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Pipers PipingIronic twist in the *last sentence and a case of mistaken identity that leaves the reader reeling as always MacBride *sentence and a case of mistaken identity that leaves the reader reeling as always MacBride a dark twisted sense of the reader reeling as always MacBride has a dark twisted sense of and has a way of ratcheting up the tension and suspense in his short stories Read to erfection by narrator Ian Han It is difficult to rate each individual Twelve Days of Winter story so the following is a review of all twelve stories when read back to backI ve had Stuart MacBride s Twelve Days of Winter sitting on my Kindle for a couple of years now and each year around Christmas I tell myself to dive in and give it a read I constantly. Eleventh story in a collection of interlinked bite sized tales of crime and retribution laced with dark humour set around. .

Find myself caught up other BOOKS THOUGH AND BY THE TIME though and by the time get around to it Christmas is already over Thus I decided I would read it early this year It may only be the start of November and I m very much someone who believes such a date is too early for festivities but I wanted to make sure I was able to read it this yearTwelve Days of Winter Something Wicked provides us with twelve short stories that link together to give us a gritty tale told in the days leading up to Christmas Some of the stories are better than others but all have the usual Stuart MacBride darkness thrown in to keep us interest. The festive season – theerfect length for a short commute Includes first chapters of Shatter the Bones and Birthdays ,

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I read back to back and as a whole had an almost four star experience so close that I had to round my rating up but individually we have three star three oint five star and four star ratings Some were enjoyable than others and if you read them alone they are simply decent reads It s when you read them together that the best effect is had giving us something that ties together in a great wayAlthough Twelve Days of Winter will never be labelled my favourite Stuart MacBride read it certain kept me hooked throughout. Or the DeadWhat Could Be Festive Than could be festive than trip to see Santa at the local shopping centre Depends on who’s gunning for Sant.