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A very intriguing befuddling and mind bending read The authors approach in attempting to unravel this century old mystery was thorough and professional start to finish Each writer maintained his own particular narrative but all were well articulated and objective Some of the best modern day paranormal investigators I ve come across in a while Still the mystery stands However with exhaustive paranormal references listed as comparisons and folkloric tales from days gone by pulled into sharp focus this trio didn references listed as comparisons and folkloric tales from days gone by pulled into sharp focus this trio didn miss a beat Or Come Up For come up for They worked very hard and as a result compiled a great book on an old and obscure happening of high strangeness one I had never before heard of and I thought I knew of most Kept my interest and made me search for An almost exhaustingly detailed examination of an unusual little known cryptid that haunted a small town in Iowa for three days in 1903 Lewis Voss and Nelson have really umped into the story of the Visitor waist deepThe book begins with a short history of the town of Van Meter along with an exact chronology of the events surrounding the Visitor sightings as detailed by newspapers of the time anyway and brief but detailed biographies of all the principle witnessesThe second part of the book explores theories as to what the mysterious creature might have been Ideas range from a deliberate hoax to mass hysteria fed by a few odd but naturally explained events to misidentification of large birds though the writer of that particular essay dismisses all possible culprits to the possibility that the Visitor was an alien or perhaps something even bizarre My personal favorite from a speculative fiction standpoint anyway is Nelson s theory that the creature may have been an ultraterrestrial a term originally coined by paranormal investigator John Keel which refers to a being from a dimension adjacent to ours that temporarily slipped into our reality through a window in space and time It s a really interesting idea and even if I don t entirely believe it the concept of ultraterrestrial beings makes for great story materialIf there is anything negative to say about the book it is only that the writers seem to have concluded from the beginning that the Visito A terrific find on a creature I had never heard of before I loved that the book is deeply researched and explores in depth many of the possibilities for the weird creature without forcing any belief on the reader Basically the beast was some sort of giant bat like thing that showed up in rural Iowa during the early 1900s The whole time I was reading this I was thinking that it would make the perfect Hollywood movie some sort of real Cowboys vs Aliens What truly got me looking over my shoulder at night were the witness descriptions of the creature and how ineffective their attempts at killing it were I especially enjoyed the onsite research and expeditions that the authors took along with reading the original newspaper articles that were included at the back of the bookOverall this was a nice addition to go along with the well known cryptid stories out there Thanks in large part to horror films and cable reality paranormal shows the immense amount of time and effort legitimate paranormal investigators spend in libraries and historical societies chasing down leads is largely ignored Most people are only interested in the sexy aspects of the haunting or cryptid visitation Who Got Chased Frightened Possessed got chased frightened possessed injured What dark menace is lurking in the corner Are there Runaway Pumpkins jump scares as the investigators walk insane asylum hallways in the green glow of night vision technology Viewers don t realize that paranormal investigators are in large partournalists and historians tracking down the history that provides the context for the paranormal phenomena at play One of the world s best known paranormal investigators was John Keel of Mothman fame He was also a The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated): Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn journalist So was his counterpart in the film The Mothman Prophecies It is theournalist s instincts for finding the hidden facts buried beneath or adjacent to the known ones that drive the good paranormal investigator Christopher O Brien s Stalking the Herd about cattle mutilations is a thick exhaustive testament to the value of mining newspaper clippings police reports and other firsthand accountsMy forthcoming book Watch Out for the Hallway Our Two Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in For several nights in 1903 the small town of Van Meter Iowa was terrorized by a giant bat like creature that emerged from an old abandoned mine The identity of. ,

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Summary The Van Meter Visitor


Orth Carolina co authored with my wife Tonya a talented medium owes as much to dozens of hours of research as it does to the 150 plus hours we spent investigating the library itself There were plenty of dead ends but also corroborations and finds in the form of documents and photographs that made all the hours worth it illuminating the messages we heard and physical "phenomena we experiencedSo I can appreciate the work that the three authors "we experiencedSo I can appreciate the work that the three authors The Van Meter Visitor put into this volume I am taking my time with this aspect of the book because there are a surprising number of negative reviews of the book that sadly confuse indispensible research with filler of some kind I hope this review serves in part to undo some of this mistaken criticismLewis Voss and Nelson all of whom have impressive resum s in the field as evidenced by the About the Authors section situate a limited sighting of winged horned cryptids over several nights in the small town of Van Meter Iowa in 1903 in a series of expanding circles of interest As one would expect they begin by laying out the history of Van Meter as well as all of the major players the town s business owners and other prominent citizens who encountered the creatures In this first section appropriately titled History they relate the story which is fascinating reading recalling similar winged cryptids like the Mothman but with its own uniue twists This section is authored almost entirely by LewisThe second section Theories is as strong as it is because the authors took the time to provide plenty of historical geographical economic and human context We already feel 40 pages in that we know and trust both the people of Van Meter and the authors themselves In the Theories section the three authors look at a variety of possible explanations including a primer on cryptids featuring several similar cases such as the Jersey Devil another on large birds of prey the UFOAlien connection that is prevalent in many cryptid sightings such as of Mothman Bigfoot and Skinwalkers thunderbirds and thoughtforms the latter of which is currently of great interest because of the Slenderman phenomena and ultraterrestrial theories a standout survey chapter that runs 30 plus pages the section on uantum physics and the holographic universe demonstrates that the authors are using all of our modern tools in their work The three authors all contribute chapters to the closing section Final Thoughts Their summations responsibly explore a number of possible explanations and there are no firm statements made about what the citizens of Van Meter encountered 115 years ago Their theories all connect back to the information from the previous two sectionsOverall The Van Meter Visitor serves a dual purpose as a primer about the Van Meter mystery that allows the reader to pick up where the authors left off in their investigation armed with abundant historical sociological and cryptological context the two appendices offer a list of businesses operating in Van Meter in 1903 and an array of local and national newspaper accounts of the incident and also as a handbook on the components and countless hours that go into a thorough paranormal investigationAs if these two aspects were not enough an extra bonus is the Foreword by the recently deceased author of over 80 books on the paranormal and spirituality Brad Steiger The book also features abundant historical photographs of the people and places in Van Meter many provided with help from the local features abundant historical photographs of the people and places in Van Meter many provided with help from the local which help to close the century plus time gap for the reader The Van Meter Visitor is a textbook example of how to do a thorough investigation written by seasoned passionate professionals who bring to light a fascinating cryptid that has not yet gotten its fair share of attention and consideration It should be a part of any investigator s or enthusiast s library alongside Keel Guiley Redfern Steiger and the rest of the pillars of the field of paranormal investigation Kudos to the authors on a Les Miserables (Les Misrables) job well done Bottom line I was entertained and I learned some history Books on cryptozoologycryptids are not my standard fare so I can notudge if this one is good by the standards of such or not To be fair I would not have picked it up if not for the link to my hometownSince this is a small press book and may in future be hard to lay hands on I present a chapter by chapter summary Warning spoilers and probabl. This mysterious visitor was never discovered Over 100 years later three researchers set out to Van Meter to shine a light on this amazingly bizarre case Filled. ,
The Van Meter VisitorY overly harsh ribbing ahoyChapter 1 Unearthing a Legend by Chad Lewis So we were trying to figure out something to do in IowaChapter 2 Where is Van Meter Literally a map of Iowa with Van Meter markedChapter 3 Early History of Van Meter by Chad Lewis Exactly what it says on the tin AKA the really interesting part for me personallyChapter 4 History of the Brick Factory and Mine by Chad Lewis More of exactly what it saysChapter 5 Paranormal Beliefs of 1903 Van Meter by Chad Lewis We have no idea but the Spiritualism movement was dying down and Lake Okoboji had a sea monster sighting So then the Raccoon River near Van Meter got one too With mentions of Fort Dodge s Terror Bridge and wildman Chapter 6 1903 Witnesses by Chad Lewis Dramatis PersonaeChapter 7 The Van Meter Visitor A Chronology of Events by Noah Voss Ladies and Gentlemen Here is the bit you re all here for Twenty one pages of retelling of the events of Sept 29th to Oct 3rd 1903 and the visitation of the VisitorChapter 8 Cryptozoological Derivations Exploring the Possible Connection to Countless Other Creature Sightings by Noah Voss Recounting other contemporaneous cryptids with and without wings the Jersey Devil the Snallygaster flying crocodiles Chilean Dragons and for some reason Spring Heeled JackChapter 9 Blatant Hoax or Practical Joker by Chad Lewis It could have been a hoax But the researchers gut feeling is that it wasn tChapter 10 Possible UFOAlien Connection by Chad Lewis I m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens OK probably not But around that time there was a rash of mysterious airship sightingsChapter 11 Misidentifications An Examination by Noah not But around that time there was a rash of mysterious airship sightingsChapter 11 Misidentifications An Examination by Noah Here are all the big birds owls and bats that it wasn tChapter 12 The Haunting of the Platt Brick Factory by wasn tChapter 12 The Haunting of the Platt Brick Factory by Lewis Oh by the way the old brick factory may also be haunted The researchers decide to spend the night Nothing happensChapter 13 Mass Hysteria A Closer Look at the Terror by Chad Lewis Have you heard about the Mad Gasser of Mattoon IL We don t think that was really mass hysteria eitherChapter 14 The Ultraterrestrial Theory Tricksters Daimons and uantum Consciousness by Kevin Lee Nelson Remember when we didn t think it was aliens Well what about being from another dimensionparallel universe That could totally Happen Forty Pages Of Barely Forty pages of barely material I mostly skimmed this oneChapter 15 What Happened to the Mysterious Footprint by Chad Lewis Four pages in which the researchers perhaps unsurprisingly fail to find the plaster cast of the Visitor s footprint after 110 yearsChapter 16 Early Encounters Thunderbirds or Thoughtforms by Kevin Lee Nelson For fun lets look at the legends of the Native Americans and one legend fabricated in 1836Chapters 17 18 19 20 by all three authors Van Meter should really have one of those small towny festivals devoted to the Visitor call it Visitor Days They could block off Main Street have a beer garden the Lions Club could sell food We could sell books Get some tourist in here You know not much happens in Van Meter Not even now Hey guys did we figure anything out in this book Nah really we Syntactic Pattern Recognition And Applications just asked a bunch of uestions and speculated wildly It s really hard to write a whole book on one newspaper articleAppendix In which is reprinted all the original newspaper articles hint only the first one counts Most of the rest are reprintsrewordings of the first article Much like chapter 7 the real reason interested parties would pick up the book DNFThis book is a good example on why I cannot take real paranormal books seriously The majority of this book isust wild theories and twisted scientific facts to try and prove that monsters can and do exist This time it is a lesser known monster that appeared briefly in a small town in 1903 The only evidence for this creature s appearence is a newspaper article It s pretty obvious that in a time of fantastical newspaper stories and hoaxes this is The Brontës Went to Woolworths just one of those The authors do discuss that possibility but make it well known that they believe in monsters but also believe this monster isust as real as bigfoot or nessie Not really enough of a story here to write an entire book about They spent a lot of time talking vaguely about the extra dimensions of string theory meaning that ultradimensional beings might be an explanation for basically any paranormal occurrence which is such a general idea as to be essentially meaningless in my opinio. With eye witness reports historic photos and current accounts of the paranormal this in depth book looks to discover what really happened in the town of Van Met.