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Everything But Love dNgers still manages to score 3 stars with this reader Here s my review brokenown in 3 pointsThe good 1 The Punisher joins the Avengers albeit against his will 2 a scene reminiscent of The silence of the lambs in which the Spider trades iformation with the Black Widow and 3 the way Hawkeye frees the Punisher from the Avengers control That was cool Further back stories of Exquisite Acquisitions (The Highest Bidder different members of the team and typical Millar action andialogue keep this book entertaining although I lost count of how many times characters used the words idiot and moronThe bad Tyrone Cash probably one the worst characters ever invented one The Bodyguards Promise / The Missing Millionaire dimensional and an obvious Hulk stand in but I guess that s the point and the way the coloring isone in the book Everybody s got that plastic y sheen as if they re all oiled up or something Ugh And it must be noted that once the Avengers get the Punisher he Tall in the Saddle doesn t reallyo muchThe ugly The final throw The Desert Virgin (Knight Brothers, down between Ghost Rider and Blackthorne As if one Ghost Rider isn t enough now we have two The fight itself is a bit messy in the sense that it s confusing and I found my interest in this part of the story to be practically non existentSo to sum things up an entertaining but also forgettable story and ultimately non essential reading 3 starsBook 3 Ultimate Comics Blade vs The AvengersI liked this much than I though I would as I usually am not one for vampire stories and their co existence with the Marvel Universe Ultimate or otherwise What s not to like We ve got a Mark Millar script and some fabulous Steve Dillon art a couple of origin stories including the one for the new Ultimate Daredevil And even though there is a LOT of violence blood andeath in this book Steve Dillon makes it look almost comical No really And that is something he A Spanish Vengeance does really well just check out his Punisher runs with Garth Ennis for further proof The Punisher Volume 1 Welcome Back Frank comes to mind There are a number of genuinely hilarious moments like the fight between Hulk and Anthony the vampire leaderI also liked that Nick Fury adamantly REFUSES to refer to the threat as vampires referring to it as a virus a viral infection passed through blood and other fluids Vampires aren t real manon t give me that Also of note are the Stark brothers bickering two exceptionally successful grown men arguing like childrenAll in all good times to be had Just not a five star bookBook 4 Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates Death of Spider ManBy far the most confusing and over the top arc of the Ultimate Avengers series this was basically Mark Millar The Rough and Ready Rancher doing some of the set up for the franchise s second relaunch the Ultimates series written by Hickman Nick Fury back in charge Triskelions in foreign countries the elimination of characters created solely for this run like Tyrone Cash and Gregory Stark But in retrospect maybe Millar was trying too hard to razzleazzle The end product was kind of a mess Yet If You Cant Stand the Heat... despite that fact this final volume of Mark Millar s Ultimate Avengers still manages to score 3 stars Here s my review brokenown in 3 pointsThe good Tyrone Cash gets killed off This alone raised the rating by a full star Also of note Gregory Stark sets everybody up takes over SHIELD and takes it global Great potential there Thor fries Gregory Stark to a crisp I know it sounds bad but what follows is hilarious Thor Got him Tony Stark Thor what the hell Thor What are you talking about We only had a few seconds where his suit wasn #t working tony stark i meant knock him #working Tony Stark I meant knock him Cap to hit him with his shield or something I The Ultimate Surrender didn t mean fry him Oh my god Look what you veone to him What the hell were you thinkingThe bad As in Book 2 Blade Vs The Avengers the way the coloring is Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, done in the book has everybody looking like oiled up plastic manneuins or something Ugh The art itself is messy and at times confusing The bad coloring job justoesn t help Also not so great the 24 hour Hulk pills Give me a break What s next 24 hour Thor pills Cap pills That s just lameIn the WTF Department We Have The we have the of Spider Man who saves Captain America from the Punisher s rifle shot While not exactly a spoiler as this event is actually in the title of the book what Single Searching does Spider Man have too with anything It s such a random thing and it totally kills the mood of the face punching and the kneecap shooting Why couldn t it happen in his own bookOverall not the best Ultimate Avengers book of the series I m just glad Ultimate Avengers book of the series I m just glad s over Mostly fun book with the exception of Volume 3 with Blade and Vampire Avengers Also I The Marriage Experiment don t think I ll ever get used to foul mouthed Steve Rogers Story reactions Meh Ug Who is that and what is happening The art is mostly pretty good There are some characters that they never really explain whowhy they are in the story yet they come in at key points to help move the story along It s an ugly realistic world where pretty much every hero except Spider Man not the one in the cage who is never explained is aouche Captain America is arrogant guy who likes breaking people while mocking them No nuance humility or idealism Limited curiosity about living in such a Greeks Baby of Redemption different time Iron Man is arunk who barely functions War Machine is government stoogekiller Hawkeye has epth and a little humanity One of the few people with remnants of a conscience If this sounds curious and you can find it cheap go for it Otherwise it s pretty skippable. At a time but the various clans have become bolder since gaining a charismatic new leader a mysterious vampire encased in a salvaged Iron Man suit And finally Avengers vs New Ultimates COLLECTING ULTIMATE AVENGERS 1 6 ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2 1 6 ULTIMATE AVENGERS 3 1 6 ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS vs NEW ULTIMATES ,

Ultimate Comics Avengers by Mark Millar OmnibusThe plot in this starts out a little iffy but as a huge Captain America fan I stuck aroundAfter a few issues I realized that 1610Steve is absolutely flawless or maybe I just like him in this universe because he is flawed I love Pacheco s art It s uite ark in this run and I think it fits the tone of the story very wellI know that Ultimates gets a bad rap sometimes but if you like BAMFSteve you should really check this out And try eBay I got it for just under 20 when it goes for almost or above 80 on and other sites I bought this omnibus after reading the Ultimates and I was not issapointed But it was a bit of a surprise that the stories are about Nick Fury and his black op Avengers team instead of the classic UltimatesAvengers Hawkeye has a great part the Nerd Hulk is a bit ridiculous but the Real Hulk a character like Luke Cage makes it nasty War Machine is as cold as his armourIn the first issue Captain America still plays an important role since the Red Skull pops up with a surprising connection to Cap The second one The Punisher joins the black ops perfect character They have to face the Ghost Rider I liked the story graphics were greatBlade shows up in the third story but this was very issapointing Avengers turning into vampires But the last one gears up the level of uality since the black ops team with a better part from Blade faces the Ultimates and a very strategicespionage back ground story concerning Nick Fury Carol Danvers not as miss Marvel but In Dreams Darkness director of Shield and Tony Stark s brother Overall pretty outstanding Super inconsistent Some stories were good Some stories were pretty mediocre There s kind of this overall sense of mean ness though I think it s because Captain America is really the star and he s really a jerk Mark Millar is such a strange writer He s capable of such brilliance but he also spends a large amount of time trying to repeat that brilliance in the least creative way possible And much of this large book amounts to the latter not the formerFirst it must be said that the Ultimate universe is a bit of a pig in a poke at this point especially after the events of Ultimatum so I have to give Millar props for trying But in some ways there s just no salvaging the wreckage particularly if he s not bringing his Ultimates gameI ll address specific plotlines below but in general there s little attention paid to character here it s big flashy summer blockbuster type stuff with cool ideas and visuals but characters that are almost completely hollow Also Millar consistently wavers between being overly faithful to the 616 characters and being faithless so that all these characters seem like their original counterpart or completelyifferent from them This was a line he walked brilliantly in the original Ultimates keeping true to the core of the characters but changing them in fresh ways And I know it s an incredibly hard line to walk but he just The Sheikh Crowns His Virgin (Billionaires at the Altar Book 3) doesn t pull it off hereview spoiler Book 1 Ultimate Comics Avengers 1 So the twist on the Red Skull character is interesting but isn t really used too anything interesting with his character nor Cap s It s flashy and intriguing but really just acts as a MacGuffin for the plot to move along He really The Pelvic Floor Bible doesn t manage to be any interesting than the original Red Skull It also makes for some scenes taken tooirectly from Civil War making me feel like Millar Activating Gods Power in Tin Myint doesn t have any new ideas to use hereSimilarly the introduction of Stark s brother opens up some possibility but isn t really used other than just snide comments There is some real possibility of character movement here but none is found Similarly Nerd Hulk and War Machine just manage to be oneimensional boring versions of other characters Nerd Hulk will get interesting later but War Machine never manages toThis all leads to a very long final fight scene made rather boring The Traps of Nonviolent Communication due to the cosmic cube but itoes have a very nice ultimate moment even if it s a little #unbelievable I mean latitude and longitude isn t that accurateAnyway it s fairly fun in the #I mean latitude and longitude isn t that accurateAnyway it s fairly fun in the way most summer blockbusters are 35 Book 2 Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 Here we introduce Punisher who s indistinguishable from his 616 counterpart as far as I can tell the First Hulk who is actually an interesting original character and one of the few characters with any iscerning traits and Ghost Rider who is in the book There are way too many characters introduced way too uickly for them to have any interesting featuresA lot of pages are Spent On Punisher Punishing Stuff With No Actual Plot Development on Punisher punishing stuff with no actual plot evelopment lots of punching Punisher as Captain America replacement is a laughable plotline and one I m fairly certain I ve seen before The actual plotline here GR is killing off rich and powerful people who used to be members of a biker gang is only marginally relevant to the action In fact the whole story is basically just a bunch of fight scenes stapled together with some vague plot points25 Book 3 Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 I think things really go off the rails here There are vampires and Blade and everyone gets turned and art by Steve Dillon who I Supervision Today! and Self Assessment Library 3.4 don t enjoy and it s all sort of a wash of silliness At this point Millar has stopped trying to replace characters in any way and is just replacing them with identical characters see young DaredevilBut after all the ridiculousness Millar wraps it up with a very cool ending I mean it s stolen. All of superstar Mark Millar's Ultimate Avengers sagas collected in one oversized volume In a bid to learn the truth about theevious Red Skull Captain America goes rogue and SHIELD commissions a new group of Avengers to bring him in But can Nick Fury Hawkeye War Machine Red Wasp the new Black Widow and Ner. From volume 1 basically but man it is very cool But the real tragedy with this book is that everything is so forgettable Avengers vs Vampires should be much epic than this aside from the ending I can t really remember much 25 Book 4 Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates Not giving up on re using all the good ideas from Civil War Millar tries to sueeze the rest of them out here Fortunately he sets it up Tango Lets dance to the music differently But it s ultimately too much cloak andagger stuff for a comic that s primarily punching Civil War shined because it had great action backed up by some real emotions these characters cared about each other but there s none of that hereThere is yet again way too much going on A few interesting plot points are overshadowed by tons of silly ones everyone hulking outugh Spider Man is introduced only to be killed off I m assuming this worked better in Spider Man s solo book Here it was almost entirely emotionlessSo it s basically the action of Civil War minus the emotions and plus a few silly ideas thrown in 25 hide spoiler Millar is a smarter writer than I think a lot of people give him credit for He s got a lot of craft in him even if his Millarisms have become pronounced as time has gone on As such imagine the Death and other Happy Endings disappointment by many when he returned to the Ultimate Universe after it was inisarray after Loeb s Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum While it s good and interesting Millar s run here never reaches back to his heyday with Ultimates 1 and 2 He initially pitched this series as each arc being a self contained event story and while that La hermana luna (Las Siete Hermanas 5) does end up being a bit hyerbolic Io think this series serves an interesting metacommentaryIt s Millar s final work for the big two and I think he s often talking about his Trembler disinterest in mainstream superhero comics through the lack of innovation lack of creator owned opportunities and ultimately freedom Millar creates a lot of charactersuring this run yet all of them are ultimately killed off relatively uickly with intentional subversion or shock value or clearly no match for the cookie they were cut from Millar somewhat intentionally kills all his creations and returns the world to its status uo He puts all the toys back into their box before taking off and creating Millarworld The stories themselves are not particularly good or interesting but when you read the commentary and seeming boredom taking place its another story This last run is just a lampooning of the comic book industry with attempts to play with obvious tropes expectations and minor subversion that feels like a Bought Bride for the Argentinian decent writer taking the piss and bashing his head against the constraints of editors This Omnibus contains fourifferent stories of ifferent ualityThe first with Captain America and Red Skull and the last are great Ultimates vs Avengers the other two not so with Ghost Rider and Blade heck to be honest the Ghost Rider story is pretty terrible and so is the Blade one except the end which is I will admit originalKeep in mind that these stories take place in the Ultimate universe and as Such Do Not Follow The Marvel ContinuityAnyway do not follow the Marvel continuityAnyway is far from being Mark Millar s best world and for once he isn t teamed up with a start artist on some of these stories and it shows Up I Was Going To Rate This As Two Stars I was going to rate this as two stars last story bumps it to 3 As the Omnibus collects all 4 Ultimate Avengers mini series I put all 4 of my reviews form the individual books together If you ve read the individual reviews you will find nothing new hereBut one #Thing The Omnibus Does Have Over The #the Omnibus oes have over the hardcovers is that it s a ONE Deluxe sized stop for all of Mark Millar s second run on the UltimatesBook 1 Ultimate Comics Avengers Next GenerationMarvel Distraction (The Distraction Trilogy, did the smart thing by getting Millar back on an Ultimate title if only to win back the readers it losturing the The Ultimates 3 Who Killed the Scarlet Witch and Ultimatum series which were by all accounts a big letdown to the readership I won t go over the plot particulars since other reviewers collectively have than sufficiently covered this aspect of the book Some people Ready for School don t like Millar s stories orialogue and that s fine but at this point in his career one should know what to expect from him and not be surprised or upset when he Mountain Engines (Railway Series, delivers exactly what he is known for Millar is Millar He s figured out what works for him and he s not going to change Basically you know what you re getting into And so considering this underneath the traditional Millar shtick of people calling each other moron or idiot and shock tactics like throwing a baby out of a window for sheer entertainment value this gets top marks This story also marks the third time by my count that Millar uses the now old techniue of flying a plane atthrough the bad guy first one was in The Authority Vol 4 Transfer of Power second one was in Wolverine Enemy of the State While still fun to watch part of me wonders if maybe Millar is running out of ideas So be on the look out for another plane through bad guy as this story arc is already a few years old Also noteworthy in Nemesis 1 is the highkacking of Air Force One and it being flowncrashed in a petrol tankerAlsooes anyone else think Gregory Stark is a Why Me, Lord? dead ringer for Daniel CraigBook 2 Ultimate Comics Avengers Crime and PunishmentWhile not perfect and certainly with some things going against it this particular volume of Mark Millar s Ultimate Ave. D Hulk hope to keep Cap from his mission Then a 7 foot tall biker with a flaming skull has been brutally murdering rich and powerful men across America and the White House orders the Avengers to takeown the Ghost Rider by any means necessary Plus the half vampire Blade is used to taking out the undead one.