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Emmi It ranta creates such wonderful worlds and places a female hero front and center First in Memory of Water and now in thisEliana places a female hero front and center First in Memory of Water and now in thisEliana t waste time with irrelevant worries She s got plenty of all too relevant ones to worry aboutI am rather in readerly love with It rata s style It s consistent and creative She has a way of portraying a horrible reality but hav It s strange how books choose you I recently spent some days in Finland which had been my dream for years From day one I was looking for some beautiful Finnish literature to take home with me when the time came to go back And from day one I couldn t find any bookstores that had a separate space for Finnish literature translated into English Then the day after my birthday I was in Turku and it was really cold and I started going into malls and shops just to avoid the outside weather Then I found a bookstore just another one and surprise my so anticipated Finnish books in other languages area And it didn t take too long for me to choose because The City of Woven Streets had already claimed me as a reader since the first time I laid eyes on it This book wasn t perfect but there were so many perfect things about it Some people claim the first part before the plot really starts developing is slow and boring and I will agree that it takes time for things to really start happening but that whole slow beginning is my favorite part about this novel The way It ranta describes the island the Houses of Crafts the main character and her shadows the ink marking process the Council It s a weaver s work what she does there and I was completely hooked on it all along The prose she uses is beautiful uite poetic most of the time the ind of narrative that makes you picture every single detail feel every single emotion the characters are going through I don t think I would ever get tired of reading this authorThe main character was built slowly brick by brick the perfect image of someone completely subdue until doubt starts rising and none of it makes sense any Her journey was long and painful but it felt so realThe way the author portrayed dreams and nightmares light and shadow and the power of dreaming that was perfect too People forbidden to dream are people forbidden to see What wasn t perfect the shallowness of most supporting characters I didn t uite enjoy Biros and Lazaro but Moth Weaver Alva Janos and even Valeria could have been very interesting if explored the uickness of the plot itself the lack of a binding connection between Valeria and Eliana even when I think the romance was beautiful But you now it s all forgettable because the rest of the book was amazing and it had been a while since a novel surprised me this much in such a positive wayThis won t be the last I read by It ranta I can t wait for the next journey she ll take me on 4 to 45 stars In all honesty I felt a little lost during first 75 pages but once I got into the story I adored this This is not a perfect

Book But Emmi It Ranta 
but Emmi It ranta gorgeous writingstyle beautifully vivid worldbuilding and original story made this a fantastic experience for me I m going to let this sink in properly but will definitely write a indepth review soon RTC This night is different Sleep is thin in the house because strange blood is drying on the stones of the suare What is left when even the ability to dream literally is considered a crime And even worse when your dreams are nightmares for which you may be punished severely You are marked by society exiled to the House of the Tainted the left overs of the communityI tend to approach every book that wishes to belong to the Dystopian genre with extreme cautiousness First of I wanted to love this book so much And there were a lot "Of Things In It "things in it I loved the descriptions of the island the exuisite language the main character But then there were things that I did not love the overall plot the ending how it felt like the story is stuck in place It took me a long time to get into the story for it to get going at all and once it finally did it felt like it ended all too abruptly with very little explanation Mostly I was left with the feeling that I did not get even a third of what happened so much time was used on build up and what happened to everyone in the end was left unexplained I did like the sudden environmental route it took for a chapter or so but in general it feels like the overall theme was lost somewhere between the beautiful words and that the author was trying a bit too hard I could not help but compare this to The Memory of Water and must say I liked that one a lot better It was coherent This is not a bad book but it s not living up to the potential and expectations Points for the absolutely gorgeous cover An atmospheric fantasy that serves up a frustration of characters and world buildingE. The author of the critically acclaimed Memory of Water returns with this literary ecological tale in the vein of Ursula K Le Guin and Sheri S Tepper in which an innocent young woman becomes entangled in a web of ancient secrets and deadly lies that lie at the dark center of her prosperous island worldEliana is a model citizen of the island a weaver in the prestigious House of Webs She also harbors a dangerous secret she can dream an ability forbidden by the island’s elusive counci. ,
The Weaver

Emmi Itäranta ì 8 READ

In trying to find allegorical meaning within dystopian fiction In this case the dystopia is uite stylised however there is some interesting the dystopia is uite stylised however there is some interesting about biopower caste type systems and environmental degradation I m don t really now what to make of the ending though It felt odd and abrupt hide spoiler An enchanting tale of love and resistance Unexpectedly tender and heartfelt the story swept me away Itaranta has crafted a world of intrigue that both defies and embraces the many dystopian tropes weaving a story with a pattern uite unlike any other The world is ready to drown The world is ready to rise The synopsis describes the plot in barren terms The protagonist Eliana is a young weaver in The House of Webs where a spider like Eliana is a young weaver in The House of Webs where a spider like is worshiped and she does meet a Mysterious Young Woman Who young woman who had her tongue cut out and Eliana s name tattooed on her skin But the synopsis speaks of networks of power and a drowning city like those are the focus of the story When it is Eliana s internal struggles which are explored in most depth Her developing relationship with the woman who cannot speak the secrets she hides and the secrets she uncovers are the focus of the book And throughout there are beautifully nuanced characters most of them women Our hours are brief and our days are brittle and the marks our hands leave on the world belong to us There is a wonderful dream like uality to The City of Woven Streets or The Weaver as it is nown in the US The regular chapters are occasionally interspersed with 2 pages of sentences which forgo regular punctuation and structure They evoke the night time or fever induced visions of a wandering mind and help to build an atmosphere between fantasy and reality The sky has begun to fade into the colours of smoke and roses The writing evokes some rather startling images eschewing clich in favour of brief description that are so vivid I had to close my eyes for a moment just to let them sink in Though the plot does drag a little at times the mood and descriptions of the Island ept me floating along with the story we are pebbles on a wide and far stretching shore not the moon that will turn the tide The City of Woven Streets could easily have been a typical dystopian story with a tyrannical government placing strange restrictions on the life of the population Yet through a combination of unusual language choices and focus on character it manages to avoid feeling tired Only the wounds of the dead do not scar I really enjoyed this book the first I have read by a Finnish writer It has given me much to think about and the haunting image of the Island continue to linger in my mind 35 starsI m so happy that I gave this book a chanceIt s a Finnish fantasydystopian novel about an island slowly sinking into the sea and features a beautifully understated romance between two girls each carrying their own secrets and burdensI don t want to say too much about the plot and the characters at this point because I don t want to give away too much information it s best if you go and discover it by yourselfThe atmosphere that It ranta paints is dreamy and at times eerie The writing is beautiful and there are some truly stunning uotes the prose is rich and full of vivid imageryHowever there is also a downside to this I have to admit that I struggled uite a bit at the beginning the author doesn t do much explaining at start and you have to put together little pieces of information about world building and the characters as you read on Everything in this book feels dreamlike but that is not always good To me it was hard to get a good sense of the world and the characters because of the vagueness of the writing so it took me about 120 pages before I could actually enjoy the story and have a better idea about what s going on Other than that I LOVED the imagery that the book left in my mind all the sea green hues scent of brine and sea salty breeze empty halls gauzy webs floating in the wind the drowned streets of a doomed city and best of all the uiet sweet relationship that blooms between our narrator and a mute girl that one day appears at the templeI adore the world that the author created and the dreamy feeling that persists throughout the novelSo all in all it was a beautiful lyrical read but I had some issues with the sometimes too flowery prose and it took me really long to get into the storyWould I recommend it Well that dependsREAD IF you like to get lost in dreamy fantasy worlds you don t mind a slow read you re looking for something fresh and original you like a slow burn understated romanceDON T READ IF you are looking for a fast paced adventure this one is uite the opposite you dislike purple prose you need the world building and the characters to be well defined and have a strong sense of what is going on Huh huh siis huh huh. Ate in her hand As Eliana finds herself growing closer to this injured girl she is bound to in ways she doesn’t understand the enchanting lies of the island begin to crumble revealing a deep and ancient corruption Joining a band of brave rebels determined to expose the island’s dark secrets Eliana becomes a target of ruthless forces determined to destroy her To save herself and those she loves she must call on the power within her she thought was her greatest weakness her dreams. .
Liana is a young weaver in the House of Weavers one of several craft houses on an island where dreaming is forbidden Eliana can dream though which makes one of several craft houses on an island where dreaming is forbidden Eliana can dream though which makes incredibly nervous when a voiceless young woman turns up at the House with a tattoo of Eliana s name on her handIt s difficult to say about this because Eliana is so sheltered and passive she doesn t Giving Thanks for Baby know much than that She has no idea what happens in the House of the Tainted where dreamers are sent and she doesn t realize that where she lives in only marginally less a prison than that one She also has nonowledge of the Council that rules the island other than that they must be obeyed It s a perfect little dystopia with a compliant and complacent populationbut eventually and i do mean eventually populationBut eventually and I do mean eventually does start to learn as the plot happens to her I use the phrase deliberately Eliana has almost no agency throughout most of the book Unfortunately by the time the book discovers it has a plot there s not enough book left to make it satisfying and everything rushes to a hasty conclusionAnother thing that annoyed me is the world building or to the point the communication of the world building It sounds fascinating with an island of webs and woven tapestry walls everywhere and pre human ancients But there s almost no description of any of that instead sticking with the point of view of Eliana who uestions nothing ever There s also the Council and the guards who you would presumably expect to have the best interests of the island at heart even if they are fascists but instead are paranoid lunatics bent on persecuting people rather than surviving the clearly imminent natural disasters that the island is facingNot recommendedAlso worth calling out the American version of this book shamefully white washes the cover unless that s not the main character Eliana is brown skinned I am probably too tired to write a coherent review having travelled across Europe by train for twelve hours after five hours sleep Nonetheless I ll give it the old college try I enjoyed The City of Woven Streets than Itaranta s previous novel Memory of Water which I liked but found frustrating Her latest has of a fantasy atmosphere whereas her previous was explicitly post climate catastrophe science fiction The City of Woven Streets is also arguably sci fi but set in a distant enough future and containing enough fantastical elements that it felt like reading fantasy This seemed better suited to Itaranta s lyrical writing style which I can imagine might appeal to some than others I appreciate it once I get used to it although at first it seems to occlude meaning somewhat The reader gets a strong sense of atmosphere from the start however it takes longer to establish who the narrator is and what is actually happening Eliana s first person narration of Eliana does carry the reader along though and after about fifty pages I was carried away by the characters and story I do love that the majority of main characters are women with an interesting range of perspectives motivations and ethnicities The world building is also excellent this was a great strength of Memory of Water tooThere are two major things I also want to discuss one that I greatly approve of and another I m rather critical of but both are massive spoilers view spoilerFirst the good Memory of Water depicts a close friendship between two women that seemed ambiguously romantic to me Don t get me wrong I greatly enjoy female friendships in fiction That one seemed oddly ambiguous though which contributed to the overall rather insubstantial and ephemeral nature of the book As Eliana s connection to the mysterious Valeria developed I wondered if this was to be of the same But no Here the relationship turns romantic and sexual which remains extremely rare in fantasy and sci fi I grew rather invested in Eliana and Valeria as their love is beautifully depicted and the narrative delights in separating endangering and fake illing them Although it is poetically vague enough to be interpreted otherwise I choose to assume that the ending is happy and they re safe together On the subject of the ending I am critical I was disconcerted by the twist basically a deus ex machina that Eliana has magic powers Perhaps I failed to pick up on hints but this seemed to come out of nowhere I liked the awareness of a long term secret revolutionary conspiracy to uncover the truth about the oppressive anti dreaming regime and their use of tattoos for control Eliana s suddenly awakened mutant powers I m not sure how else to describe them fitted oddly with these political machinations Also it was a shame that Valeria was unable to communicate her views due to being mute I wanted to now what she thought of this peculiar turn of events Perhaps such a deus ex machina ending bothered me because I delight. L of elders No one talks about the dreamers the undesirables ostracized from societyBut the web of protection Eliana has woven around herself begins to unravel when a young girl is found lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the stones outside the house Robbed of speech by her attackers the only clue to her identity is one word tattooed in invisible ink across her palm Eliana Why does this mysterious girl bear her name What links her to the weaver and how can she hold Eliana’s
Shadows Blade (Justis Fearsson,