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Ave to keep throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks Your wall is coated in spaghetti Knock it off I received an advance review copy of this novel from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and for that I am very gratefulKensington Books Lyrical Underground is re issuing the William W Johnstone horror catalog which is cause for great celebration for Fans Of The Great A Golden Age Horror Novels Of of the great a golden age horror novels of 70 s and 80 s I oved the urid covers of these pulp horror novels from Johnstone Masterton Coyne Saul Laymon Slade and others Johnstone was always one of my favorites Not only were the covers evil the stories inside were just as advertised These were not PG horror stories and anyone reading these books knew for certain that the usual rules did not apply No character no matter how appealing was safe There was no expectation that good would triumph over evil Many of these stories were so disturbing that I wonder if they would even be published today Strangely enough I have been ooking periodically for his novels to come out in e book form because I wanted to read them again I kept ooking but only recently noticed some of his Devil s Kiss "etc series but none of the stand alone novels Then came these Kensington Books editions "series but none of the stand alone novels Then came these Kensington Books editions hope they reprint all of his evil ittle masterpiecesJohnstone Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice likes evil toys and boy is this one a doozy He alsoikes evil children and they don t get nastier than Nora Baxter This novel will never be made into a movie it is much they don t get nastier than Nora Baxter This novel will never be made into a movie it is much disturbing Yet for all the bloodletting I never felt that it was purely for show or showing off as the splatterpunk authors tend to do I got a sense that Johnstone took the conflict of good and evil seriously and that there was a message hidden in all the mayhemIf you didn t grow up with Johnstone and enjoy horror then he is definitely reuired reading and these editions are a fantastic place to start I plan on collecting the whole series They don t write them En plein coeur like this any William M Johnstone s Jack in the Box is an enjoyable horror novel that was published originally in the 80 s and it does have that 80 s vibe to the story with itsack of cellphones and various other devices that we find in today s world This book is an uneven affair with the first half not uite coming together with forced plots and it feels that it is finding its footing It is very readable but at times belief has to take a back stage as it starts to reveal itself The second half of the book really starts moving and the story takes a fantastic turn With engaging plots characters and overall structure that turns this into a fun amusement park ride This is the point of the book that I found the most enjoyable As all the plot threads come together you find yourself deeply in Woah What a ride This is a great addition to the pedophobic sub genre that was so popular in the 60s 80s think The Exorcist The Omen Rosemary s Baby etc I The Bookshop on the Shore loved how this novel really went all out Evil child Great sure but it s been done How about adding a possessed toy Oh and I know Nazis Cause Nazis always make these stories better Lordie This had it all And Ioved that about it It knew it was a campy fun read and it didn t hold back There were things in here that even I a jaded reader who thinks she s read it all went Woah You didn t just go there But Johnstone did Oh boy he did I m not gonna spoil any plot points but there are several points in this where I was delightfully surprised where the story went My only complaint was that after such an amazing ride the ending was uneventful I Dance Real Slow literally thought That s it and even went back and reread a few pages cause I thought I missed something Maybe after the craziness of the rest of it the ending couldn t be anything but aet down but stillI wanted But if you The Art of Memoir love these old campy horror novel. Kid And to his relief she did actike an ordinary kid when he brought home a special present for herAlone in her room Nora couldn't wait to open the antiue jack in the box She couldn't wait to watch the hand carved clown's head bob back and. .
Review of JACK IN THE BOX by William JohnstoneI believe this is the first horror novel by this author I have read but it s so definitely impacted me that I m on a uest to read them all JACK IN THE BOX is set in Connecticut and Manhattan The horror is wonderfully implacable and inescapable as the protagonist discovers much to his dismay The daughter of a wealthy hard charging Manhattan attorney is on the surface a pathological iar which her father Philip and older brother Phil recognize and acknowledge Her mother Jeanne however is blind to Nora s failings even to the extent of strongly considering divorce Imagine any parent who believes her or his child can do no wrong and is contemptuous of anyone who believes differently and you l comprehend Jeanne Baxter However Nora is not only a iar Nora is the spawn of Satan and I say that not figuratively but iterally As the story unfolds we earn that Nora is not an isolated example The author also weaves in Nazism both in the Third Reich era but also in contemporary New York City exorcism Vietnam as past history and practice of the occult including black magic Of course the eponymous jack in the box is a main character throughout a depository of pure Satanic evil which is brought into the story by the protagonist the ill fated Philip BaxterI found this novel a definite page turner and my interest never flagged Actual Rating 255I have to say I m a bit disappointed This is my third Johnstone after Sandman and Sweet Dreams and Jack in the Box is by far his most cohesive straightforward story yet even though it follows the spawn of Satan befriending a Nazi jack in the box to take over the world But Johnstone just isn t as much fun when he isn t going off on a million weird tangents and Jack in the Box suffers for it For one thing the jack in the box is almost completely irrelevant "Aside from an amazing moment where one character screams You Nazi son of a bitch and tries to strangle it while "from an amazing moment where one character screams You Nazi son of a bitch and tries to strangle it while jack in the box screams at him in German it s just kind of there to PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition laugh evilly and play a funeral march for the demon kid s victims Disappointing Johnstone sticks to his evil kid premise but the book is still a huge mess Johnstone seems to be making everything up as he goes along per usual but I ve noticed a recurring habit where he seems to only remember plot elements from the previous 10 or so pages There s a pretty sizable plot twist about midway through involving secret societies surrounding the characters and even aong history of inbreeding within the family but A Dozen Or So dozen or so ater you can pretty much forget it because it amounts to nothing It s pretty funny but after a while begins to drag when none of the plot reveals go anywhere The book s still pretty fun filled with all the depraved gore and cringey underaged sexual debauchery you d come to expect from the guy but it s missing that over the top braindead je ne sais uoi that makes his other stuff so magical It s classic Johnstone so I can t not recommend it but I would advise seeking out Sandman first then diving into this one when you really don t have anything else to read Received via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased reviewMan was I excited to start this book Horror is a very hard iterary genre I don t get scared often with books but I want to be What s creepier than a jack in the box And when you combine one with a creepy child I was fully expecting to be completely creeped out This is some VC Andrews evel convolutedness here It goes from interesting to creepy to ridiculous within a matter of a few chapters I enjoyed the Flowers in the Attic series when I was 12 Maybe that s when I should have read this one It s the child No it s the jack in the box No it s the house No it s their inbreeding No it sSeriously Pick a theme and go with it You don t She was a beautiful child a perfect child With her blonde hair and baby doll prettiness she was the picture of angelic innocence Phillip Baxter pushed aside his uneasiness about his strangely self possessed daughter She was just an ordinary.

Summary Jack In The Box

Jack In The BoxS definitely check this one out I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Nora Baxter is not your typical ittle girl It s because of Nora that the Baxter family can t hold on to housekeepers or babysitters Other children don t ike her much either She has no friends not that she wants any Things get broken around Nora accidents happen property gets damaged and things and people tend to die around her tooNora s father sees through her ies and manipulative behavior but her mother prefers to bury her head in the sand Throw in some Nazis satanic worship an evil Jack in the box and a priest and you ve got the perfect stormThis is classic 80s horror that is being re released and I am thrilled to see it find a new home on kindle for a new generation of horror overs William W Johnstone was a force to be reckoned with when it came to horror in the 80s I do remember reading this book in paperback decades ago and it after re reading on kindle I can say it stands the test of time 5 out of 5 stars from meI received an advance copy for review Phillip Baxter pushes aside his uneasy feelings about his daughter Nora is just an ordinary child Other children don t The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl like her that much either Her father brings home an evilooking Jack in the box and so it beginsThis is a re issue which was originally published in the 1980 s They definitely are not written Exile and Pilgrim like this anyI wouldike to thank Net Galley Kensington Books and the They definitely are not written ike this anyI would ike to thank Net Galley Kensington Books and the William W Johnstone for my ARC in exchange for an honest review This was only the second story that I have read by this author and unfortunately it will be my Hannah Montana: The Movie last Jack In The Box seems to have a very disjointed plot that often than not makes no sense nor does it have a real conclusion It would seem as though this author deliberatelyikes putting his characters through hell only to have nothing get resolved at the end I oathe stories that do this that are not part of a collection as it makes me feel as though I wasted my time reading it Also and this was a complaint I had about the other novel I read by this author it was not mentioned that this story is actually a re release of a story that came out in 1986 and therefore is NOT formatted for easy kindle reading In fact it would appear as though the pages of the original novel were scanned and then put together in ebook format There was no way to enlarge the small text and some of the pages were actually off center the page itself seemingly tilted slightly to the side Overall I am certain that this book will appeal to those who enjoy a old school horror novel or ones that enjoy reading about children and adults hacking each other to death It did have its moments but it just wasn t for me DISCLAIMER I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review This has not affected my review in any way All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own This is the second book I have read by this author the other one was Bats which I really enjoyed This one has also been re released by Kensington and was apparently first published in the 80 s so it definitely has an 80 s feel to itNora is not a normal ittle girl In fact she is devil s spawn and her father Phillip knows something is not normal but her mother thinks nothing is wrong with her perfect ittle angel Throw in a nasty jack in the box that has Nazi connections "and you have a campy but fast and enjoyable read Be warned though there are some scenes that are "you have a campy but fast and enjoyable read Be warned though there are some scenes that are taboo so be prepared The book reminded me a bit of one called I think Demon Seed and The Exorcist combined I am glad that Kensington has decided to release William W Johnstone s books once again for a new generation I received a copy of this book for free from Kensington via Netgalley thank you in exchange for an honest review. Forth its glass eyes staring at her its ips drawn back into an insane grin Any other ittle girl might have cringed in horror But as Nora's wide eyes mirrored the grotesue wooden face her pink ips were curving into the same malicious smil.
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