Collins Awakening Phoenix Rising # 1 Phoenix Rising # 1 (READ)

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I m very glad that I listened to a *FRIEND S RECOMMENDATION AND READ THIS FIRST BOOK IN *s recommendation and read this first book in Phoenix Rising series The entire concept and story is very different from the normal shifter vampire demon or faerie stories and I was very intrigued by the differenceCollin Phoenix wakes up in a cold morgue naked on a metal table with a toe tag on He has no clue how he got there or exactly what happened Throwing a sheet on he runs out of there and makes it to a homeless shelter gets clothes because its winter out and he s freezing a warm bowl of soup and then he remembers dying Terrified beyond belief he rushes home to Riojos his partner and lover of three earsRiojos has been drunk for three days ever since watching his love die in front of him When the knock comes at the door he stumbles blindly to it only to open it to a mirage of his Collin He can t understand it and thinks its Collin s ghost After passing out he wakes up to discover he wasn t dreaming and it s not a ghost Hearing noise outside he and Collin desperately run from two large men with guns What nowThey end up being chased with still no clue about what Collin is although they do discover he was adopted and that he s now immortal On the run with Collin s parents they are trying to get to the bottom of this insanity before the bad guys get themThis was a very fun book and I really enjoyed it I liked that the book ended without answering some uestions so the mystery wasn t all tied up in a neat little bow As I said it was a different type of paranormal and I m very excited to read the others in the seriesNOTE This book was provided Siren Publishing for the purpose of a review Too many holes And Inconsistencies To Be Concept Is inconsistencies to be likable Concept is but it s neither explained well or integrated into the story It started off well but then went downhill Hopefully the next one is better Collin s Awakening Phoenix Rising 1 is written by two of my favorite light MM authors Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen I wasn t s 2012 ReviewCircumstances forced me to take a lot of long breaks with this one which is a pity For the most part I really enjoyed itIt had a nicely mysterious feel to it and not ev. Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters public exhibition Riojos and Collin were lovers partners and best friends When Collin is killed in a senseless car accident Riojos is sent into a drunken stupor Unable to live without the love he shared with Collin he's ready to. ,

Collins Awakening Phoenix Rising # 1 Phoenix Rising # 1Erything was answered by the end of this first volume We still haven t actually been told what Collin has transformed into it seems safe to he is a phoenix Given the series title that hardly constitutes a spoilerThe protagonists were endearing and I liked the other characters with viewpoint as well they re obviously set up as mains for the next few books Unexpectedly the very thing that put me off reading this ie the fact that the couple had already been together for three ears made it all the believable and sweetIt was very funny too at times so *It Felt Like A Good *felt like a good to a fresh seriesHowever at one point things fell apart slightly The one that introduced the existence of mates What bothered me was not just the concept of it with its clich d nature but that the next scene began so abruptly and without the previous one having truly concluded that it took me a full page to realize the two were alone now Only the sex kind of made that clearAlso the sudden revelation that Collin apparently died on his twenty first birthday We already know that they were together for Three Years And That Riojos years And that Riojos a detective Huh Did not expect the implied age gap It kind of gives their relationship a slightly different spin if they got together when Collin was barely legal That he is still so oung now also tinges Riojos dominant behaviour with a foul taste I find this very sad because I had liked the two of them together up to that point It was part of what I enjoyed most hereI m really not happy with the abandon people are view spoilermade immortal either For one thing it should be difficult and involve some sort of personal sacrifice for the phoenix plus there should be a lot deliberation Yeah he s told to not go around and immortalize everyone but there doesn t really seem to be a limit and with his kind heart ou just know he will try to save everyone Since there obviously are others of his kind how is it that the world is not saturated with immortals by now Well maybe it is in this series universe but that just seems disappointing hide spoiler I have about twenty reviews to write today so I m just going to paste my notes here May. Take his own life Their lives change forever when Collin comes homefrom the morgue Collin has always heard a low buzzing in his head but when the buzzing turns to voices Collin must make sense of the path his life has taken Coming back to life throws him into a world he never knew existed as his lover Ri. Be I ll turn them into an actual review at some pointWhy do I read this crap Collin acts like a little boy once he s with RiojoAt least the premise is different He would be livid he hadn t been told view spoilerhe was adopted hide spoiler Re read 08092020Great premise but the development is lacking I would like very much see the end of this series but had nothing published since 2012 This story FOR ME was fantasticIt was funny different kind of *plot and very enjoyable The only thing that it didn t change *and very enjoyable The only thing that it didn t change the characters physical s appearance the big alpha male with typical lynn hagen serial romance nothing fantastic nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical lynn hagen imagine a shorter harleuin romance but with no ta see i was going to write no surprise pregnancies but eah out of sheer laziness i will be using this as my template for all books by lynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted i d apologize but i m not sorry i figure it s about as much time as they put into their books dammit well i made it all the way to the end being rather moderate in my assessment that s a win 25 stars Collin s Awakening Phoenix Rising 1 is written by two of my favorite light MM authors Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen I wasn t sure what to expect with this book because it is the first in a new series but I wasn t disappointedThe opening chapter of the book finds one of the main character s Collin waking up in a morgue and the pace of the book takes off from there We are introduced to the love of Collin s life Detective Riojos Fernando when he has been on a three day bender over the loss of Collin only to have Collin waltz right back into his life Once Riojos decides Collin is real and not a figment of his drunk imagination the bad guys come gunning for Collin but Rio refuses to lose his lover again and the two of the go on the run We meet many characters along the way including Riojos brother a suspicious police detective Collin s parents several bad guys and a couple of good guys who know than they tell let onTo read the rest of Gennie s review please visithttpwwwguiltypleasuresbookreviews. Ojos tries desperately to keep Collin alive The two fight to make sense of Collin's rebirth and the people out to kill Collin again They discover the love they have for one another runs deeper than anything they could have ever imagined as the wicked hunt them down and a phoenix rises A Siren Erotic Roman.