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Ed herself enough It did not take me #long to become disgusted with Desire just as I was disgusted with aunt What type of friend is # to become disgusted with Desire just as I was disgusted with aunt What type of friend is your brother rapes your own friend and you re in denial about the Whole Situation Then Spread LIES Then Ya situation then spread LIES then ya become friends years later what complete bullshit just because you forgive someone doesn t mean you have to have them in your Life Linda Malik Truly Linda Malik truly to be behind bars what a complete sicko I hate when men like him et away with the fucked up bullshit that they do So Is Linda Desire birth mother or what if so then how can you do your own child like that for a nigga who wasn t around long enough I hate mothers like that It just seems like no I Was A Stranger good characters were in the book besides baby Shyne Desire is no better than her mothers how can you want to kill your own son because he may or not have HIV the writer should have put some thought into this book how can you not know if you are or not HIV positive this broad definitely should ve went to the clinic and attempt to take better care of her unborn childThis book really did not make any types of sense I am kind oflad I rushed through through this bullshit really hope there isn t a part 2 to this if so I hope someone tries to do right by baby Shyne and ive him a better chance at life because that sick fuck of a mom is doesn t need to be in the same room as that poor bab. Not even her best friend Jennifer who unwittingly helps Desire find her victims Will Desire realize the error of her ways before it's too lateTia Hines delivers a powerful message in this cautionary tale full of action and dram. .
That Girl is PoisonSad Good book the endinghope there is a part 2 That Girl Is Poison is a book about a 13 year old irl named Desire from Boston #Who Gets Raped Has HIVPregnant # gets raped has HIVPregnant lives a very difficult and sad lifeDesire s mother abandoned her at the age of 13 to o live with a man who doesn t want children so her Uncle Frank decides to take her in As Desire live at the house with her uncle his wife Linda abuses and beat on her for no "reason but because Desire respect and admire her uncle so much she has "but because Desire respect and admire her uncle so much she has choice but to let it happen and not fight back She meets a uy name Malik that she has been war OMG this whole thing is crazy The way it s written definitely seems like this terrible roller coaster of a story could be real but boy oh boy is it depressing Desire is kicked standing and lying down and she makes terrible decisions on top of the terrible treatment she experiences Ooooh wee I don t even know what else to say about this book except that I ll be reading books by this authorafter I have a drink LOL Loved The Audio Portion Loved The audio portion loved the ARE YOU SERIOUS I cannot believe I manged to et through this tangle of web calledThAt GirL Is PoISonthe book was just all over the place some situations did not seem real and others felt rushed What happened to Desire was NOT RIGHT I also don t think she had even time to deal with what occurred properly nor do I believe she educat. Ets involved with Malik who shatters her hope and trust by leaving her pregnant and infected with HIV So hardened she decides to do the unspeakable purposely infecting people with her disease Of course no one knows of her intent. .
This book is a reat read for the youth of today where sex is lamorized this book will make to you think two and three times before you make decisions about your make to you think two and three times before you make decisions about your life Very touching life learning story OMG I kept forgetting how old the main character was So many problems Had to think back to my teenage years They were nothing like hers She lived two rown people lives The story was full of drama as the synopsis stated You were hit with so much that you couldn t catch your breath The narrator Tania Romulus

Was Perfect The Story Moved 
perfect #The Story Moved Almost A Little Uickly # story moved Almost a little uickly there were times that the timeline seemed a bit fluid and sometimes the reactions or actions by young Desire didn t make sense It 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts goes without saying the characters were all interesting even those I came to despise I kept waiting for the demise of a certain mother figure This was overwhelming at times but all in all a solid listen wow the major eye opener to think some people might actually live their life to still other peoples life intentionally I think this is a awesome book thus far only because of the realness of the subject a must read Mehn Where do I even begin Desire was so stupid but yet I still felt sorry for her She was a confused sick attention seeking young lady who had a messed up life yet that didn tive her the right to play God and ruin people s lives as well Great book but very. Desire Jones is a young hot to trot teen who lives life on the edge Abandoned by her mother she yearns for love and attention Her uncle shelters her but life is impossible to bear with his abusive wife To make things worse she

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