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Started off decently enough but after the marriage the sheikh s reasons for keeping her at arms ength were not believable I ve been having some bad uck with one of my fav genreMills BoonReally the ast couple of books have been really disappointing and this is one of thoseDid not ike either the hero or heroineI think I might be getting tired of the sheik stories visit the blog to see our interview and my reviewhttpthereadingfrenzyblogspotcom I Entranced (The Donovan Legacy, like my heroines virginal and I hate it when a heroine is obsessed with her ex to the point of thinking about him even while having sex with the hero Not a fan of this author Going to try and keep this short but if you ve read my reviews before you know there areong because once I get going I just can t stop and just spilled my guts about every ittle thing that I think about the plot So if you ve read my reviews in the past I applaud you and thin you for doing so because I know they are ong and detailed and involved So thanks for baring with me and oving reading as much as I do as well as being as passionate about it That being said here we goJust did a review for Lynne Graham s The Sheikh s Innocent Bride and I ve to say that my first thoughts about this book was what I thought about Lynne Graham s book I just read and I was kind of saying to myself while reading Here I go again I m not going to ike this one either I thought to myself that I was having bad uck with Presents ately so I was a ittle wary as I continued on this journey but I will say that I am glad I continued on and followed through on journey with Khaled and Cleo This totally went into a different direction than Lynne Graham s book and that s what made me enjoy this one so much hence the higher rating My opinion changed 360 degrees once I got to the middle of the book and just took off from there and I just couldn t stop Was so emotionally invested in this storyAs you can tell from the paragraph from above I didn t care for the beginning of the book just ike Lynne Graham s book It might be me and something about beginnings not getting along ately Now what my problem was with the beginning was ike Lynne Graham s book was that it felt rushed and the same has to be said of this one as well but I think what Caitlin Crews point was when writing this book was to get to the heart of the story and the meat of it all and just kind of present the setup uickly in order to get to the good stuff Now the first few sentences of the book began with bang with Cleo nearly hitting Khaled s teenage sister who wanted Cleo s help though she didn t know from what yet until Khaled stepped in front of her car to stop her from taking his sister way And when she stepped out of the car Bam Their attraction was intense from the beginning on both sides Then Khaled decided that he was going to use intense from the beginning on both sides Then Khaled decided that he was going to use for his own means and began a game plan by creating an atmosphere where the world as well as Cleo and the world believed that they were having a whirlwind romance therefore benefiting his country by showing himself falling for a Western woman and that his country could be trusted and allied with his country and have others see it in a favorable view Of coarse he didn t tell Cleo what he was doing and was doing everything in his power to seduce her and make her fall in Buried love with him so she would agree to marry him And of coarse she didNow during these seduction scenes I was cringing aittle bit because I didn t feel them or feel they were genuine but that could ve because I knew Khaled s objective and though he wanted her and was attracted to her he wasn t honest with her about what he really was doing and his end game So knowing that he was acting with an ulterior motive kind of colored me to the beginning ove scenes because I knew there was a hidden agenda to them so that Cleo would agree to marry him So I found that a bit unsavory and just made me not feel goodAlso I felt again ike with Lynne Graham book there was this whole passage of time where three months goes by between again ike with Lynne Graham book there was this whole passage of time where three months goes by between time they met to the day they marry and ater have their wedding night So there was no development of their relationship and kind of was summarized of what happened between the two of them then shown I know what they couldn t have been shown and understand where Caitlin Crews was going with all of it but I would ve maybe iked a single scene or two Though there was briefly one mentioned where he refused intimacy with her until they were married and would not allow them to get too passionate Again this was his game play in order to ensure she went through with the wedding and giving him what he wanted in completing his end game though he did want her as well but it still didn t uite sit well with meNow don t get me wrong their wedding night scene was totally steamy and passion filled and just a release of all that tension that had been building for the ast few months though I would have ike to seen that but I digress and then just kind of exploded But again knowing how Khaled had this end game kind of tainted a bit the ove scene for me knowing what I knew and it made me dislike Khaled as well While Cleo had no clue and was this starry eyed girl in ove and happier than she had ever beenThe turning point for me where the book really took off was when Cleo found out Khaled s true motives for marrying her Then it just soared from there and got so so good So many raw emotions and intensity to Kiss me if you are so daring   When Cleo Churchill's travels and her in the path of Khaled bin Aziz Sultan of Jhurat she's instantly transfixed by his warrior physiue comman. Undone by the Sultans Touch

SUMMARY Undone by the Sultans Touch

Enjoyed the rest of the book Caitlin Crews created this emotionally driven story that was as passionate as it was intense What can you ask for in a romance It was just so raw and deep and really gut wrenching at times and felt every single emotion that was going on between the characters as well as within It was just so so good It was really thrilling and an emotional ride that I oved taking and I want Bravo Caitlin Crews for creating a winner 25 35 starsI don t know what to rate this On one hand it is emotional and angsty with a whirlwind romance in an exotic ocation and the promise of a fairy tale that ultimately goes unfulfilled On the other hand Khaled was a jerk and I was waiting for the big grovel It never came Instead Cleo just takes him back He was right in thinking she was a mouse The thought of spending the rest of my A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, life with an emotionally disconnected guyike that is so NOT appealing Both characters were emotionally stunted and neither took ownership of their faults It was always someone else s fault they actedreacted the way they didDespite my reservations I want to read another book by this author I did The Shadow Reader like aspects of her writing style After Cleo catches her cheating fianc in the act she calls off the wedding andeaves the States to do some traveling in Europe and the Middle East Through a chance meeting brought about by a misunderstanding Cleo meets Khaled the Sultan of Jhurat He takes her to his palace but before Khaled Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies lets Cleo go he decides he will romance her make her fall inove with him and then marry her For the sake of his country he thinks a fairytale ike story ike Grace Kelly will appeal to the public and bring prominence to his country Cleo uickly finds herself falling for the handsome and sexy Sultan while Khaled convinces himself that this is duty only although he is finding that Cleo is getting under his skin than he wants to admitI thoroughly enjoyed this story and thought that Cleo and Khaled were such great characters I really enjoyed the interplay between the two Khaled all sexy and handsome and expecting to be obeyed because he was the Sultan and Cleo always throwing him for a The Power Of A Choice loop The two seemed completely enad of each other even though Khaled tried to deny his feelingsbut deep down he knew the truth Their chemistry was off the charts Lots of passion and emotion in this beautifully written story Very different style of M B Iove any story that diverts from the standard formula and tries to be uniue Very intense and steamy and the writing is excellent This book does not deserve all the 1 star ratings it has received I absolutely oved this book so intense and emotional The story asks uestions about this trope and Crews makes all the answers work beautifully Why Don t Bother with this Spoilers aheadCleo Churchill travels ands her in Jhurat where she runs into Sultan Khaled Cleo has been traveling since breaking off her engagement to her cheating fianc e Cleo wants an adventure and a fairy tale while Khaled ooks at Cleo as his salvation to show the outside world that his country is not barbaric Khaled wants businesses and investments to come into the country and put down the unrest in the country He figures an American nobody will help turn the world s perception around He will romance her make her fall in ove with him and then marry him and provide a fairy tale for the and then marry him and provide a fairy tale for the Overall it was disappointing At any point of time in the story I didn t The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right like the heroine the hero or both The first half the heroine spent an inordinatelyarge amount of time comparing Khaled to her ex fianc e But as Khaled woos her for 3 months before getting married She seems to want the fairytale than the man she never uestions him about his feelings his family Nothing of import But she gets upset at her family when they uestion her Then she has a wakeup call that everything is not happily ever after in her fairy tale she runs instead of fighting It just felt too immatureKhaled was not any better he is condescending and mocking I am the sultan whatever I say is aw He only thinks of doing his duty and is flabbergasted when Cleo is uestioning his authority Exactly what did he expect to happen I couldn t understand why he believes that he either could be a husband or ruler and the book didn t convince me with the reason given I thought the ending might just redeem this story but no Cleo gives him an ultimatum to choose her over duty but in Khaled s defense he just earned that there is unrest in his country that he must deal with To Khaled s defense he just Monsieur Pain learned that there is unrest in his country that he must deal with To Cleo seems selfish and seemed petty for this it wasn t something minorike a state dinner or charity function I really didn t expect him to choose her over what he had to do That I understood but Khaled could have tried to show her that while he still must do his duty he will show her he oves her and make up for it when he can But he doesn t Instead it is Cleo who comes back basically saying that it s okay that you put me second place in your ife There was no redemption put me second place in your ife There was no redemption the hero and the heroine ost all my respect The epilogue shows how they are happy now that they have earned to compromise This pissed me off Seriously this was the big esson they Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. learned We saw no one takes responsibility no issue gets resolved but everything is fixed in the epilogue because theyearned to compromise Since the story didn t make any sense I guess the epilogue wouldn t either Undone by the Sultan s Touch Book Review. Ing country He'll offer her diamonds and riches but nothing  Yet as their marriage plays out in the darkness of the night the passions unearthed threaten to consume them both.
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T that it just drew me in completely and made me feel so much and gutted me along the way That s what I want when I read a romance That feeling That gripping feelingOkay when Cleo found out the truth about Cleo it was a scene where she was basically tired of Khaled not spending time with her in the day and only visiting her room because they didn t share a roomat the night for sex then eaving afterwards She wanted from their relationship More from him Not just be a body in his bed She oved him after all so she decided to take matters into her own hands by visiting his room and seduce him only have the joke on her when he was mad for her coming to his room he s barely able to keep his control around her and kept his distance so he wouldn t give into temptation which was the reason he was avoiding her and he was very cruel to her in that moment though in his eyes he was doing as a kindness because he didn t want her to be in ove with him because he knew how destructive Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, love could be through his parents marriage so he thought he was protecting her by getting her to hate him and not beove with him any It was just such and emotional tense sense and I could see how this was killing Cleo and breaking her heart and with every word he spoke as it would anyone and I could see the Il morto di Maigret life drain out of her basically And also during this time she was so emotional vulnerable because basically put all out there for him to know that she was inove with him and wanted him and he kept pushing her away with his taunts being crueler than the next with him basically saying that he only wanted her in order to better his country and only chose her because she was an ordinary Western which was what he needed And was devastated but despite that fact they do make ove and that scene was really intense because so much going on emotional for both of them Her with heartbreaking and him needing her and not just in the physical sense though he didn t tell her that Just that passion and emotion that was released made that scene a whopper and I knew from that point on it was just going to get better and better and did It was just a delicious sceneAnd there were many other scenes ike that one filled with this intensity emotion rawness and angst uality to it that punched in my gut especially all the ove scenes and there were so many Something I wasn t expecting but I was glad they were all in there which were amazing as they were hot because there was so much to them then just sex It was just so good and made me feel so muchIronically she became the ice ueen whenever he was around for fear he would see that he still affected and still oved him while he hated that side of her and just wanted to pull her close but at the same time push her away and I saw the struggle that he was having over that dilemma throughout the book and it was nice to see that struggle within him as well as in their relationship It created that Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition lovely friction that Iove seeing playing out of the pages of book because the friction just causes that rawness to the piece that guts your own emotions I just oved all that tensionIn the second half which was so emotional rich I also felt for each of the characters and felt they were so better each of the characters and felt they were so better in the 2nd half than they were in 1st half but with the reason being both of them growing and changing and being stronger as the story progressed I oved seeing the change in Khaled especially because he seemed to do a total 360 from vowing to never have Sexual Secrets love in hisife to knowing that he oved her and doing what he thought was best for her even if it meant tearing out his own heart in the process Because I didn t really ike Khaled in the beginning because I just thought he was an arrogant jerk and hated that he had this seduction plan to get her to fall in ove with him just to get her to marry him for his own means Doesn t provide favorable feelings But once I saw his need and passion for Cleo and it not just being a physical thing that I really started to dig him and root for him With a big part of the reason being because I saw him struggle with his feelings and his needs as well as the needs of his country and just how it was clawing at him daily I really felt for him I also iked seeing the changes in him because it made it believable that he was falling in ove with her I could feel and see it and see the emotions he was developing her It wasn t a uick and see it and see the emotions he was developing her It wasn t a uick but a slow and steady burn It just made their relationship all that real A scene I really enjoyed between them was the one where Khaled allowed Cleo to tie him up and be in complete control and make him do anything that she wanted to him It was another raw scene but where they have emotional honesty in that moment and I oved seeing that and how it all played out Just it showed how much he trusted her and Purely Sexual loved her and was willingly to do that and allow her to take control when usually he had been in control It was just so good Then after he allowed her to take control he broke free of the bonds which he could have done at any time but chose not to for her and pulled her into his arms and despite the fact that he was naked he was content to just kiss her tender and not makeove to her despite his body showing signs of wanting too but the kiss was so sweet tender and The West Transformed: A History of Western Civilization, Vol 1, to 1715 loved it It made that scene even hotter and even brilliant I justove that scene to piecesOnce I got past the first half then I really got into and. Ding presence and intense eyes But what would a sultan want with an ordinary girl ike her Cleo is exactly what Khaled needsa convenient yet beautiful bride to unite his warr. ,