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When I first started reading SFF Barbara Hambly uickly became one Of My Favorite Authors And my favorite authors and Windrose Chronicles in particular I reread every year So I was excited to find that she d also written a mystery set in Ancient Rome I love Rome Awesome But it didn t really work for meThe book has a reat premise and setup Here in the time of Trajan Marcus Silanus a noble young philosopher in training is not so secretly in love with Tullia who is betrothed to a rich Syrian merchant They are meeting and bemoaning the fact that well love with Tullia who is betrothed to a rich Syrian merchant They are meeting and bemoaning the fact that well can t marry each other when tragedy strikes A Secretos de chicas gang of ruffians jumps them and abducts Tullia They leave a little silver fish behind Horrors It s the Christians Everyone knows they re a bunch of hideous baby killers They would definitely sacrifice her So Marcus has to search the city to find her before it is Too LateSounds like aood idea right Well it s a Juicio final good idea but that s about all it is With Hambly s usual style the bookoes for the sort of atmospheric setting description that is present in all her fantasy But so many of the details are just a little bit wrong And okay maybe it doesn t bother anyone else that vomitoriums are in there Maybe it doesn t bother anyone else that pretty much every Roman name including the main character and his love interest and the uy who is unfortunately named the Latin word for couch is done wrong It interest and the uy who is unfortunately named the Latin word for couch is done wrong It not uite Rome and it kept throwing meBut I think I could have overlooked that okay maybe not the names if only I had come to care about the characters and what happened to them I didn t The Christians spent a lot of the time suabbling and accusing each other of heresies and mostly it came across as a lot like an unfunny Life of Brian that was trying too hard The Romans had the reuisite orgies and lions in the arena A lot of lions It was all just kind of meh Maybe it s that one of the things I like about Hambly s writing is the female characters and there were no women here I don t know It just wasn t especially Duelo de musculitos (Serie Gol! 26) good Un beliallo nel periodo dell antica Roma Scritto molto bene Un bell intreccio I ve reread this book a lot of times. In ancient Rome a poor philosopher races to rescue his kidnapped lover before she is abused by the sinister Christian cult The son of a wealthy Roman family Marcus ave up the prestige and riches that were his birthright to devote himself to philosophy His noble mind attracted Tullia a Senator’s daughter whose father wanted her .

The uirinal Hill AffairVivid and well researched past world though I did catch one mistake the common misconception that rich Romans had vomitoriums for puking during feasts Hambly is also particularly ood at using dramatic irony to highlight the differences between historical norms and Modern Assumptions I Never Got Tired Of assumptions I never Justicia auxiliar (Imperial Radch, got tired of at various Romans being terrified by the mere mention of Christians or passing on weird rumors about them And as always her writing is skillful characters three dimensional and sympathetic and plot nicely twisty and surprising I ve been looking for this book for ages it is one of the few by Hambly that I hadn t read so was very excited to see that it was now available as an ebook on the Kindle However I just couldn t really warm to it The first thing that threw me out of the book was the romance between Marcus and Tullia who is abducted it just didn t come across for me Secondly they were supposed to be childhood playmates but there was a six year ageap which again didn t work for me Thirdly I just didn t warm to Marcus as a hero he s a bit of a prototype Antryg I think but very much in the rough Fourthly there should have some magic And fifthly the
suabbling was all too Monty without the humour few cries of splitter would have cheered me up So a fail for me but still with Hambly s beautiful writing and amazing vocabulary A must for the completist I found it kinda slow starting and in fact read several books between starting this and finishing it But eventually I ot far enough that the inherent readability of Barbara Hambly kicked inI will say that at first I thought it was a recent book with a subtext about the current state of religious intolerance in America but no it s from 1983 Ok but not exactly my cup of tea Well I love this author and her historical mysteries but this seems like a very early effort and it s not a patch on either Lindsey Davis or Steven Saylor The descriptions of the early Roman Christians eh Hambly shows that she has a broader range than Fantasy This historical novel pokes about in the complex religiouspolitical world of ancient Rome. Stian cult He knows not what vile rituals they will expose her to and he does not want to find out His lover in danger the philosopher must turn warrior before it is too late This ebook features an illustrated biography of Barbara Hambly including rare photos and never before seen documents from the author’s personal collection?.

Barbara Hambly Î 4 Read

Over the years It s not MY FAVORITE OF HAMBLY S WORK favorite of Hambly s work it s a solid story and solid mystery It s one of those books that I always feel a little differently about in a ood way each time I read it and the older I Africanus. El hijo del cnsul get I also always feel regretful that Hambly never wrote than the one book On the one hand there are plenty of historical mysteries and after writing this she moved into the SFFenre On the other hand I would definitely have liked to read about Marcus becoming an investigator for the Praetorian Guard with Sixtus as his mentor This is Barbara Hambly s first novel and it is uite well done Good writing and ood characterization it is uite well done Good writing and ood characterization s fun to listen to the heated jailhouse theological arguments of the members of that dreaded dangerous cult the Christians Ms Hambly knows her history and this is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of historical fiction decent historical mysterysuspense A mystery set in Imperial Rome Marcus the youngest son of an arrogant patrician has renounced his family s money and power in order to become a philosopher He s in love with his neighbor and childhood playmate Tullia but unfortunately her father is a politician and one interested in arranging a marriage for her that will bring in money and alliances than one with a penniless scholar Just before Tullia s marriage to a Syrian merchant she is abducted by a vicious and notorious cult the Christians Marcus sets out to find her along with the help of Arrius a centurion of the Praetorian Guard Sixtus Julianus former Y por eso rompimos - Episodio 7 governor of Antioch and currently writing an encyclopedia on eastern cults and somewhat of a Sherlock Holmes cliche though his character deepens in unexpected ways as the bookoes on and Churaldin a CELTIC SLAVE THOUGH SEARCH THE SEVEN slave Though Search the Seven alternatively titled The uirinal Hill Affair in some editions was one of the first books published by Hambly originally appearing in 1983 it bears a striking resemblance to her later writing There s a focus on underrepresented Lolita Butterfly. Alérgica al campo groups slaves women members of minority religions the skillful use of modern language styles to represent historical dialects and the recreation of O have nothing to do with the penniless intellectual The news that she is to marry a prosperous merchant shatters Marcus whooes to her house hoping to plead his case only to see her attacked and abducted by disguised ruffians That she was kidnapped is tragedy enough and it ets worse when he learns who took her the sinister Chri.
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