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Nt one are interesting characters There wasn t enough involvement by Mammy Walsh who would have added some humour to a humourless storyAlthough the other characters are well drawn they seem to float around the periphery and rarely are asked to participate in the story Make no mistake this is a story about Helen Walsh s depression and little else They mystery element of the story is non existent I d guessed early on what had happened to Wayne Diffney and it was excruciating waiting for the revealMarian Keyes had the potential to take Helen Walsh on a witty fun and engaging ride but plodded on in minute detail about her depression and buried a great character under a heavy cloud Although I do understand that Marian was coming out of a deep depression as she wrote this book a better editor would have pulled back some of the detail A better editor would also have used their red pen on the excessive use of the word very it was clunky and amateurishI refuse to give up on Marian Keyes despite this stumble and I m looking forward to her finishing her current story So disappointing I love Marian Keyes and I love the Walsh sisters Granted I haven t loved each and every one of Marian Keyes s books but when she gets it right her books are amazing the perfect blend of silly chick lit shallowness lots of talk about shopping fashion being irresponsible with money etc and the harsh reality of addiction depression abuse and so on I had to force myself to finish this book which makes it better than Angels which I couldn t bring myself to finish But it is really rather boring It could have been a great book if it dealt with the first time Helen became depressed and the reactions of those around her and all the crazy ideas people suggested to her to help her overcome her depression which is only briefly mentioned in one of the many flashbacks The mystery in the story was really boring and the book seemed confused as to whether it was chiefly about the mystery or about Helen s depression The book doesn t do a good ob of explaining why Helen is depressed and I ust couldn t believe that she would end up in a relationship with a divorcee with three kids Also the revelations about Bronagh and Jay at the end were really rather mundane I m glad Marian Keyes is writing again after her horrible depressive episode but it could have been so much Watermelon introduced the Walsh family in 1995 featuring Claire while subseuent titles focused on her sisters Rachel Rachel s Holiday Maggie Angels and Anna Anybody Out There I was excited to discover that with The Mystery of Mercy Close Marian Keyes after a six year gap features the last of the sisters HelenThe youngest of the siblings Helen Walsh has proved to be acerbic strong willed and a little eccentric during her cameo appearances in her sister s books After trialing a number of careers Helen had finally found success as a private investigator only for the GFC to erode her client base Now unable to pay her mortgage and with the fog of depression rolling in Helen is forced to move back home with her parents and keen that her lover of six months doesn t learn the truth When Jay Parker an ex boyfriend wants to hire Helen to find a missing member of the boy band on the comeback trail he promotes she is is too tempted by the offer to double her fee to refuse Wayne Difney proves to be maddeningly elusive though and with only days to find him and an uncanny ability to alienate any possibly #HELPFUL LEADS HELEN IS WARY THAT SHE WILL BREAK #leads Helen is wary that she will break the case doesHelen is both a hilarious and sympathetic protagonist brusue and cynical she is also hilarious and sympathetic protagonist brusue and cynical she is also and fragile The Mystery of Mercy Close has a serious issue at it s core as does all of the Walsh sister s novels While it is amusing that Helen adores a range of house paint with shades named Gangrene Wound and Decay and loads her pockets with tins of strawberries in an attempt to drown herself the author explores Helen s struggle with herself and others as she tries to push back the dread and anxiety that is creeping over her Helen is devastated that her battle with depression is not over after defeating an earlier episode that saw her hospitalised Given Keye s own admitted history with depression such keen insight into her character s illness should not be surprisingWhile Helen s ourney including the development of her relationships with Artie Jay and her family sustains the book the plot surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Wayne Diffney provides a solid framework for the story The Laddz desperate for a successful reunion concert to reverse their fortunes have their own secrets and Helen has to navigate their past to save their futureI really enjoyed The Mystery of Mercy Close and fans of the Walsh sisters will be thrilled to see the return of the siblings It s not necessary to have read the previous installments as this is truly Helen s book and works well as a stand alone as this is truly Helen s book and works well as a stand alone fair warning you will want of the Walsh girls and Marian Keyes when you have finishedMy Shovel ListPeople who leave shopping trolleys in car park spaces even though the trolley return is ust a few meters awayAny heel height above 1 inch I don t believe in themBrussel sprouts ughTelemarketer phone calls at dinner timeAnyone who says they don t have the time to read Marian Keyes is so fabulous because she can weave laugh out loud humour with serious issues and somehow it works without belittling said issuesI have read a couple of books about the Walsh family series my favourite so far is and find them funny but poignant Mammy Walsh is hilariousThis book is about Helen Walsh who is currently a private investigator asked to look into the disappearance of the integral member of a boy band making a big comeback in IrelandHelen is in a bit of a pickle the recession has been hard on her and the bailiffs have call What can I say I m a huge fan of Walsh sisters. T and panic in eual measure But most of all it's an excellent distraction from the huge swarm of black vultures gathering over her head If she hides out in her target's empty house on Mercy Close for long enough maybe they'll go away But as Helen begins to unravel the mysteries secreted on Mercy Close she discovers a kindred spirit in a man unwilling to be found Could someone be telling her to look a little closer to home. ,

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Fans everywhere were eagerly awaiting the return of Marian Keyes and her latest book The Mystery Of Mercy Close and we weren t disappointed This book not only sees the return of one of the greatest authors around but also the return of The Walsh sisters and in this particular book focusing on HelenMarian Keyes has to be praised for doing a fantastic ob in highlighting mental health and depression It seems to be something that isn t addressed as much as it should be and Marian Keyes has not only ust highlighted it but she has given her many readers a big insight into what life is like with mental health not only adding a lot of depth to the story but a lot of knowledge too As someone who has relations who suffer with mental health I really loved that Marian Keyes has had the courage to write about this and I think this As a Marian Keyes fan I m afraid I was deeply disappointed with her latest work The editor must take a fair portion of the blame for failing to hit the delete button where meanderings and wafflings threaten to overwhelm the plot The protagonist is a private detective who tends to rely on instinct rather than actual clues to find the missing member of a re united boy band The fact that the reader picks up on the clues before she does becomes irritating as does the relentless okey tone The severity of the depression from which our PI suffers is almost compulsively undermined by this tone Which is a shame because Keyes take on depression comes from personal experience and she provides us with some deeply moving and insightful glimpses of how the the depressed mind functions or doesn t before tripping off into funny land There is a good book between the covers it Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy just needs a strong edit I will start this brief review by saying that for me Marian Keyes can do no wrong I love her books and her sense of humor This book was no exception The characters were funny and engaging The mystery was well thought out with red herrings some uite clever The book is ostensibly about a missing rock star I ll use that term loosely since he is a former boy band member What the book is really about is depression both having depression and others reactions to it I found it to be an honest and refreshing treatment of the subject Too often women s fiction about depression takes itself so seriously that the books themselves are depressing and having been there I can tell you that is the last thing you need The dialogue both inner and actual reveals truths about depression with an accuracy that can only be expressed by someone who has been there Overall an interesting mystery plot enjoyable characters laugh out loud humor all add up to a highly recommended read Private investigator Helen Walsh is going through a rough patch The economic downturn means that no one has the money to hire PI s any The sort of business that once kept her income steady has dried up and now Helen has had almost all of her possessions repossessed and had to move out of her beloved flat and back in with her parentsWhen her ex Jay Parker comes offering her aob Helen doesn t want to take it But Jay s money is too good and Helen desperately needs the work Jay is putting together a reunion of one of Ireland s most popular boybands and one of the members Wayne Diffney has disappeared without a trace Wayne was reluctant to take part in the reunion concert but he swore he d be there and now with ust a week to go there s no sign of him jay wants helen to find wayne and find wants Helen to find Wayne and find fast there s a lot of money riding on this and a lot of people stand to lose big time if the tour gets cannedHelen can t help but end up intrigued She falls in love with Wayne s place painted and decorated exactly to her tastes had she been able to afford it She s distrustful of the other band members who all seem to have various things riding on this tour and things they might not be telling her And most of all she doesn t trust Jay Parker she hates Jay Parker even if he does feel sorry for what happened between them a year agoHelen s personal life is also in a bit of a tangle she s met a man named Artie that she fancies rotten only Artie comes with the added complication of three children one of which hates her guts and an ex wife named Vonnie who is alarmingly all too present in Artie s day to day life Helen isn t the domestic type so she s okay with the fairly separate lives at first but she finds herself wondering where she stands in the life of a man who already has one And lurking at the back of her mind is the blackness she thought she d beaten a dark depression that threatens to rear its head again and drag her back down underI love Marian Keyes I d read that woman s grocery list I ve read and adored all her novels but the Walsh sister s books are my favourites in particular Rachel s Holiday and Anybody Out There This is the fifth and final Walsh sister book the story of the youngest sister Helen a periphery but forceful character in the previous books Helen was well known for her sharp tongue and even Keyes herself mentioned in interviews she was frightened of writing Helen s story because she is such a formidable character even in books that weren t about her However Helen s story is finally here and I regarded it with eual parts excitement and anticipation Would I be able to like with eual parts excitement and anticipation Would I be able to like as a protagonistThe short answer is yes Helen is smart and funny but still retains her disdain for people and most things in general She has a Shovel List It s of a conceptual thing It s a list of all the people and things I hate so much that I want to hit them in the face with a shovel Various things on the Shovel List are hot drinks doesn t believe in them Birkenstocks all types of music doesn t trust girls who like music any type of spiritual New Age book or CD and people
Who Shudder And Say EWWWW 
shudder and say EWWWW is still as grumpy as she ever was but Keyes manages to soften and I employ this thing called The Shovel List''A shovel ''No A Shovel List It's of a conceptual thing It's a list of all the people and things I hate so much that I want to hit them in the face with a shovel'Meet Helen youngest of the Walsh sisters and a law unto herself She's easily bored has an inability to filter her thoughts and was fired from every ob she ever had before she found her true calling as a private investig. The Mystery of Mercy CloseUmanise her with the fact that Helen suffers from depression Keyes own battle with depression is something that has been well documented through interviews and it s obvious she draws upon her own experiences in the past to help flesh out Helen s There s some truly chilling descriptions such asBut I knew it was than that Blackness was rising inside me rolling up from my gut like an oily poison and a heavier outside blackness was compressing me like I was descending in a liftandI ve heard people say that having depression is like being hounded by a big black dog Or like being encased in glass It was different for me I felt like I d been poisoned Like my brain was suirting out dirty brown toxins polluting everything my vision and my taste buds and most of my thoughtsHelen often thinks about ending her life within the book regular readers of the Walsh sisters books will remember what a strong and forceful confident character she was so Keyes has used her as a gentle reminder that anyone can be struck down by this Helen will readily admit that she s close to her family they have an unconventional relationship but they re close She s pursuing things with Artie taking it slowly And she loves her ob Her home life or childhood was not traumatic or a catalyst It s not the spiral into the economic depression that fueled hers the depression that resides with in her over the course of this novel is recurring something she thought that she d beaten once before and she s devastated that it has come back She isn t sure she has the strength to keep fighting these feelings to face the knowledge that it could be months even years before they go away And that even if they go away there s no guarantee they ll never be backThe Mystery Of Mercy Close is such a multi layered novel On the surface it s an innocent story of Helen searching for a boyband member who has up and disappeared but dig a little deeper and it s so much than that The mystery itself is truly enjoyable and uite unexpectedly complex as Helen deals with dissolute and ego maniacal boyband members Wayne s suitably distraught family and an underground personality named Harry who seems to have a vested interest in Wayne s reappearance There s also Helen s personal life Keyes went a heck of a different route than I expected her to go romantically with Helen and it really works Artie and his family are well fleshed out characters with enough distance to make you wonder whether or not he and Helen can really make a go of it or is he looking like heading back into the arms of Vonnie his apparently friendly ex wife And then there s Jay Parker who clearly has a history with Helen but what is it Will they sort out their differencesThis book has been worth every minute of the wait Anybody Out There the previous Walsh sister book was published in 2006 so fans have been waiting 6 long years for Helen s story two other novels have been published in that time This Charming Man and The Brightest Star In The Sky taking a break from the Walsh girls and also Saved By Cake Keyes story of finding solace in baking and Keyes has delivered on all levels Helen keeps her acerbic and grumpy nature but she s not so unpleasant when you re peeking into her own life as she was about everybody else s There s a lot of laughs in this book but it retains a serious core of looking at an important issue highlighting and addressing it stripping it bare for people to see experience and try and understand It works I have been waiting for Helen Walsh s story for a long time I started to think it wouldn t be written simply because it couldn t be written How was Helen ever going to come off as a real let alone sympathetic character when she was so snarky and over the top in all her guest appearances that was in all her guest appearances That was the fun of the other Walsh books waiting for Helen to show up and say something wildly inappropriate and insensitive But could she sustain a whole bookI should never have underestimated Marian Keyes though because we ve finally gotten Helen s story and she is real believable and completely sympathetic while still being the slightly dangerous unpredictable Helen we ve come to know love and fear ust a littleAs usual from Marian Keyes this book has laugh out loud funny moments particularly Mammy Walsh s description of a pop star s dance movesI
Won T Give It Away 
t give it away trust and the slow reveal of the main character s personal trauma that lies in the background Helen still has her edge but she has been softened by what she has experienced and that is what makes her work as a has been softened by what she has experienced and that is what makes her work as a And Keyes is still the best at describing and depicting emotion so that you almost feel it right along with the character This is especially true in her last Walsh book Anybody Out There but true for this one as wellThe mystery is not as mysterious as fans may want if they are also hard core mystery readers But anyone who has dealt with depression or grief on any level will recognize that what is obvious in your clear moments is NOT obvious when you are dealing with the crap attention span brain fog and memory issues that go hand in hand with mental illness I thought it was very realistic that it took awhile for the dime to drop for Helen even though she had the clues fairly early So that didn t bother me at allOne thing that did keep me guessing throughout was how the love story was going to pan out At one point there was enough of a complication pile on that I Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival just could not see how Keyes was ever going to resolve everything But she did and Mercy Close has one of the most satisfying endings of all her books I am still a huge fan and dying to read her next 45 stars Such a disappointing book The pace of the story is too slow and there is so little action Romance is light on the ground and there is little exploration of Helen Walsh s relationships which is a pity as both Jay Parker the ex and Artie Devlin the curre. Ator But times are tough for PIs and Helen's had no choice but to take on the search for AWOL boyband has been Wayne Diffney The Wacky OneIt's not all bad this game of Where's Wayne It may have brought her charming crook of an ex Jay Parker back into her life but it's giving her an excuse to avoid the usual Walsh family dramas and the intense looks from her gorgeous boyfriend Artie that make her heart beat wildly with lus.