes which delighted the heart of this backroom geek girlThere are deleted scenes from the episodes and also for the Sherlock Holmes fans wonderful comparisons "of scenes from the script juxtaposed the "scenes from the script juxtaposed with the pieces from stories on which the oted scene was basedThe book is also threaded through with otes and interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman Mark Gatiss Steve Moffat Sue Vertue Loo Brealey Arwen Wyn Jones et alSteve Tribe has created a book that will delight the fangirls hold the interest of Sherlock Holmes fans and absorb the geeks who love to know how things are done on television And trust me there is a lot of How We Did This Stuff I found how they did the tube train scenes in The Empty Hearse particularly fascinatingHighly recommended This is a book you dip in an out of so I can t really say that I finished it all that I can say is if you love the series or the books you ll love the Chronicles It gives you a really insightful look on the background of how it was made and comparisons with the original texts as well as great image ality I find it a treasure personally it s always great to look at but it might be boring if you don t know Sherlock Holmes well It shouldn t have taken me so long to finish this book A Way Youll Never Be uite honestly After all it s not like I m easily distracted wait is that my microwave dinging Ooh what a cute suirrel outside my window so fat and fuzzy hey something sparkly I think that s the earring I lost a couple of weeks ago Wait what was I saying Oh yes the concentration abilities of an android that s me In any other circumstances I would ve finished this book in a couple of weeks but I kept getting sidetracked by other books and failed to simply take the time to pick thisp and focus all my attention on it for the length of time needed to finish itBecause it s a fascinating book exactly the kind of behind the scenes trivial tidbits and insider stories compendium I adore digging into to find out about my favorite television program or movie Not only does it give background information on all the major players in the Sherlock series. A visually stunning and comprehensive guide to the hit BBC series Sherlock Chronicles tells the full story of the show as you've never seen it beforePacked with exclusive nseen material including all new interviews with the ,

Ervous disposition I thought the first series of Sherlock from 2010 was great fun but decided to give p on watching any new episodes that might be made after watching series 4 in 2017 The writers were so far p their own arse that Series 4 turned out to be a pretentious of crap I had always enjoyed the style direction of Sherlock it s reinvention of a classic We did have a rather dull Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch the screen s worst ever Moriary Andrew Scott but Martin Freeman was excellent "as WatsonSherlock Chronicles takes s back to the creation of the series "WatsonSherlock Chronicles takes Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie us back to the creation of the series only are we treated to some excellent interviews with cast crew the book is full of great photographs too It s wonderful to hear how much Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss Steven Moffat loved Conan Doyle s original stories It s also lovely to hear of their appreciation for the many film television incarnations of the great detective This makes it all the sad to see how far the series has moved away from Conan Doyle the spirit of Holmes how it has become an insult to Sherlock Holmes rather than a fitting tribute Still this guide takess through the best years of Sherlock I do have one consolation in the form of the TV series Elementary with the excellent Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes Not only is it better then Sherlock it does have a brilliant tag line New Holmes New Watson New York Got to love that This one supercedes the awesome book earlier written by Guy Adams by virtue of the following1 It covers all the three seasons2 While lavishly illustrated with photographs and all things associated with the series that practically make The Possible Police us swoon the book al 45 starsthis book istterly gorgeous and now i really want to rewatch all of Sherlock if you haven t watched the amazing BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman do it now it s amazing and such a tribute to the original stories this book has so many gorgeous photos and behind the scenes info like interviews with Benedict Martin Louise Andrew etc and the writers directors etc it s such an interesting illuminating peek behind the scenes of how Sherlock was made this book gives the story behind how Mark Steven came A Letter To Pakistan up with the idea and how they went about pitching the idea it also has deleted scenes from the episodes which were really cool to read about fyi this book only coversp to season 3 as season 4 hadn t been released yetsuch an amazing book and i ll be busy rewatching Sherlock for the fourth or so time this week A must have for all the Sherlock fans out there full of interviews behind the scenes trivia deleted lines and exclusive photos Also I may be in love with the one of Andrew Scott caressing a mask with the facial features of Benedict Cumberbatch Put it on my grave because after that I am to ote Sherlock s drunk deduction deaded. Ng debut in A Study in Pink to this year's breathtaking finale His Last VowFeaturing over 500 images of concept artwork photographs costume and set designs and Chronicles is the ltimate celebration for Sherlock fans everywher.

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