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Search of Alice Sam and Bando find many of Alice s clues and meet many people on their way Alice has turned it into a game Sam and Bando finally clues and meet many people on their way Alice has turned it into a game Sam and Bando finally up with Alice in the Catskill Mountains where she is attempting to get a baby Falcon out of it s nest while being attacked by the adult falcon They ventually get Alice to come down out of falcon They ventually get Alice to come down out of tree and they start on their way back to their home The main characters of this book are Sam and Alice Sam is a teenager who has left the city to live in the wilderness He xcels when it comes to problem solving and completing a task He is an intelligent young man Alice is a younger girl that likes to have a lot of fun and put Sam through trouble She isn t scared of anything and she takes a lot of risks The author xpresses what ach of the characters are thinking PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition extremely well throughout thentire bookI would guess that this story takes place during the 1990 s At the rare times where Sam goes into the city the city doesn t seem to be like modern times Almost the ntire times where Sam goes into the city the city doesn t seem to be like modern times Almost the ntire takes place in the woods on Sam s Mountain The author does a great job describing the atmosphere of the woods at times and what is happeningI would recommend this book to any reader that The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, enjoys stories involving wilderness and survival Any reader at a middle school level or higher should be able to read this book I was very pleased with this story and how it was written I don t remember this muchither I think it was pretty good On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George is about a teenage boy that goes off into the woods and lives a life away from modern civilization In this book Sam s sister joins him in the wild Alice builds a tree house then she runs away from her brother Sam uses his resources to hopefully find her All and all this book is a great about survival in the woods and to me has a classic style. The far side of the mountain may lead Sam into great danger “Surpasses the original in style and substance This story is a jewel” Booklist“George has outdone herself here” Kirkus Revie. This book was pretty good and had "twist and turns that heart pumped very "and turns that my heart pumped very during moments There was a lot of things I loved about this book and sad The top thing I loved is how Alice lives with Sam until she goes on her own adventure I also love how Alice has her own home which is a tree house My last thing that I loved is how Alice thought it was fun for Sam trying to find her and Sam was scared to death about Alice I learned that hac means to breed ndangered animalsThis book was really good although I wish Sam called for Frightful at the nd to keep her I know I m not the age demographic for this novel but the title could have been They went for a hike and nothing bad happened Having read this because I needed a short read to finish so that I wouldn t have to take it on my trip and also because it was recommended to me years ago I suppose this wasn t too bad I m pretty far from the intended age group but if I had read it when I was supposed to in fourth grade I would have loved it Not as good as the first but still ok The story was xcellent I also liked the descriptions of animal behavior that s woven into the story Such as She Frightful Sam s falcon responds by lifting the feathers on her body then shaking them This is called rousing which is feather talk meaning I like you At peace with me and herself she bobs her head as she follows the flight of a bird I cannot see it but I know it s a bird because Frightful s feathers tell me so She Has Flattened Most Of Them flattened most of them her body while lifting those between her shoulders Bird that means The narrative itself was great I liked seeing Sam take on a mature worldview At the beginning he thought his sister Alice was selfish and never realized the hypocrisy of that view Sam had built himself a life where verything was the way HE wanted it and he didn t want anyone messing with Two years ago Sam ran away from New York City to live in the Catskill Mountains Now his younger sister Alice has joined him and is uietly living in a tree house of her own nearby Their peaceful Hat by bringing their own needs and wants into his private little world So he started out kind of selfish resistant to change and dismissive of human society But his sister s wonderful selfless gift a smart girl s smile and some advice from caring adults cause him to re valuate his priorities view spoilerin re valuate priorities view spoilerIn the instead of going back to his private little world he decides on a career path that will allow him to use his skills to make the world a better placeand he decides that he s willing to interact with the outside world after all Change doesn t have to be a bad thing and accepting the good parts of society doesn t mean he has TO GIVE UP HIS INDEPENDENCE OR give up his independence or values hide spoiler Two years after the vents of the first book a government agent comes to the mountain to confiscate Sam s falcon for their own good of course Then Sam s sister disappears For her own good toConsidered a minor classic this could never be written today A brilliant younger sister leads her brother on a wild goose chase just for fun while he is worried sick about her trying to survive like he had done his story in the first book of this series This story is the shortest of the three but I loved the siblings relationship with ach other The author did an xcellent job keeping the story line uniue to itself and different from the first book in the series Not uite as good as the first book but so close that I had to give it five stars too On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George is about a teenage boy Sam Gribley who lives in the wilderness with his sister Alice Sam and Alice live their veryday lives hunting gathering and building structures to keep their lives livable But one day Sam can not find Alice anywhere and ventually finds a clue from her showing which way she has gone Sam meets up with his friend Bando and the two venture off in. Ife is shattered when a conservation officer confiscates Sam’s falcon Frightful and Alice suddenly vanishes Sam leaves his home to search for Alice hoping to find Frightful too But the trail to.

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